Government Cover Letter Examples Australia (With How-to)

Updated 22 August 2023

Cover letters are one of the first impressions hiring committees have of job candidates. With a thoughtfully written cover letter, you can impress potential employers and have a better chance of getting an interview. Reading government cover letter examples from Australia can help you convey your thoughts and demonstrate the necessary skills when writing cover letters for government jobs. In this article, we explain how to write cover letters for government jobs and provide a template and example of government cover letters.

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Purpose of government cover letter examples from Australia

Reviewing government letter examples from Australia can help you write a good cover letter that allows you to show hiring managers that you have the required credentials. Government agencies and organisations typically look for highly skilled and professional people, so use your cover letter to show you fit these criteria. In your cover letter for a government job, be specific and straightforward rather than using descriptive language. Use it to highlight your skills, qualifications and experiences related to the position you're applying for.

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How to write a cover letter for a government job

Below are steps you can follow to write a cover letter for a government job:

1. Research the agency or organisation and position

Before you write your cover letter, research the organisation or agency you want to work with. This can help you find useful information you can use to customise your cover letter for each role you want. This information may include the name of the hiring manager, the organisation's mission and information about the department that your role belongs to.

You can also use this time to research the position you want. This helps you learn about duties the role has and skills you can bring to the role, both of which you can write about in your cover letter. For example, if a role includes research as a major duty and skill, you can prioritise this skill in your cover letter.


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2. Create a cover letter format

A cover letter format is a guide you can use that offers you three benefits. First, it helps you write your cover letter faster because you have a guide to follow. Second, it helps you include all the information you want because it separates your cover letter into sections. Finally, it can help you organise your qualifications into logical sections in the document.


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3. Customise your cover letter for the position you want

As you write your cover letter, you can customise specific sections to highlight skills, information and abilities the organisation or agency wants from its professionals. For example, in the introduction of your cover letter, you can write about how your goals align with the organisation. In the body paragraph, you can explain your skills and achievements in alignment with the organisation's needs, which can help a hiring manager understand how you can fit within the government's role.

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4. Write an introduction

In the first paragraph of your cover letter, introduce yourself and your skills. This can include how long you've worked in related roles to the one you want and one of your best skills that aligns with the job description. Also, include the job title for the position you want and the name of the organisation or agency. This is important because it gives hiring managers information they can use to understand who you are as a professional.

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5. Include your accomplishments and skills

The second paragraph of your cover letter is where you can describe your professional and educational accomplishments. In the first half, describe your achievements. Then, in the second half of the paragraph, describe how you can apply those skills to the organisation's current goals. This can help a potential employer see how your abilities and the organisation's mission align, improving your ability to get the desired role. For example, if you have a career history of creating public works and want to work with a government agency doing the same, you can describe that in this section.

6. Express your gratitude and close your letter

The last paragraph of your cover letter is where you express your gratitude for the hiring manager's time and consideration. For example, you can write thank you for your consideration. Once you thank them, you can reinforce your interest in the role and include a call to action to help the hiring manager communicate with you if they have questions or want to share more information. Finally, include a complimentary closing statement and finish your document by signing it.

7. Proofread your cover letter

After writing your cover letter, proofread it multiple times to look for any grammar or typographical errors. You can read your cover letter out loud to ensure it makes sense. Make sure your cover letter is engaging and explain why you're a good candidate for the role. Have someone else look over your cover letter because they may notice parts of the document you don't and help you customise your letter for the role you want.

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Government cover letter template

The personal contact information below is the same as the contact information on your resume. A cover letter and resume are part of the same package of application materials, so it's beneficial if they complement each other. Below is a template you can use to help you write your own cover letter:

[First name] [Last name], [Degree or certification if applicable]

[Phone number] | [email address] | [City], [State or Territory] [Postcode]


[Organisation or agency name]

Dear [Hiring manager's title (Ms/Mr/Mrs/Miss)] [Hiring manager's last name],

[Express excitement for the position, including the role title and the name of the government organisation or agency]. [Introduce yourself by explaining why you're applying for the job and how the job aligns with your career goals and what specifically draws you to the organisation or agency].

[Explain your relevant experience and qualifications without repeating what's on your resume]. [Highlight one or two relevant achievements with facts and data when possible]. [Explain why you're a good fit for the organisation or agency]. [Optional: address employment gap or career transition].

[Express gratitude]. [Summarise qualification]. [Restate interest in the role]. [Call to action and availability and preferred contact method].

[Complimentary close],


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Government cover letter examples

Below are two examples of government cover letters you can use as a model for your own:

Example one

Here's a government cover letter example for a role in technology:

Lachlan Smith, Master of Criminology

3413-325-083 | | Adelaide, SA 5001

20 July 2022

Australian Department of Technology

Dear Ms Jenkins,

I am excited to pursue the cybersecurity expert role with the Australian Department of Technology. I'm applying for this role because I want to increase the number of people I can keep safe through my security services and research, both of which the Department of Technology has.

I have over five years of experience tracking cybersecurity threats for private companies and over 10 years of using my skills and knowledge in criminology to understand how those people behave. In my most recent role, I prevented almost 30 breaches of security by designing systems to protect information and track potential vectors of attack. I believe I'm an excellent match for this department because it's currently growing the number of security professionals it has, and I want to be part of that cross-functional team of experts that protect public and private data.

I want to express my gratitude for your time and consideration of my application materials. Once again, I'm excited to bring my criminology and cybersecurity skills to the department as a cybersecurity expert. I look forward to hearing more about the department and the role. You can reach me at my phone number 3413-325-083.


Lachlan Smith

Example two

Here's a government cover letter example for a role in engineering:

Ethan Harper, Bachelor of Engineering

5475-342-990 | | Adelaide, SA 5000

20 July 2022

Australia Department of Engineering

Dear Ms Cooper,

I am excited to present this letter of introduction as part of my application materials for the position of lead engineer with the Department of Engineering. I'm applying for this role because it's been my career goal for the past 10 years to work with the country's best engineers to create public works.

With over 10 years of experience in engineering, including several leadership positions, I have developed critical leadership skills that have led multiple teams to success. My most notable achievement is the creation of numerous company buildings that match the exact specifications and needs of professionals within the organisation. I believe my history of creating solutions to help people throughout the country is an excellent fit for the Department of Engineering's current goal of providing public spaces to people throughout South Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application materials for the role of lead engineer in the Department of Engineering. You can contact me with questions at


Ethan Harper

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