A Guide to Using an Engineering Cover Letter Example

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Updated 31 January 2023

Published 16 May 2022

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Engineers design, build and maintain complex structures and systems, such as buildings, electronic components or software. Including a compelling cover letter with your resume when applying for an engineering job can highlight your suitability for the role. Learning how to write an effective engineering cover letter can help you attract the attention of a hiring manager and secure an interview. In this article, we discuss what a cover letter is, describe how examples can help you, list essential cover letter components and provide some cover letters examples related to specific job listings.

What is an engineering cover letter?

A cover letter is one of the job application documents that a candidate submits when applying for an engineering position. It expresses a candidate's interest in the job opening and motivates reasons they may be a suitable candidate. Individuals applying for engineering positions can use a cover letter to highlight how their skills and experience align with the requirements stated in the job listing.

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How reading an engineering cover letter example can help

Reading an engineering cover letter example can give you an advantage when composing your own, as examples may help you:

  • Learn formatting tips. Examples show how to set out a cover letter in a way that's easier to read and may help an employer focus on the key sections, such as work experience and qualifications. A letter that's easy to read and free of errors shows your high attention to detail.

  • Explore how to match the tone of the job listing. Examples demonstrate how to align a cover letter with the company culture to emphasise that you may fit in well. Some companies use a formal tone, while others reflect a casual, yet professional approach.

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6 components of an engineering cover letter

These are six essential sections to include in an engineering cover letter:

Contact information

Your cover letter header contains your contact information. Include your full name, contact number and email address to allow the hiring manager to contact you. Consider including the city and state where you're currently living, as this shows whether you may relocate to take the job.

Personalised greeting

Aim to address the letter to the hiring manager by name, as this shows you've done research into the company. If the person's name isn't on the job post, search for recruiters on the company's website or social media channels. If you're unable to source a name, you may opt to address it to the department's hiring team, for example, 'Dear Mechanical Engineering Hiring Team.'

Applicant introduction

Use this paragraph to express your enthusiasm for the position. Mention the job title in the first sentence. Highlight any aspects of the company or the position that excite you, as this shows your interest in the role. Briefly describe the qualifications and experience you have and why they make you a suitable candidate. If you have an outstanding engineering achievement that establishes how you could benefit the organisation, include it in your introduction.

Engineering qualifications

The next two body paragraphs of your cover letter offer an opportunity to demonstrate your engineering qualifications and skills. Describe one or two professional experiences or achievements that are most relevant to the job you're applying for. Aim to focus on achievements that convey measurable benefits to the company.

Engineering skills

Include a combination of hard and soft engineering skills you possess throughout your letter. Let the skills stated in the job listing guide you as you consider which are the most important skills to mention. Typical soft skills you can focus on may include the ability to work under pressure, project management or technical problem-solving ability. Be honest about your skills on a cover letter, as it may set an employer's expectations.

Closing paragraph

The closing paragraph of your cover letter is best kept brief and to the point. Consider thanking the reader for their consideration to show your respect for the time they took to review your application. You can also refer to something mentioned earlier, such as discussing a strategy for reaching the team's goals.

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Engineering cover letter examples

Here are two examples of cover letters and the job listings they relate to:

Example 1: Mechanical design engineer

The following examples focus on experience:

Job description

Here's an example job description to help you learn how to connect your cover letter to an advertisement:

Job description

The company designs, manufactures and supplies heavy duty machinery to the agricultural sector. In this role, you may design equipment using 3D CAD software.

Excellent communication skills are essential as the position calls for extensive consulting with clients, material suppliers and manufacturing teams.


  • Perform research and development relating to agricultural project requirements

  • Design heavy duty machinery and vehicles on 3D CAD software

  • Conduct the required stress tests using FEA analysis

  • Create hydraulic circuits for vehicles

  • Draft manufacturing drawings for projects

  • Liaise with clients

  • Perform minor project engineering work

Education requirements

  • Degree in mechanical engineering

  • Minimum of five to eight years' experience in mechanical design

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Cover letter

Here's an experienced mechanical engineering cover letter:

John Johno
Makhanda, 6214
(+61) 937 400 847

May 5, 2022

Dear Mr. Kinghorn,

I'm pleased to be applying for the Mechanical Engineer position at Crackstump Tractor Company. I am excited by the prospect of this position, as I've long desired to work at your company. My experience and qualifications align closely with the position.

Based on the skill requirements in the job listing, you require in-depth hydraulics design experience. I'm currently employed by Dighole Incorporated as a senior hydraulics engineer, where I've been designing systems for over a decade using 3D computer-aided drawing (CAD) software and performing finite element analysis (FEA) tests. I've designed several models of heavy digging machines, including the top-selling BAT 9000, which won an award for 'Best Hydraulic Tractor System', in the National Agricultural Co-operative annual awards.

My resume shows my steady progress as a mechanical engineer. Within my first five years at the company, I received two promotions which led to my current position. If chosen for an interview, I can provide documentation of my competency ratings. Apart from my technical achievements, my performance review rating remains 'above expectations', with an emphasis on my teamwork, interpersonal and communications competencies.

My educational qualifications meet the requirements of the position, as I hold a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from the University of Engineering.

I trust my application meets with your approval. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications and to learn more about the company and your team. Thank you for considering my application for this position.


John Johno

Example 2: Electrical engineer

The following examples focus on skills:

Job description

Here's an example job description that inspired a cover letter:

Job description

Mid-level electrical engineer, required to start as soon as possible.


  • Plan and lead medium to large projects

  • Coach and mentor junior engineers

  • Conceptualise and design mechanical purpose-built machinery, robotic welding and assembly cells and conveyance systems

  • Read and interpret schematics and technical drawings

  • Specification of pneumatic and electro-mechanical control systems

Education requirements

  • Degree in electrical engineering or equivalent

  • Minimum of three to five years of project experience in the mechatronic industry

  • Familiarity with electrical drawings and plans is essential

Cover letter

Here's an example cover letter for a mid-level electrical engineer:

Len Linner
Spring Hill, QLD 4000
(142) 937-4795

May 5, 2022

Dear Mr. Green,

I'm interested in applying for the position of Electrical Engineer with your organisation, 3Trees Electrical Engineering Company, as advertised on an online job site. As a graduate student with a master's degree in electrical engineering, I am impressed by the advanced technological breakthroughs made by your company in the electrical engineering field.

I have eight years of work experience with Simonees as an electrical engineer, during which time I worked on several projects. Most notable was the design layout of 128 bit SRAM in 45nm. My time at Simonees provided many opportunities for working with an international team of electrical engineers. After three years I received a promotion to project leader and worked on establishing an internal mechatronic research department. My colleagues regard me as a quick learner, motivated to grow in my field of expertise. I'm recognised as an effective coordinator and effective team player.

I believe with my engineering project experience and international exposure to new concepts and ideas in the electrical engineering field, I'd make effective contributions to the team at 3Trees Electrical. I appreciate your consideration for this position. Please contact me for more information regarding my education and experience.


Len Linner

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