How to Write a Dog Groomer Resume (With Steps and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 15 June 2022

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A career as a dog groomer involves practical training, excellent communication and a genuine interest in animals. When applying for a dog grooming position, you can impress hiring managers with a well-written resume that highlights your strengths and experience. Knowing what information to include on a resume and how to tailor it to a specific role may give you an advantage over other candidates. In this article, we explain how to write a dog groomer resume, provide useful tips and include a template and example to refer to.

How to write a dog groomer resume

Knowing how to write a dog groomer resume may impress hiring managers and increase the likelihood of securing a position. Dog groomers are experts in providing grooming services to a wide range of dog breeds. They may undertake duties such as bathing dogs, detangling and styling hair, keeping pets calm and comfortable and general administrative tasks. They typically work in a grooming salon and use specialist dog grooming equipment. The following steps can help you write an outstanding resume for a dog groomer position:

1. Choose a suitable format

Choosing the right format can enhance your strengths, skills and experience. A reverse-chronological format highlights your work history and identifies key professional achievements. As it focuses on industry experience, it may suit candidates with several years of dog grooming experience. The functional format focuses on formal training and relevant skills. This option is ideal for candidates who are recent graduates or are changing careers. To focus the reader's attention on training, functional resumes typically have the education section after the professional summary.

2. Review the job description

To tailor your application to the advertisement, review the personal attributes, qualifications and professional skills it lists. By including these on your resume, you may present yourself as the most capable candidate. For example, if the job listing identifies efficiency as a key skill, you might describe how many dogs you can groom per day. If it lists formal qualifications as desirable, you may include any relevant training, such as a Certificate III in Pet Grooming.

3. Provide contact details

Providing a personal information section makes it easier for hiring managers to contact you. Candidates typically place these details in the document header. Usually, this includes your full name, phone number, professional email, city and state. To highlight expertise in the industry, you can also add a formal title, such as expert dog stylist.

4. Write a professional summary or objective

A professional summary outlines your experience, skills, goals and achievements. It's typically two to three sentences and introduces the resume. A professional objective focuses on education, goals and skills. An objective is often useful if you're new to the industry or are changing careers. Both introductions give the hiring manager a succinct overview of your professional abilities and identify how you can benefit the company.

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5. Include work experience

The work experience section informs hiring managers of your competencies. If you've been grooming dogs for many years, you might only mention jobs that closely reflect the job description. Format each position consistently, listing the job title, dates of employment and the company name. Beneath this, list your key responsibilities and accomplishments. To emphasise value, consider including quantifiable achievements. For instance, increased daily grooming capacity from 7 to 12 dogs through better team allocation and more efficient trimming techniques.

6. Include education

An education section can be especially beneficial if you're new to the industry. It's a great way to show hiring managers you're willing to learn and perfect your skills. Include the title of the qualification, the name of the institution and the year of graduation or expected graduation. For a dog groomer position, you might include traineeships, certificates or diplomas. To show an aptitude for animal care, you can mention any qualifications that focus on animal interaction. For example, you might list a Certificate II in Animal Studies.

7. List hard and soft skills

A skills section helps to showcase your personal qualities and ability to succeed in the role. This section can also focus on keywords from the job description. Some companies use applicant tracking systems that scan resumes, so including keywords significantly increases the likelihood of securing an interview. Hard skills may include nail clipping, style grooming and canine massage. Soft skills might include energy, empathy and positivity.

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Dog groomer resume template

You can use the following template to write an effective resume:

[Full name]
[Phone number] | [email] | [address]

Professional Summary
[Two to three sentences highlighting your professional achievements.]

Work Experience
[Job title] | [dates]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

[Job title] | [dates]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

[Job title] | [dates]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

  • [key responsibility]

[Skill] | [skill] | [skill] | [skill] | [skill] | [skill]

[Qualification name]
[Institution name] | [graduation or expected graduation date]

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Resume example for a dog groomer position

This example describes a candidate with at least three years of industry experience. They're seeking a position at a larger dog grooming salon with additional pet-care services. As they've some experience, the following resume example follows the reverse-chronological format:

Jonas Gaskell
+61 4 0545 7909 | | Melbourne, VIC

Professional Summary
Focused and compassionate dog groomer with 3+ years of salon experience. Expertise in all aspects of dog grooming, including bathing, blow-drying, de-shedding and clipping, with a particular interest in poodle styling. Seeking the permanent dog grooming position at Canine World to contribute a positive attitude and exceptional dog handling skills.

Work Experience
Dog groomer | March 2021–April 2022 Shampooch | Melbourne

  • perform routine bathing, conditioning, drying, nail trimming and ear cleaning, all to a high standard

  • develop strong relationships with repeat customers and interact with dogs in a way that relaxes and calms them

  • discuss styling preferences with clients and offer creative ideas, with consistent, positive feedback

  • work in a small team and increased daily grooming capacity from 10 to 15 dogs through implementation of more efficient clipping and styling techniques

  • lead and maintain an effective advertising campaign to increase salon's online presence, with a 10% increase in yearly revenue

Dog styling assistant | January 2020–February 2021 Pampered Paws | Melbourne

  • performed general administrative tasks to ensure prompt contact with new and existing clients

  • at request of owners, styled dogs to achieve creative, complex and personalised cuts

  • identified and reported to owners any external health issues, including ear infections and skin conditions

Dog groomer trainee | December 2018–January 2020 Urban Canine | Geelong

  • mastered general cutting techniques and breed-specific styling

  • liaised regularly with customers to understand and perform grooming requirements

  • performed general cleaning duties to maintain a safe working environment

Active listening | Empathy | Physical stamina | Complex styling | Dog handling | Administration

Certificate in Animal Care Services
Riverglen Institute of Learning

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Resume writing tips

The following tips can help you create a professional resume that highlights your expertise:

Proofread your resume

Before submitting your resume, ensure that the punctuation, spelling and grammar are correct. This helps show professionalism and good attention to detail. You can also check that your contact details are recent and written correctly. A well written and error-free resume means hiring managers can focus on your achievements, skills and expertise.

Use action words and adjectives

Choosing simple but powerful words may increase a resume's impact on hiring managers. In the work experience section, consider using a single word to introduce each key duty or achievement. For example, you might use action-oriented words, such as promoted, initiated or developed. In your professional summary, you might use one or two adjectives to highlight your personal attributes. For example, the opening line could read energetic and compassionate dog groomer with confident dog handling skills and expertise in styled cuts.

Write concise sentences

Short sentences are succinct and easier to read. Hiring managers want to view your skills and qualifications quickly, so choosing simple words and writing concisely makes the content easy to understand. For example, in your work experience section, you might replace the line gave magnificent hairdos to all kinds of canine creatures with overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, with cut and styled a variety of dog breeds with consistent positive client feedback.

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