How to Write a PHP Developer Resume (With Tips and Example)

Updated 23 March 2023

PHP developers test and design software using PHP programming language. They typically require good technical knowledge and are responsible for developing the back-end components of the software. Understanding how to write a strong resume when applying for a PHP developer role can help you secure an interview. In this article, we explain what a PHP developer resume is, outline what a PHP developer does, provide steps on how to write your resume, list some tips and share an example to help you when creating your resume.

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What is a PHP developer resume?

A PHP developer resume is an official document you could use to gain employment in software development, using PHP. A strong resume can help show a hiring manager that you have the skills and technical capabilities to design, test and implement software using PHP programming language. PHP, otherwise known as hypertext preprocessor, is a scripting language that allows developers to write dynamically generated content fast. It also adds extra functionality to web pages.

What does a PHP developer do?

A PHP developer is typically responsible for writing server-side web application logic. They can connect applications with other web services and support front-end developers.

Some typical responsibilities include:

  • designing technical solutions to meet project requirements

  • using software to write and modify PHP programming code

  • testing PHP code for any bugs or issues

  • creating improvements and fixes to address issues, using logic and different testing processes

  • testing and validating processes.

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How to write a resume for a PHP developer

Follow these steps to help you create a resume when applying for a role as a PHP developer:

1. Include your key contact information

At the top of your resume, usually on the top right, it's important to include your key contact information. Include your name, your best contact phone number and email address, so a hiring manager can get in touch with you if you're selected for an interview. You can also include a link to any online portfolios you have that may showcase your skills for the role.

2. Write a professional summary

Your professional summary also appears at the top of your resume, directly under your contact details. It's an opportunity for you to summarise in two to three sentences your experience, achievements and skills. As a PHP developer, consider highlighting your technical expertise to include evidence of your skills. Your resume objective is usually the first thing a hiring manager reads, so try to match your skills to the job description. If you have limited PHP experience, try writing a summary that shows your skills, highlighting what strengths you can bring to the organisation.

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3. Outline your work experience

When outlining your experience, it's important to highlight all recent and relevant work experience that demonstrates what you can offer to the employer. List your current or most recent role first, including the title of your position, the name of your employer, the location and the dates of employment. Using bullet points to identify any key responsibilities and achievements can be helpful for a hiring manager to determine your suitability for the role.

Try to focus on key accomplishments in your career. For example, list any awards you've won or any projects you've worked on that have resulted in cost savings for the organisation. These examples can help demonstrate the value you can offer to an employer.

4. Explain your skills

Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

As a PHP developer, it's essential to have good PHP skills, including understanding the language, operations and experience using various PHP applications and frameworks. While knowing PHP code is essential, it's also important to understand other front-end programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. These codes can help identify and correct any web design errors, including additional languages.

In addition to your technical skills, other skills can be beneficial to include when applying for a role as a PHP developer, such as communication or problem-solving skills. Being adaptable and willing to learn is another option to include. As with most programming languages, PHP evolves and it's essential to stay up to date.

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5. List your education

When listing your education, aim to ensure you focus on any knowledge or technical skills gained through your education. While not all employees require formal education, some may require a university degree to show your understanding of different programming codes. A popular choice may be a Bachelor of Computer Science. When listing your education, including the institution's name, course details, the date you graduated and any information from the course that's relevant to the role.

6. Proofread your resume

Proofreading your resume before you send it can help to ensure that it's free from spelling and grammatical errors. It also helps ensure all your key information is easy to find for a hiring manager. It's also good to check that your dates and job titles are correct for your work experience and that your resume reads well. Try reading it aloud or getting a trusted colleague or friend to review it.

Tips for writing your resume

Try to keep these tips in mind when creating your resume:

Keep it relevant

While it's important to tailor your resume for each job application, it's also essential to ensure that your resume is relevant to the role. Be sure that any experience or achievements you reference make sense. For example, if you have experience in programming code other than PHP, it's fine to mention this, but there's no point going into too much detail. Aim to stick to the skills needed for the role, particularly if you're trying to keep your resume within two to three pages.

Match up keywords

When reviewing the job description, pick out keywords that you can use throughout your resume. For example, if the hiring manager is seeking someone with experience in web applications, try to list this in your skills section. Many employers use scanning software to match the key skills they're looking for to help them short-list candidates

Use quantifiable achievements

When listing your responsibilities or achievements, avoid including descriptions that don't offer any insight into the value you provided to the organisation. Using numbers or data can help to give some context to your achievements. For example, you managed a team that developed internet leads by 500% in only three months.

Consider your formatting

The correct formatting can make a huge difference in how professional and attractive your resume is. Consider spacing, font type and size to make your resume easy to read. Using bullet points throughout can make it easy for a hiring manager to find the key information they're looking for to see if you have the skills for the role.

Example resume for PHP developers

You can use this example to help you create your resume if you're looking to apply for PHP developer roles:

Patrick Lee | 124 6768 999 | Sydney, NSW

Professional summary
Motivated and creative problem-solver with over three years of experience working as a PHP developer. Experienced in computer coding, languages, design, software testing and debugging. Looking for a role in a collaborative team environment with opportunities to use my strong leadership skills to create projects that exceed business targets.

Work experience
PHP Developer, October 2019-current
GetFix Finance, Sydney, NSW

  • Introduced new web debugging tools to identify issues, resulting in an improvement in customer satisfaction for the site of 20% over three months

  • Developed user-defined tags using XML

  • Developed a web-based application using PHP and Java to make it easier for customers to apply for finance

  • Conducted analysis of all applications and websites to identify issues and recommend enhancements

  • Managed a team of two web developers and led training on PHP.

PHP Developer, January 2019-September 2019
RightTex Limited, Sydney, NSW

  • Designed and developed a PHP program to launch a new questionnaire feature for clients, resulting in improved site navigation and increased online sales by 15% over six months

  • Created websites using JavaScript and adopted Agile methodology, including leading daily SCRUM and created several mock-up sites using CSS, HTML and JavaScript

  • Wrote backend code to build efficient PHP modules to improve the website.

Junior Software Developer, July 2018–December 2018
RightWorks Limited, Sydney, NSW

  • Designed prototypes and project skeletons using PHP, JQuery, CSS and HTML

  • Installed and administered Linux hosts for networking

  • Finalised various back-end features and tested web applications to ensure no issues before launching the website.


Project management, including Agile methodologies | Excellent knowledge of PHP web frameworks, including, Laravel, Yii and CodeIgniter | Strong problem-solving skills | Excellent understanding of object-oriented programming of PHP | Up-to-date knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML | Proficient with various code versioning tools | Experienced with SQL/NoSQL databases.

Bachelor of Computer Science
Eastern Sydney University, 2017.

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