How to Write a Job Description in a Resume (With Examples)

Updated 21 July 2022

A job description in a resume provides specific details of previous jobs and experiences. This typically includes your daily responsibilities, how much you worked, essential skills and qualifications that helped you succeed in that profession. Outlining your previous employment can show the employer how you achieved certain tasks and why this could be important for the role you're applying for. In this article, we show you how to write a job description on your resume, list important information you can include and provide examples of job descriptions you can use.

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How to write a job description in a resume

Knowing how to write a job description in a resume can help you highlight the relevant information of your past jobs. This may include previous work experience or unpaid, volunteer roles. Presenting these details on a job description can help the employer understand what qualities you could bring to their company. It might also boost your chance of getting the job if you write this in a clear and defined structure. Here is a simple guideline to help you write your job description:

1. Make sure it's in the right place

A job description is usually located underneath your details and summarises your experience or skills. Labelling this section as professional work experience can help the employer locate your job information. It's ideal to have this on the first page, so your skills and qualifications stand out to companies searching through resumes.

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2. Make a list of relevant accomplishments

Before you write, consider planing what jobs you're going to include in the description. Only include jobs that provide some context to your current skills and how these could benefit the new company. Most people aim for three to four jobs on their resume with detailed accomplishments and important responsibilities for each position. Try to use your most recent experiences, as this can tell the employer more about who you are and how you work in particular environments.

3. State the details of each job

The employer may want to know specific details about your work history, so it's important to mention the company name, location, how long you worked there and your job title. This information is above the description. Your resume structure can play a big part in how the employer views you as a potential candidate, so try to keep this section neat and clear. Here is an example of job details:

Greenhouse Bar, 17 Whitehall Road, Queensland, AU
Bartender, January 2017 - September 2018

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4. Start with accomplishments

Most employers want to see how you accomplish certain tasks rather than your primary duties in the role. Emphasise your proud moments and explain why these helped develop your skills. Even though it's important to include this information, keep the descriptions short, so the employer has time to read over everything. Below is an example of how you could describe your accomplishments:

  • Voted employee of the month four times in one year because of hard work and excellent customer service skills

  • Increased sales by 25% from strong marketing skills and the ability to exceed requirements

  • Maintained 100% attendance which contributed towards the 95% success rate of the shop

  • Received positive feedback from customers, maintaining a 90% positive customer rating

5. Use numbers and percentages

Employers usually like to see percentages in your achievements, as this can show them more about the strengths in your role. Including statistics in your job descriptions could support your statements and provide more context to your experience. As shown in the example above, the percentages enhance your personality and show who you are and how you assess your own accomplishments. It could help to use statistics in future interviews, as this provides the impression that you've researched and calculated your own success.

6. Add keywords

It's essential to include keywords that employers are specifically looking for in a resume. These typically involve common skills such as 'customer service' and 'communication'. Action words can also benefit your job descriptions, as they improve the language and keep the interest of the employer. Here are some examples of other keywords you could use:

  • amplified

  • advanced

  • crafted

  • developed

  • enabled

  • established

  • enhanced

  • formulated

  • generated

  • negotiated

  • transformed

  • maximised

  • operated

  • organised

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7. Modify descriptions to match the job advertisement

If you're applying for a job, you can change your content to match keywords and phrases in the job advertisement. This may show the employer that you're aware of their ideal candidate and the specific skills they're searching for. Modifying your writing can also apply to your cover letter, so pick out common phrases they use in their advertisement. This is an example of how you could change your content:

Example job advertisement

Here's an example job posting you may review to write your resume:

We're looking for someone who has experience working with customers in a busy environment. The ideal candidate should have at least one year's experience in a customer service based role, with a passion to satisfy the shop's requirements. As a sales assistant, you will be in charge of tidying the shop floor and working the tills. You'll also help create window products to draw customers to our shop. If you're dedicated, passionate about retail and possess strong customer service skills then apply for this position now!

Example job description on a resume

Using the above job posting, here's an example of a job description you may include on a resume:

  • Designed colourful stands to showcase window products, which attracted 60% of customers

  • Won two staff awards for the most dedicated team member

  • Cleaned the shop floor to improve overall customer satisfaction

  • Performed duties on the tills to resolve customer concerns and enquiries

  • Exceeded 80% of goals set by the management team

8. Check that your resume is clear

Once you have completed your job descriptions, it's important to check that the structure is clear and easily readable to the employer. Leave a space between each experience and ensure the bullet points are precise and get straight to the point. Most employers skim over resumes to save time, so try to provide information that can set you apart from other candidates.

State your most recent job at the top of your description list. This ensures your resume sticks to the reverse chronological order layout. Employers can see your recent job and how you developed your skills to reach that point in your career.

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Examples resume job descriptions

Below is an example of how you could structure your job descriptions in a resume:

Professional work experience

Sugar bloom flowers, 45 High St, Queensland, AU
Sales manager, January 2019 - Present

  • Planned events for customers to learn about flower arrangements, which earned a 75% increase of customers over the following months

  • Tracked budgets in the shop and monitored the 20% development in sales

  • Maintaining customer and staff satisfaction helped to develop leadership skills

  • Purchased new resources to aid the design of the shop floor

  • Reviewed staff performance every month to find a 65% surge in progress

Star bouquets, 33 Main Street, Queensland, AU
Sales representative, September 2017 - October 2018

  • Transformed shop floor into a colourful environment, which generated 30 positive reviews online

  • Exceeded 90% of targets set by the manager for each month

  • Voted employee of the month five times in one year because of strong communication skills with customers and staff

  • Maximised posts on social media pages that gained 100 followers in three days

  • Organised flowers arrangements to suit the layout of the shop floor

Sally's flower shop, 56 Acorn Lane, Queensland, AU
Sales assistant, July 2016 - August 2017

  • Assisted shop manager with flower competitions which earned three awards

  • Presented products to customers which gained a 65% satisfaction rate

  • Received positive ratings, with 5 out of 6 customers stating an overall happiness when buying arranged flowers

  • Trained four new staff members on how to maintain products in the shop window

  • Served customers on tills which boosted 10% of sales

The Florist, 11 Orange Road, Queensland, AU
Volunteer, February 2016 - May 2016

  • Cleaned the shop floor daily to enhance customer interaction

  • Arranged flowers in shop window, which attracted 30 customers in one day

  • Crafted spreadsheets to document 20% increase in sales

  • Performed duties on the till that involved processing orders and resolving customer concerns

  • Designing flower guides boosted customers happiness by 45%

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