Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Examples (With Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 June 2022

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Working in real estate can be an engaging and rewarding career for those interested in the property market. Real estate can be a competitive industry and having a strong resume can help you show your suitability for advertised roles. You can write a cover letter to highlight your relevant skills, experience and training to effectively target specific real estate agent job postings and impress hiring managers. In this article, we go through some real estate agent cover letter examples, share some writing tips and list the key steps to writing your own.

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Real estate agent cover letter examples

Here are some real estate agent cover letter examples that you can use to create strong applications for jobs in the real estate industry:

Example 1

This example shows an experienced real estate agent's cover letter for a site management role:

Janet Wright-Smith +61 3 9876 3245 | | Sydney, NSW


Tenancy Solutions

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing regarding the site maintenance manager position at Tenancy Solutions, as advertised on I have over 10 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, working in real estate development, commercial property management, and tenant relations. I am interested in this role at Tenancy Solutions because of its focus on optimising building code compliance and site improvement.

I graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, with a Bachelor of Property Economics (Honours) degree. After getting this degree, I finished my Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice from TAFE NSW and completed a year of training at Industrial Residential. Later, I got my real estate licence and began working with Industrial Residential as a commercial real estate agent.

In this role, I negotiated leases, built strong relationships with contractors and developed marketing skills by facilitating buyer-seller agreements. During my time at Industrial Residentials and Sydney Towers, I've overseen the improvement of many multi-million dollar properties, which increased tenant occupancy by 20%.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Janet Wright-Smith

Example 2

A real estate agent who is relatively new to the field could use this cover letter to apply for a permanent role:

Alice McCall +61 3 9432 1238 | | Sydney, NSW

Industrial Residentials

0134 567 891 | |Sydney, NSW


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to submit my resume to apply for the full-time real estate agent role advertised on your website. I recently got my licence after finishing my Bachelor of Economics degree. I also received my Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice from TAFE NSW and completed a year of training at Booker Family Realty. While I have continued working for Booker Family Realty for the past year as a part-time realtor, I would like to join the Industry Residentials team as a permanent real estate agent to gain more experience and apply my skills to a bigger company.

Here are some of my key skills and experiences:

  • Generating and sustaining a viable client base

  • Keeping up to date on current real estate market trends and performance

  • Working with clients to help them find their dream home

  • Achieving and surpassing sales goals

  • Balancing multiple responsibilities within a fast-paced environment

I am confident that I can use my skills to grow and succeed at Industry Residential. I would love to speak with you further about the role and how I can use my skills in your workplace. Thank you for your consideration.


Alice McCall

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Cover letter writing tips

Writing specific cover letters for each real estate agent role can help you create targeted and impressive applications. Here are some tips you can use to write a professional real estate agent cover letter:

  • Address the manager by name. Try to find out who is in charge of hiring or managing the team and include their name to make the cover letter more personal. You can check the company's website or professional networking sites to find this information.

  • Use keywords. If the job description lists specific skills, experiences or qualifications as essential, you can include these keywords in your cover letter to highlight your qualification for the role.

  • Research the company's values. The real estate agency may have a Values page on their website where you can learn about what they care about and show that you share these values in your cover letter.

  • Elaborate on details in your resume. You can use your cover letter to provide additional information about your previous experiences and explain how they can link to the real estate agent role you want to apply for.

  • Emphasise your skills. Real estate agents can use a range of skills, such as communication, negotiation, understanding of the law, and problem-solving. Including these in your cover letter can show that you would succeed in the role.

  • Use an aesthetically pleasing format. You can make your cover letter more appealing to hiring managers by using neat and consistent formatting with your resume, considering how colour and font affect the layout.

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How to write a real estate agent cover letter

You can follow these steps to write an effective cover letter for various real estate agent job openings:

1. List the employer's contact information

At the top of your cover letter, you can provide the employer's contact information, as you would in a traditional letter. This can include the full name of the hiring manager, the company name, their phone number and email address, and the company's street address. Under these details, you can provide the date you sent the letter.

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2. Address the hiring manager

You can begin your letter by greeting the hiring manager who you are addressing your letter to. Some job listings may contain the hiring manager's name, or you can locate this on their website. If you don't know their name, you can address the letter To whom it may concern or as Dear Sir/ Madam.

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3. Write an opening paragraph

Your opening paragraph can introduce you to the company and explain why you want this role. This can include information about your relevant experience and qualifications, particularly when you got your real estate licence. You can specify what role you want to apply for and how you found out about the opening, along with why you think you would be a suitable hire to fill the role.

4. Write a body paragraph

In your second body paragraph, you can provide a more detailed explanation of your educational background and qualifications. This may include listing your specific degree and where you studied. You can also provide insight into your professional experience in this paragraph, including where you worked, in what role, and the duration of each employment. Describing specific information about your accomplishments in these roles can emphasise your skills and how you could benefit this new company.

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5. Write a closing paragraph

In your final paragraph, you can provide any additional information about you and your experience that makes you a suitable hire for this role. You may include your real estate skills in this section and explain how they link to this new role. You can also share your larger career goals in this paragraph and explain how the advertised role fits into your larger career plans.

6. Conclude the letter with a professional sign-off

As with a traditional letter, you can conclude your cover letter with a formal sign-off. This can include well wishes and complimentary sentences about how you appreciate their consideration and hope to hear from them soon. You can finish your letter with a professional farewell, such as Kind regards or Sincerely, and your full name.

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7. Proofread your cover letter

Carefully proofreading and editing can help you ensure that your real estate cover letter is professional, neat and relevant to the role. This may help you impress hiring managers and secure an interview. The proofreading process can involve finding and revising any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes you made. If you want extra editing help, you can use digital editing applications or ask a trusted co-worker to look over your cover letter and provide feedback.

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