What are the Benefits of a Pay-for-Resume Service?

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 June 2022

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If you're developing a resume, there are many paid services you might consider which can help you develop an engaging and professional job application. Professional resume writers typically offer paid resume writing services. By reviewing reasons for and against using resume services, you can determine if paying for a resume writer is is a good idea for you. In this article, we define a pay-for-resume service, list reasons for paying for a resume service and detail the reasons you might not.

What's a pay-for-resume service?

A pay-for-resume service is when you pay a resume writer to develop a resume tailored to your employment circumstances. The resume writer typically interviews you in person or on the phone to determine the content to include on your resume. They usually ask you questions to identify your work experience, qualifications, skills, goals, aspirations and motives for gaining employment. Services may differ between resume writing professionals, though they typically offer three types of paid services. These services are for an entry-level resume, an experienced resume and a senior or executive resume.

Why pay for a resume service?

Below, you can explore some of the reasons you might use paid resume services:

Writing expertise

By employing a resume writer to develop your resume, you can benefit from their technical expertise in writing. Professionals offering paid resume services usually have excellent writing skills and can develop an engaging job application. They use their knowledge of grammar and communication to write resume content with clarity, accuracy and relevance to the job role. Resume writers typically have expertise in editing and may review your resume to identify spelling errors, missing content or inaccurate information. Paying for a resume service can ensure your resume is professional, which is usually beneficial for impressing hiring managers.

Recruitment knowledge

By paying for a resume service, you can benefit from the resume writer's recruitment knowledge. They often have experience and expertise in the recruitment industry and understand typical processes and procedures. This can be useful, as resume writers can understand what recruiters usually seek in candidates. They can determine popular credentials, goals and aspirations that might impress hiring managers and encourage them to consider you a suitable candidate. Resume writers can also identify content that might hinder the professionalism of your resume. By paying for resume services, you can ensure your resume includes only beneficial and relevant content.


One of the reasons you might utilise paid resume services is that resume writers can develop a unique resume for your job application. They often have an abundance of creativity that, when combined with industry expertise, allows them to identify unique resume structures and formatting. Having a unique resume can be excellent for differing your application from other candidates. Depending on the role you're applying for, there may be many applicants applying for the vacant role. If your resume is unique, it might leave a lasting impression on the hiring managers.

Versatile resume development

There are usually several resume formats and styles that serve unique purposes. For example, if you're changing careers to a new industry that you have minimal credentials in, you can use a functional resume to highlight your transferable skills. Professionals offering paid resume services usually have excellent knowledge of different resume styles and may identify which one can benefit you the most. Resume writers may ask you several questions to determine your employment circumstance. Depending on your circumstance, they may suggest several resume formats and describe their benefits or negatives.

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Stress reduction

If you're currently employed and seeking a new role, you might not have the time to develop a professional resume for your job application. Changing careers might induce stress, particularly if you don't have the time to develop your resume. By utilising resume services, you can have solace knowing that a professional is writing your resume. This can provide you with the time to focus on more important tasks. It can be important to understand that the resume writer may still require some of your time, usually to ask you questions and identify your credentials.

Extensive research

To write an engaging resume, you typically research the job listing and hiring organisation. This can take time and effort which you might not be able to spare. If you pay for resume writing services, the resume writer usually conducts substantial research on the job listing, hiring organisation and job market. By conducting this research, resume writers can ensure your job application is relevant to the vacant role and hiring organisation. They may research the job listing to identify common responsibilities and employment requirements, which they usually address on your resume.

Cover letter services

Depending on the resume writing service you pay for, the resume writer may also offer services for writing a cover letter. A cover letter typically involves more writing than a resume, so you can benefit extensively from a resume writer's writing expertise. It can be important to understand that this extra option usually incurs an additional fee, but it may be worth it, depending on your employment circumstance. If you don't have the time to develop an engaging cover letter, using paid resume services can be an excellent idea.

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ATS knowledge

By utilising paid resume services, you can usually ensure your resume is compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS). Some organisations, typically large corporations, may use an ATS to scan large influxes of job applications. The ATS processes job applications and scans the documents for mentions of keywords. Keywords usually refer to employment attributes and credentials listed on a job listing. Depending on the ATS, it may have difficulties processing complex resume styles and customised formats. Resume writers typically have extensive knowledge of recruitment methods, including ATS procedures, so they can usually create a resume compatible with ATS recruitment.

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Cons of paying for a resume service

Before reviewing the reasons for not using paid resume services, it can be important to understand that the pros and cons are subjective. This means some reasons for avoiding paid services might not apply to your employment circumstance. Below, you can explore some of the reasons you might not use a paid resume service:

Resume tone might not reflect your personality

By using a paid resume service, the content on your resume might not be an accurate representation of your personality. Hiring managers can usually identify personality traits from the content on your resume and cover letter. If you aren't writing that content, it might not reflect your true personality. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if you pay for a resume and write your own cover letter, there may be discrepancies between writing tones and styles. If you use a resume writer for both your resume and cover letter, it might not be an issue.

Can be time-inefficient

There might be a misconception that paying for resume services can save you time. It can save you personal time, but the entire process can take several weeks. If there's a vacant role that's highly competitive, the hiring organisation might receive an influx of applications. Submitting your resume quickly can sometimes be beneficial, depending on the organisation's recruitment processes. If you pay for resume writing services, you might miss the opportunity, as your resume may only be complete after several weeks. You can speed the process if you prepare your credentials and employment information before hiring resume writing services.

Incurs costs

The main reason that many individuals avoid paid resume services is usually that they incur costs. How much you pay can depend on the type of resume you require. The cost of writing a resume usually increases based on the seniority requirements of the job application. For example, an entry-level resume is usually cheaper than an executive management resume. Costs can also increase if you decide to pay for cover letter writing services. This isn't necessarily a negative aspect, as the benefits of resume services are subjective. It might be worth paying for resume services depending on your circumstances.

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You might not develop writing skills

If you use a paid resume service, the resume writer usually conducts the majority of the writing. While you may receive an engaging resume, you might not develop the skills and knowledge to develop your own resume in the future. There's usually an abundance of online resources that can help you develop your own resume with professionalism and expertise. Developing resume writing skills can be extremely beneficial, as you might frequently change careers, apply for promotions and alter existing resumes. If you can write your own professional resume, you can minimise the need to pay for services.

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