How to Create Teacher Resume Objectives (With Examples)

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Published 19 June 2022

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A resume objective tells an employer or recruiter that you have a clear career path. Creating an effective resume objective helps your recipient see how the vacant teaching role fits your career intentions. An effective resume objective also makes an impact and stays in the minds of people hiring teachers. In this article, we explain what a resume objective is, describe how to create a career objective for teacher roles, list useful tips and share examples.

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a brief paragraph at the start of your resume that explains who you are and what you want to achieve in your career. This statement appears near the top of a resume, after your contact details. A resume objective may take the place of a professional summary for anyone who wants to tell an employer where they're heading in their career, rather than what they've done. They're especially useful for professionals who are:

  • starting their careers

  • changing careers

  • applying for jobs after significant changes, such as a break in employment or relocation

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How to create teacher resume objectives

Here are the common steps that can help you learn how to create teacher resume objectives:

1. Read the job advertisement carefully

A good resume objective shows an employer you're a good fit for a vacant teaching position. Reading the job advertisement can teach you about the employer's ideal candidate. You can use information from the job advertisement to create a resume objective that suggests you're the best candidate. For example, if the advertisement says the school wants a teacher with at least five years of teaching experience, you might include your experience in your summary if it exceeds five years. You could note down any job requirements or preferences while you're reading and use them to inspire your resume objective.

2. Research the school

Researching the school can help you learn about its mission, values and culture. You can use this information to create a resume objective that shows you suit the school. For example, if the school has a strong performing arts program, you may write that you want to teach at a school that helps children achieve their creative and academic potential. Visiting the school's website and social media pages can teach you what makes the school unique. If you know current or former faculty, you could also ask them about their experiences. You can add any interesting information to your notes.

3. Write one or two sentences introducing yourself

Start your objective for a teacher resume by introducing yourself and your goals. Add phrases from your notes that show why your experience, skills and career aspirations make you a good fit for the teaching position. You can also list your accreditations, especially if they're requested in the job advertisement. If you're starting your teaching career after graduating or working in another field, try to show how your past experiences prepared you for teaching success.

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4. Explain how you can add value to the school

You can conclude your objective for a teaching resume by explaining why you could be an asset to the school. Try to sum up your value in one or two sentences. If you have achieved outstanding results in the past, mentioning them can show your commitment to excellence. Frame the final sentence of your teaching career objective to put the focus on the school and what you can do for them.

5. Edit your objective on a teacher resume

The best objectives for a teaching resume are concise and clear. Editing your statement encourages you to delete or change parts of your resume objective for the better. Deleting filler words and phrases such as the, a and I am can make your sentences more direct. You can also change vague or common verbs to stronger and more specific verbs. For example, instead of helped, you might use more powerful verbs like mentored, coached or assessed.

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6. Proofread your resume objective for a teacher job

Proofreading your resume objective lets you refine your writing and correct any errors. Correcting errors before submitting your resume makes you seem more professional and educated. Submitting an error-free resume objective is especially important for English teachers and primary school teachers who teach written communication. Correct any grammatical, spelling and typographical mistakes you find while you're proofreading. Proofreading aloud can also help you identify and modify awkward phrasing. Wait a few hours or even days after writing your resume objective to proofread your work, as time away from your writing can help you see it more objectively.

Tips for writing teaching objectives for a resume

Here are some tips that can help you write resume objectives for teaching roles that impress employers:

Write a new resume objective for each job

As a good resume objective aims to show why you're right for a specific teaching position, it's important to write a new objective for each job application. Writing a new objective for each job helps you convince the employer you have the technical skills and personality they're looking for. You may also note that you have a special interest in the school's programs. Using the same tone as the job advertisement can show you're a good match for the school's culture. These specific details can make your resume objective more persuasive.

Include keywords

Refer to your notes to ensure you've included keywords from the job advertisement in your resume objective. Including these keywords helps employers see your suitability at a glance. It also helps your resume pass through any applicant tracking systems (ATS) the school uses to create its candidate shortlist. It's also helpful to use any acronyms and formatting used in the advertisement for the same reason. For example, if the advertisement uses numerals to describe preferred years of teaching experience, it's better to use numerals too instead of words.

Ensure your listed career goals match the role

Matching your state career goals to the teaching position helps employers see the role matches your aspirations. While you may eventually want to be a principal, it's better to write about a short-term goal in your resume objective. Consider how the teaching job you're applying for can prepare you for your long-term goal.

Include hard and soft skills

Hard and soft skills are both important for teachers, so it's important to include both types of skills in your resume objective. Hard skills show you can teach effectively, while soft skills indicate you can build connections with students and suit the school's culture. Try to write a resume objective that shows your well-rounded personality by highlighting a mix of skills.

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Examples of resume objectives for teachers

Reading examples can inspire your own teacher resume objective. Here are some examples of resume objectives for teacher positions:

Example 1

Here's an entry-level teacher resume objective:

Passionate and friendly recent graduate with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) excited to secure a primary school teaching position to nurture young minds. Familiar with K–6 curricula with a current Working with Children Check. Committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment that helps students reach their academic and social potential.

Example 2

Here's an example resume objective for someone starting a new career as a teacher:

Musician with 10 years' experience playing piano with the Southern Cross Symphony eager to embark on a new career as a music teacher. Holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and has a current Working with Children check and up-to-date vaccinations. Creative person experienced with composition, choreography and drama energised by helping children discover the creative and therapeutic potential of music.

Example 3

Here's an example resume objective for a relocating teacher:

Experienced Technological and Applied Studies teacher with seven years' experience keen to join a supportive faculty after recent relocation to regional Victoria. Expert communicator with strong organisational skills committed to professional development and improving teaching skills. Understanding educator dedicated to motivating students to develop a lifelong love of learning and achieve their potential.

Example 4

Here's an example of an entry-level resume objective for someone with an employment gap:

Dedicated graduate with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) excited to apply my qualifications to a Japanese teacher role after spending a gap year in Japan. Fluent Japanese speaker with current Working with Children Check and understanding of modern language teaching methods. Eager to provide immersive classroom experiences to engage students for optimal learning outcomes based on my time spent in Japan.

Example 5

Here's a resume objective for an experienced teacher transitioning to a new teaching style:

Experienced primary school teacher of 20 years excited to secure a role with a welcoming Montessori school after recently completing Montessori 3-6 Diploma. Enthusiastic about becoming part of a school community that celebrates a holistic love of learning. Warm and caring communicator committed to supporting students and their families.

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