12 Examples of a Land Surveyor Resume Objective (With Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 15 June 2022

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A land surveyor is an individual responsible for reviewing the terrain of development areas and using advanced technology to calculate levels, displacement areas, angles and distances. They often include a resume objective in their job application that outlines their employability and motives for applying for the vacant role. By reviewing example resume objectives, you can identify appropriate content to include in your own resume objective. In this article, we provide 12 examples of land surveyor resume objectives for candidates with varying credentials and motives.

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12 examples of a land surveyor resume objective

Below, you can explore 12 examples of a land surveyor resume objective:

Example 1

Here is an example resume objective for a land surveyor with mining experience hoping to gain employment with locally-based surveying projects:

An experienced individual applying for the role of a land surveyor. Has 10 years of experience operating on a fly-in-fly-out basis with several mining companies. Can operate in harsh environments, including cold and hot weather. Has extensive expertise in operating surveying equipment. Hoping to gain employment for locally-based surveying projects that can enable me to spend more time with my family. Can contribute expertise, enthusiasm and extensive experience to the team.

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Example 2

Here, you can examine an example resume objective for a qualified land surveyor with extensive equipment and experience in commercial development projects:

A qualified individual hoping to gain employment in a professional and expert environment. Has several years of experience and an advanced Diploma in Land Surveying. Spent many years operating with commercial construction teams. Is competent in applying mathematical principles to calculate areas, distances, angles, displacements and the required volume of earth placement for large-scale development projects. Owns advanced surveying equipment, including drones, GPS devices, transits, surveying rods and surveying markers. Hoping to contribute my expertise and advanced surveying knowledge in a professional setting.

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Example 3

Here, you can examine an example resume objective for a highly motivated and experienced land surveyor, applying for a senior position for commercial and residential development projects:

A highly motivated individual with 15 years of experience in residential and commercial development, applying for the role of a senior land surveyor. Hopes to manage and supervise an expert team of land surveyors and provide excellent service to commercial and residential development clients. With extensive experience in development projects, I've developed advanced knowledge of regulations, standards and building codes that help me provide expert surveying services. Can contribute enthusiasm, expertise, experience and excellent customer service.

Example 4

Here, you can review an example resume objective for a forensic land surveyor hoping to change careers to a residential development project team:

A highly skilled forensic land surveyor with extensive qualifications and experience in the legal industry. Applying for a senior land surveyor position for residential projects. Hoping to change careers to a more relaxed and stress-free environment. Has assisted law enforcement and investigators solve over 50 cases. Provided accurate reports about crime scene data, such as distances and angles of potential threat locations. Developed reports for law enforcement, insurance companies and private investigative agencies. Hoping to contribute years of experience and a unique skill set to a land surveying team.

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Example 5

Below, you can review an example objective for a qualified and experienced land surveyor with a Bachelor of Surveying, applying for the role of a forensic surveyor in the legal industry:

An attentive individual with excellent attention to detail, applying for the role of a forensic land surveyor. Has excellent mathematical and physics knowledge for calculating angles, distances and area data. Completed a Bachelor of Surveying and developed advanced theoretical knowledge of complex GPS and geometric principles. Hoping to gain employment in this challenging but rewarding role. Passionate about law enforcement and excited to contribute to the legal industry and assist investigators and law enforcement professionals. Can contribute several years of experience in commercial surveying, along with extensive technical abilities in surveying.

Example 6

Here, you can explore an example resume objective for a land surveying candidate with one year of experience, currently completing several certificates and applying for a role in the commercial development industry:

An enthusiastic land surveyor hoping to gain employment and advance my expertise in a professional environment. Has one year of experience as a junior land surveyor, but hoping to develop more advanced skills and become an expert in this job role. Currently completing several certificates specific to hydro-graphic surveying, forensic surveying and environmental surveying. Hoping to become a versatile land surveyor with skills and expertise in a variety of industries. Developed experience in residential surveying, but hoping to expand knowledge to the commercial development industry.

Example 7

Below, you can view an example resume objective for an internationally qualified and experienced land surveyor, applying for a role with a locally-based mining exploration team:

An internationally trained and qualified land surveyor with experience working in over 25 countries, including remote and harsh environments. Hoping to gain employment in the mining industry and perform mapping duties for locally-based exploration teams. Several years of helping geologists in remote countries, assisting in mapping and exploring for resources and potential mining locations. Has extensive certification and several international land surveying tickets. Dedicated to providing accurate and professional surveying services.

Example 8

Below, you can review an example resume objective for an experienced and qualified land surveyor with an award, applying for a land surveyor position in the civil construction industry:

Highly experienced land surveyor applying for a civil land surveying position. Received the 2021 Land Surveyor of the Year award for surveying over 500 affordable housing units for government projects. Has a combined 20 years of experience as a senior land surveyor and property maintenance manager. Developed extensive land surveying skills during prior employment and training. Has a completed Bachelor of Surveying and a Diploma in Property Management. Hoping to contribute extensive experience and unique expertise to a civil land surveying team.

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Example 9

Here, you may examine an example resume objective for a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree, applying for a commercial construction land surveying role:

A recent graduate from Westpoint University with a Bachelor of Surveying. Hoping to enter the commercial construction industry as a land surveyor and apply theoretical knowledge and skills in a professional setting. Developed advanced knowledge during my studies and am excited to commence my career in an expert land surveying team. Has minimal experience in a surveying role, but dedicated and committed to developing my expertise and learning advanced practices. Can contribute an eager and team-oriented mindset to a commercial surveying team.

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Example 10

Below, you can analyse an example resume objective for an inexperienced candidate, applying for the role of a land surveyor in the residential construction industry:

An inexperienced but committed individual hoping to gain employment as a junior surveyor in a residential construction team. Recently graduated with a Diploma in Surveying and hope to develop an advanced understanding of mathematical and geometrical theories. Planning to study for a Bachelor of Engineering after gaining several years of experience as a land surveyor in the residential development industry. Can contribute eagerness, motivation, enthusiasm and dedication to the team.

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Example 11

Below, you can explore a resume objective example for a highly qualified land surveyor applying for an environmental surveying position:

A highly qualified individual with a Bachelor of Environmental Science and a Diploma in Surveying, applying for an environmental surveyor position. Passionate about the environment and dedicated to improving the health of national parks, conservation areas and endangered species. Developed a passion for and extensive understanding of environmental science during prior studies. Hoping to use newly gained knowledge for the betterment of the environment and provide professional services to conservation departments.

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Example 12

Here, you can examine a resume objective example for an experienced land surveyor wanting to transition into a hydrographic surveying position:

An experienced land surveyor hoping to transition into the role of a hydrographic surveyor and operate on specially equipped vessels. Has a Diploma in Surveying and has completed several certificates regarding unique hydrographic surveying equipment and procedures. Has prior experience operating on remote mine sites and is comfortable working away from home for long periods. Developed technical skills in multi-beam sonar and light detection equipment through hydrographic certifications. Can contribute passion, enthusiasm and an excellent work ethic to the team.

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