How to Write a Fast-Food Cook Resume (With Tips and Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 May 2022

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A fast-food cook resume can help you make a positive first impression on hiring managers of independent and chain restaurants. Outlining your skills and experience in your resume can encourage hiring managers to interview you for vacant cook positions. Learning how to write a resume for this position can help you be more successful in your next job search. In this article, we explain how to write a fast-food cook resume, offer tips for creating an effective one and provide a sample of this resume type to use as a guide.

How to write a fast-food cook resume

Follow these steps to create an effective fast-food cook resume:

1. List your contact details

Listing your contact details helps a potential employer reach you for an interview. Consider including your full name, address, phone number and email address near the top of your document to maximise its visibility. You can list your full street address or only your suburb and state. Giving some location details helps hiring managers assess whether you can easily travel to the fast-food outlet for shifts. The most professional email addresses often contain your full name, so consider creating a separate email with this format for job applications if you don't have one already.

2. Write a summary statement

A summary statement explains who you are and what you aim to achieve professionally. This statement can help a hiring manager quickly assess whether you may excel in a cooking role. A good summary statement often is two or three clear and concise sentences. You may adapt your summary statement to reflect each fast-food cook role you apply for. For example, if you are applying for a role at a restaurant that specialises in burgers, you may include a sentence like ‘I strive to create high-quality burgers that keep customers coming back.'

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3. Add relevant sections

Next, you can add sections relevant to your experience and the vacant fast-food cook role. Including only the most relevant sections and information can help hiring managers easily assess whether you qualify for the position. Here are some common sections you could include:

  • Career history: List your relevant past jobs in reverse chronological order. Under each job, you can provide a bulleted list of your key responsibilities and achievements.

  • Education: List any current or previous education and qualifications. You may note the year you graduated and relevant subjects.

  • Key skills: List five to 10 skills that can help you succeed in the role you're pursuing. Including technical cooking skills and soft skills can show your value to an employer.

  • Awards and achievements: Note any awards and achievements that could make you appear to be a strong candidate and a valuable employee. These may include sporting achievements, which show your ability to succeed in a team, or community awards, which show strong character.

  • Hobbies and interests: List any hobbies and interests that relate to a cook's role or the hiring business. For example, you may note you enjoy hosting dinner parties or eating out.

4. Conclude with a references section

A references section is the traditional way to conclude a resume. Many resumes include a statement saying references are available on request, but you can list the names of your references, along with their relationship to you and their contact information. Try to keep your list of references somewhere accessible so you can quickly provide them to a hiring manager if asked.

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Fast-food cook resume sample

Exploring example resumes for these roles can help you write and format your resume. Here's a sample resume for a fast-food cook job you can use as a guide:

Lee Stevens
Wollongong, NSW
0402 934 120

A passionate and hard-working cook with five years of industry experience who believes fast food can be healthy food. I'm seeking a part-time or full-time cook position with a small kitchen that values teamwork and creativity in the fast-food sector.

Career History
Cook at Ocean Blue Fish and Chips
November 2018 - Present

  • Prepare batters, fillet fish and slice burger fillings for service

  • Batter and fry or grill seafood to order, including fish, prawn cocktails, and scallops

  • Assemble burgers to order

  • Slice potatoes and fry them for hand-cut chips

  • Maintain a clean workstation

  • Participate in discussions about menu and restaurant strategy

  • Supervise new kitchen employees and provide basic training

  • Spearheaded restaurant's efforts to become more coeliac-friendly, including developing a tasty gluten-free batter, encouraging the use of a separate fryer for gluten-free orders and educating other employees about cross-contamination, which resulted in a 20% increase in sales over one year

  • Earned employee of the month January 2020

Crew member at Betty's Burgers
September 2016 - November 2018

  • sliced burger ingredients before service

  • assembled burgers to order

  • cleaned fryers, grill plates, bench tops and utensils in the kitchen

  • cleaned tables for customers

  • assisted on registers and drive-through, as required

  • Met monthly efficiency targets 100% of the time

  • Earned employee of the month five times during two years of employment

Higher School Certificate from Kiama High School
Graduated 2020

Food Handlers Certificate from Food Safety Australia
Graduated 2021

Key skills
Food preparation, food hygiene and safety, confident grill and fryer operation, verbal communication, time management, customer service, cash handling, EFTPOS machine operation

Awards and achievements
2020 Wollongong Citizen of the Year

  • Wollongong City Council recognised me for my fundraising to help families bushfires affected

2020 Silver Medallion Advanced Emergency Care

  • Wollongong City Surf Life Saving Club recognised me for first aid achievements

Hobbies and interests
Cooking, eating out, lifesaving, surfing, yoga

Available on request

Tips for writing a resume for a fast-food cook role

Here are some tips that can help make your resume stand out from other applicants:

Adapt your resume to each role

Adjusting your resume to each role you apply for can show hiring managers your suitability for the job. Consider making a list of the skills and qualifications each job description mentions. Try to include all the ones you have in your resume, using the same terms so the hiring manager can easily see how you match the criteria. Using words that match the job advertisement also can help your application pass through the applicant tracking system software large fast-food companies often use for recruitment.

Be original

Professionals in this role often have similar skills, including food safety and preparation. It's important to include these basic ones alongside more unique abilities and achievements that help you stand out from other applicants. Consider what makes you unique, and try to highlight it in your resume.

Use statistics

Statistics can demonstrate your past performance and add credibility to your success. Try to include relevant statistics throughout your resume to help it stand out. For example, noting you prepared about 400 meals each day in your last job can show you're efficient and comfortable in a busy work environment.

Show your career growth

If you've had several jobs in the industry, your resume can show your career growth. Try to note the tasks unique to each position in your list of key responsibilities. The best cook resumes may show a natural career progression with more important responsibilities and significant successes over time.

Show diverse skills

While cooking skills are vital for fast-food cooks, there are many other relevant skills to include in your resume. Showing you have a diverse range of skills can help your application stand out among other applicants. If you have experience designing menus or developing dishes, a fast-food restaurant may see your potential for a future management role. Experience with customer service also may be valuable to a small fast-food restaurant where cooks also take orders.

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Consider experience outside paid roles

Skills gained through unpaid experience may matter, especially if you're new to the industry. If you've gained cooking experience and other soft skills while babysitting for your neighbours or younger siblings, for example, you can include that on your resume. If you've baked desserts for a church cake stall or served meals to people visiting a homeless shelter, you also could mention that. Try to use these experiences to show you have the skills to succeed in a paid role.

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Be concise

Presenting your experience and skills briefly can help hiring managers easily see how you can benefit their business. A brief resume also may command and sustain attention better than a wordier document. One page often is sufficient for a junior cook's resume, but once you gain more experience and relevant skills, you can use two pages.

Proofread your resume

Proofreading your resume helps you identify errors before submitting it. Correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes and typographical errors can make your resume seem polished and professional. Submitting a resume that's free of errors also shows you care about the job application and the role. If time permits, try to proofread your resume two or three days after writing it because this can help you look at your resume more objectively and identify more areas for improvement. Consider also asking a trusted family member or friend to proofread your resume for you to give you an outside perspective.

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