Interior Designer Resume Objective Examples (For All Levels)

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Published 4 July 2022

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Creating an interesting resume involves drawing attention to your professional experience as it applies to the interior design role you're seeking. An objective is an important section that shares your career goals, mentions your core skills and states your key accomplishments. Learning to write a clear objective that demonstrates your expertise may compel an employer or hiring manager to keep reading. In this article, we define what a resume objective is, discuss the importance of this resume section and provide 24 interior designer professional summary examples for positions at all levels.

What is an interior designer resume objective?

An interior designer resume objective describes your professional life and experience in one to two sentences. It usually includes your key skills, significant achievements and a brief explanation of how you can add value to the company you're applying to. You may choose to include a focus point that's most compelling, as this may attract the hiring manager's attention and encourage them to keep reading.

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Why is writing an objective important?

Including a resume objective on an interior designer resume allows you to emphasise why you're a good fit for the open position. It's usually on the top of the document, so it can make a good first impression as the first thing a hiring manager sees. If you use the objective section to capture the reader's attention, you may increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

You may write a few sentences that highlight your key skills and how they apply to the role you're seeking. You may choose to connect your experience with the position's requirements. You may also decide to quantify your achievements with numbers and statistics. The main aim is to get the hiring manager to notice you and to move ahead of other candidates.

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24 interior designer resume objective examples

When creating your interior designer resume, it's helpful to review examples to get a better idea of what you might want to include. Here are 24 examples that you may customise, depending on your experience level:

8 entry-level examples

If this is your first job after graduating, you may use the resume objective to state your new credentials and skills. Here are some entry-level examples for those new to the job market:

  1. Recent interior design program graduate looking to apply creativity and innovation to corporate interior design projects at Smith & Co Interiors.

  2. Enthusiastic interior designer seeking opportunities to improve skills and apply knowledge in a range of design projects and initiatives.

  3. Self-motivated and hardworking graduate of interior architecture program with the skills needed to work as a junior interior designer with Luxury Designs.

  4. Detail-oriented individual looking for an opportunity to gain hands-on design experience in the design coordinator role for your interior design firm.

  5. Aspiring interior designer with strong educational background and good communication skills seeking to showcase my abilities in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

  6. Highly driven graduate of an interior design program looking to lend my knowledge of current design trends and interests to the clients at Smith's Design Team.

  7. Organised and motivated individual with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior architecture seeking an opportunity to support the experienced designers at La Vie Designs Ltd.

  8. Artistic-minded recent university graduate looking to fill the open assistant interior design position with your organisation and apply my unique design skills for the benefit of each client.

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8 mid-level examples

When you have some experience as an interior designer, it's useful to add information that demonstrates your skill level and expertise. You may also include any additional certifications you've earned. Here are some resume objective examples for mid-level positions:

  1. Professional and creative designer seeking to apply my leadership and motivational skills in a growth opportunity as managing interior designer with Smith Design Firm.

  2. Experienced residential interior design professional looking to move into the commercial side of interior design to gain new skills and apply my knowledge to benefit clients.

  3. Certified interior designer seeking a position that allows me to demonstrate my creativity and unique design skills when managing my own projects.

  4. Versatile and well-rounded design professional looking to join the interior design team at Rhodes Firm to apply my five years of experience in the field.

  5. Passionate interior designer with an eye for luxurious décor elements seeking the lead interior design position with High-End Interiors LLC.

  6. Creative design professional with strong problem-solving skills interested in the interior design position with Reinvented Interior Designs to manage projects and offer expertise in various design processes.

  7. Seeking to advance my interior design career in the position of designer at Blue Mountains Designs, to which I bring technical expertise in various design software and programs plus five years of experience as a junior designer.

  8. Proactive interior design professional seeking an opportunity to demonstrate my leadership skills in the managing interior design position with Tally-Ho Design Firm.

8 high level examples

With the vast amount of experience and knowledge you've amassed over the years, you may want to use the objective section to outline extensive experience as a trusted interior designer. Here are some objective examples for a high-level professional looking for the next role:

  1. Highly experienced interior design professional with hundreds of project completions and $250K+ budgets seeking director of design position with Smith Design Agency.

  2. Established interior designer with demonstrable creativity and a unique approach to design looking to move into the management side of the industry in the open design director role with your organisation.

  3. Experienced design professional with commercial and residential clients seeking a management position to work with and mentor aspiring designers and newcomers to the industry.

  4. Seasoned commercial interior designer looking to take on a corporate role advising interior design needs for commercial locations across the globe.

  5. Versatile designer seeking to bring innovation and creativity to the director of design role with Paul and Helen Designs, Inc.

  6. An artistically minded individual with a goal to manage a team of interior designers looking to fill the open interior design manager role with your organisation.

  7. Award-winning, industry-certified interior design professional with over 10 years of experience designing commercial and residential spaces seeking position as chief creativity officer at Plus Design Firm.

  8. Interior designer with 15 years of experience and thousands of design samples seeking growth and advancement in my interior design career. Looking to bring my project management and creativity skills to the design head position with Paul Interiors Ltd.

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Tips to writing captivating resume objectives

A captivating resume objective can capture your potential employer's attention from the start. Here are some tips to writing better resume objectives or professional summaries:

Keep it short

Short and simple is best. Aim to get to the point quickly. Make your statement, but don't add unnecessary details. Use interesting adjectives to describe yourself and your achievements.

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Use numbers

Quantifying your achievements by using numbers and statistics can show the full extent of your accomplishments. For example, you may include that you received five positive reviews from clients for great interior design skills. You may also mention that you increased a company's clientele by 10%.

Read the job description

Hiring managers often scan resumes for keywords. Read a job description thoroughly and highlight keywords to use in your resume objective. For example, if an employer is looking for an interior designer with software skills, they may use keywords like 'computer-aided design (CAD)' or 'information technology'.

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List your skills

An interior designer has numerous hard and soft skills. Try to match your skills to those in the job description and mention your most significant skill set in your objective. This may help you move on to the next step in the hiring process.

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Think strategically

Think strategically when it comes to deciding which previous jobs and achievements to showcase. Choose your most notable accomplishments or add any relevant certifications you may have recently earned. Customise every resume objective or every position you apply to, to show your enthusiasm for each specific company.

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