What Is a Graphic Designer Resume Objective? (Plus Examples)

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Updated 21 January 2023

Published 16 May 2022

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An eye-catching graphic design resume typically starts with a well-worded resume objective. In a few sentences, an objective statement communicates how your training, work experience and relevant skills may make you a strong candidate for the position you're applying for. Knowing how to craft an appealing objective that accurately portrays your skills and goals as a graphic designer can strengthen your resume. In this article, we discuss what a graphic designer resume objective is, share how to write one, offer tips to make it effective and provide examples to help you compose your own.

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What is a graphic designer resume objective?

A graphic designer resume objective outlines your professional goals, skills and education that relates to the specific graphic design role you're applying for. It's a statement that shows employers your aptitude and suitability. Unlike a career summary, an objective statement is suitable for use on any resume, but is particularly suitable for:

  • Candidates with no paid working experience in graphic design

  • Recent design school graduates applying for entry-level positions

  • High school or college students applying for design jobs to gain experience in the industry

  • Candidates who are changing to a design career from a non-design position, as previous work experience isn't directly relevant

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How to write a graphic designer resume objective

To write a resume objective for a graphic designer position, consider the following three steps:

1. Determine your primary goals and skills

Write your resume objective to include your skills and top career goals. Highlighting your transferable skills helps employers see what you can offer the organisation if you don't have direct graphic designer experience. Usually, a resume objective contains short-term career ambitions, so you may include goals such as ‘seeking an opportunity to use large-print banner design experience in a wider range of design applications’. Aim for short, concise sentences to keep your resume objective easy to read.

2. Match your objective to the position

An effective objective matches the position you're applying for. To do this, note the specific skills and experiences called for in the job listing and focus on the abilities and qualifications you have that match. If the job posting lists a preference for professional work experience that you don't have, aim to include non-work experience that may be relevant. Consider adding ‘gaining [specific industry] experience’ as one of your goals to demonstrate your willingness to grow in the position.

3. Focus on the organisation's benefit

Your resume objective focuses on how your skills and qualifications meet or surpass the posted job requirements. It shifts the focus from what you're looking for in a position to what you can bring to the position, for example, ‘to join a progressive organisation that may benefit from a fresh design perspective to their advertising campaigns.’

Tips for writing a resume objective for a graphic design position

Consider the following tips and hints to craft a strong opening for your resume as you write your objective:

Aim for a first-person or first-person implied perspective

Write your resume objective as if you're speaking to the employer. You can use a first-person perspective which uses personal pronouns, or first-person implied, which leaves out personal pronouns such as 'I', 'my' or 'me'. Writing in these perspectives improves your word economy, which creates an objective that's easier to read. Here are examples of the two best types of perspective:

  • First-person perspective:I am a qualified graphics designer, applying for the position of senior visual designer’.

  • First-person implied perspective:Qualified graphic designer applying for the position of senior visual designer’.

Incorporate keywords from the job description

Identify keywords, key phrases and the critical skills listed in the design job posting. Utilise the ones that match your training and skills as you compose your objective. Using keywords helps to optimise your resume objective for applicant tracking systems, also known as ATS. Many companies use ATS to help them streamline their hiring process. Accurate keywords enable applicant tracking systems to identify you as a suitable candidate. This may give your resume an advantage when applying to organisations that use ATS.

Include relevant skills, training and education

If you're still pursuing a graphic design degree or certification that you haven't obtained yet, include the details of what you're studying in your objective. When you do this, it helps an employer see how your studies relate to the position and how far you are through the course. Include your expected graduation date to give the interviewer insight into when you'd be available to begin work.

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Consider transferable skills

If you're applying for a position straight from school, you may have skills you learned that make you suitable for the role. For example, you may have taken art as one of your subjects and excelled, proving your artistic flair. You may also have the experience of working as layout director of the school's newsletter, which shows a natural aptitude for design layout.

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Write without acronyms or technical jargon

Write your resume objective in plain language without relying on technical jargon or acronyms, as personnel who aren't involved in the technical aspects of the position may review your application. Communicating the finer details of your capabilities in regular language also demonstrates your ability to communicate design concepts with those who are outside of the industry. This is usually a highly sought-after graphic designer quality, as it shows a capacity to communicate design terms with clients who may not know about the intricacies of design.

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Focus on specific experience

As a resume objective is short, aim to use phrases and words that convey facts. Words such as 'amazing results' don't communicate any specific information to the interviewer but qualifying the results with factual support can. For example, 'designing advertising campaigns that increased page views between 20% and 30%' shows the impact of your work. Substantiation also displays your ability to assess the effects of what you do, another potentially attractive quality in an employee.

Examples of graphic designer resume objectives

Reviewing resume objectives may help you learn how to write your own. If you find an example that's close to your situation, adapt it by inserting your information to personalise your graphic designer resume objective. Consider these examples:

Example 1

Former newspaper layout technician looking to apply exemplary attention to detail and creativity in a new graphic design position. Ability to work under intense deadline pressure, while retaining creative flair and good rapport with team members. Quick learner, able to adapt to new design software and systems.

Example 2

Digital graphic design student seeking to gain holiday working experience by volunteering at an award-winning graphic design solution company. Bringing two years of practical student experience working with various design software packages to create digital and print designs. Lecturers' comments attest to my ability to understand and interpret briefs.

Example 3

Final year graphic design graduate with artistic flair seeking a junior graphic design position within a large organisation. Deadline driven and well-suited to fast-paced environments. Works well as part of a team or individually to offer fresh creative branding and marketing ideas to all departments.

Example 4

Qualified graphic designer with five years experience in print medium, digital design and web design seeking a new role. Excellent understanding of social media advertising. Looking for a challenging position to assist with the organisation's branding and marketing strategy.

Example 5

Highly motivated and talented fabric designer seeking a new graphic design position within a growing company. Strong ability to identify and meet a client's requirements ensures my design work aligns with company values. My goal is to expand my design ability to keep meeting the design requirements of a growing business.

Example 6

A positive individual seeking a position as part of a collaborative design team to contribute artistic passion to design solutions. Experience in creating countrywide advertising campaigns to boost sales of the company's services and products. Strong ability to read market design trends and adapt company marketing to remain innovative.

Example 7

Artistic graphic designer seeking to offer high-level graphic skills to create eye-catching social media clips for promotions and sales campaigns. Three years of experience in fashion photography enabled me to creating digital campaigns that Windadverts Corporation produces. Excellent working knowledge of various design software packages.

Example 8

Results-driven graphic design team leader looking to lead a team of designers to assist in the execution of a company's strategic marketing plan. I aim to combine an eye for top-class design with experience in managing a creative team. By overseeing campaign tasks and collaborative projects, I aim to inspire team members to create cohesive designs to satisfy clients.

Example 9

Branding expert seeking a graphic design position to offer design skills to create internal company materials. I led a team that won the 'Inspirational advert of the year' in the global media awards for two years running. I offer strong role delegation and team management ability, together with strong design skills.

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