How to Write a Management Trainee Resume (With Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 June 2022

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Managers oversee company operations, guide team members to meet targets and perform important tasks. Management trainees are employees training to become leaders in their area of expertise. If you're considering applying for a management trainee position, understanding how to write a relevant resume is important. In this article, we discuss what a management trainee resume is, list what a management trainee does, provide a step-by-step guide on how to write a resume, list some important tips to consider and include a sample resume to inspire you.

What is a management trainee resume?

A management trainee resume is a document that's typically two or three pages long and outlines why you're the best candidate for a role. It highlights your skills, knowledge and qualifications and provides you with an opportunity to sell yourself to a hiring manager. A well-written resume expresses your enthusiasm for learning, your expertise in leadership and how you work with others. Businesses are usually looking for highly motivated and passionate candidates who can add value to the organisation. Management trainees typically progress to management roles within the organisation when they complete the program.

What is a management trainee?

A management trainee usually takes part in a management program that gives them the necessary skills to become a successful manager. They typically learn about business areas such as operations, customer service, marketing and project management. Management trainee programs usually involve job shadowing managers. The following are typical management trainee tasks:

  • overseeing operational processes

  • preparing business budget plans, projecting sales and developing strategic goals

  • training and guiding team members

  • learning about different business areas

  • monitoring employee performance and conducting performance reviews

  • collaborating with other managers and leaders to operate a business

  • participating in the recruitment process

  • using metrics to analyse business performance

  • reviewing business processes and procedures

How to write a management trainee resume

Consider the following steps when writing a resume for a management trainee position:

1. Include your contact details

At the beginning of your resume, it's important to include your contact information. This allows a hiring manager to contact you quickly if they wish to invite you to an interview. Consider using a bold font or a font that's slightly larger than the size you used throughout your resume. Include your full name, contact phone number and email address. Use a professional email address that includes your full name. You can easily create one online with various email providers if you don't have one.

2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is a great way to introduce yourself to a hiring manager. It's a concise description that allows a hiring manager to understand why you're suitable for the role. It's one of the first things a hiring manager reads, so it's important that it gives them a positive first impression. An ideal summary is two or three sentences long. Consider including your top skills or key achievements. You can also include your experience or any relevant qualifications.

3. List your work experience

When listing your work experience, list your positions in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent. This helps a hiring manager understand your career journey and the skills you've learnt throughout your career. Include your job title, employer's name, location and dates of employment. Try to include any roles that demonstrate the skills necessary for a management trainee position. These may be jobs that involved leadership, teamwork, training, marketing or sales. Incorporating your achievements into your experience section demonstrates the value you could add to an organisation.

Where possible, include quantifiable information that highlights the results of your work. For example, if you previously worked in sales, include specific details about the number of sales or profits you generated for a former employer. Also, list your key responsibilities to give a hiring manager an understanding of your practical experience. Using bullet points to list this information is useful, as it allows a hiring manager to quickly scan through them and identify whether they align with the job requirements.

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4. Highlight your relevant skills

A skills section allows a hiring manager to quickly identify whether you have the required skills for the role. Being a management trainee means developing both soft skills and technical skills. For example, important soft skills in management include leadership, communication, empathy and attention to detail. If you have any experience using software relevant to the position, such as sales pipelines or client management systems, include this in your skills section.

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5. Include your education

Some employers may look for management trainees with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, operations, finance or commerce. Others may want trainees with further qualifications such as a Master of Business Administration. When listing your education, start with your most recent qualification. Include its name, the institution you attended and the year you graduated. Also include any academic achievements or awards you received.

If you've completed any other certifications or training, include these in your education section or create a separate section for them. Describing your professional development can show your commitment to ongoing learning. Use bullet points to list your knowledge or technical skills to demonstrate how your certification makes you a valuable candidate.

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Tips for writing your resume

The following are some tips to consider when writing your resume:

Read the job description

When applying for any job, it's important to read through the job description thoroughly. Check for any requirements. For example, an employer may ask you to keep your resume one page long or use a specific file format. These instructions can form part of your assessment. A hiring manager evaluates your application to understand your attention to detail and your ability to follow instructions.

When reading the job description, ensure that you have the required experience and skills. Check for specific keywords that you can use throughout your resume. For example, if the job description lists one of the responsibilities as, Monitors customer satisfaction levels, consider incorporating the word monitor on your resume. This highlights how your experience and skills fit the role, which can give you an advantage over other candidates.

Research the company

Investigate the organisation you're applying to by looking at their social media sites and corporate website. You can usually find the company's mission statement in their 'About' section. This can help you understand the business's values and goals to ensure that they align with your own. You can also research the company's culture by contacting people who work there. You can reference this information on your resume to show your enthusiasm for the role.

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Proofread your resume before submitting it

Proofreading your resume before submitting it is important. In addition to identifying spelling and grammar errors, reading your resume aloud can ensure that it reads well and makes sense. Ensure that you're satisfied with your format. Bold titles and bullet points make it easy for hiring managers to find essential information. Employers may scan hundreds of resumes at a time, so using a simple format can allow them to identify your qualifications and experience quickly to determine whether you're suitable for the role.

Resume example for a management trainee position

The following is an example of a resume that you can refer to if you're applying for management trainee programs:

Georgina Jeffries
0145-333-456 | | Manly, Qld

Professional Summary
Experienced marketing professional and team leader looking to use my expertise in management, sales and operations. Proven ability to achieve good results, build collaborative teams and engage customers. Currently studying an MBA and enthusiastic about working on projects that drive the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses.

Work Experience
Management trainee
One Stop Finance, NSW
July 2021–Current

  • produce annual budget and sales projections

  • work closely with different business unit managers to understand business operations

  • participate in the recruitment and development of marketing employees

  • conduct preliminary performance reviews with the operations team

  • collaborate monthly with managers to evaluate individual and team sales targets

Marketing team leader
Purple Telecom
January 2019–June 2021

  • led a team of five junior marketing associates to deliver digital campaigns to drive traffic to the website

  • created a new brand campaign that raised brand awareness amongst non-members by 15% over six months

  • worked closely with the sales team to create sales material and collateral

Marketing specialist
North West Council, Sydney
February 2016–December 2018

  • created social media marketing campaigns, resulting in engagement levels increasing by 25% in key markets

  • produced newsletters for residents of the North West Council area and conducted research to write articles

  • managed website content, including paid search


Business administration, communication, budgeting, strategic planning and sales

Master of Business Administration
North West University, NSW
Completion date: 2023

Bachelor of Business
Sydney West University, NSW

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