Resume Objective Examples for Students (With Tips)

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Published 8 November 2021

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A resume is an important part of a job application as it highlights your achievements, skills and professional experience to prospective employers. Student resumes tend to differ slightly from professional resumes due to different levels of work experience. One main example of this difference is the inclusion of an objective statement, which enables students to list their skills and passions rather than rely on work experience. In this article, we discuss how to write a resume objective for students, describe the step-by-step instructions on how to write one and suggest some helpful tips.

Resume objective examples for students by job type

Before looking at resume objective examples for students, it's first important to understand an objective for a student's resume. A resume objective for students is a short opening statement at the top of the resume that outlines your key skills and the job type you're seeking or applying for.

This statement aims to quickly summarise why you would be suitable for the advertised job position to hiring managers and recruiters. Due to this, resume objectives tend to be personalised for specific job openings to ensure that you match the skills and qualifications required. A resume objective is typically two to three sentences long, depending on relevant work experience. Both high school and university students can use objective statements on their resumes. Here are some examples of effective student resume objectives by job type:

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Clothing retail associate

Here's an example of a resume objective for student clothing retail associates:

A high school student interested in fashion seeking a retail associate position. Approachable and passionate with experience in customer service. A fast learner ready to expand my skill set.

Fast food service

Here's an example of a resume objective for student fast-food service professionals:

A motivated high school student looking for a role in fast-food service. A committed hard worker with excellent communication and mathematic skills. Excellent at customer service and management.


This example shows a resume objective for student lifeguards:

An attentive high school student with one year of lifeguard experience seeking a lifeguard role. As a certified lifeguard, I am CPR trained with strong swimming skills.


Here's an example for student waiters:

A dedicated high school student experienced waiting tables at a fast-paced restaurant, looking for employment. I am extremely outgoing with excellent written and oral communication. Eager to develop my interpersonal skills in this role.


This example shows a resume objective for student cashiers:

An experienced cashier seeking part-time employment while completing high school. Excellent mental math and money-handling skills. Alongside an enthusiastic and approachable personality, I have experience in customer service.

Hotel attendant

Here's an example for student hotel attendants:

A capable and driven high school student interested in the position of hotel attendant. With experience in customer-facing roles, I am committed to delivering the best service for hotel guests. Eager to start my career in hotel management.

Line cook

This example shows a resume objective for student line cooks:

A talented self-taught cook, currently in high school, is seeking a line cook job. I am passionate about cooking and extremely ambitious. Eager to work hard and learn from experienced chefs.

Clerical office worker

Here's an example objective for student clerical office workers:

Currently working towards completing a bachelor's degree in business, I am seeking a clerical role in a dynamic company to develop my prior experience in accounting. Skilled in organisation, data entry and mathematics, I am eager to learn in a hands-on and professional environment.

Carpenter's apprentice

This example shows a student carpenter's apprentice's objective statement:

An experienced woodworking assistant looking for an apprentice role at a carpentry firm to develop my skills. Competent in basic carpentry and professionally trained in the use of woodworking tools. Eager to work hard and available to start immediately.

Library assistant

Here's an example of a resume objective for student library assistants:

A knowledgeable English student at [your university] interested in the library assistant role. As a true bibliophile, I developed my own successful book club society, which I lead weekly. I'm trained in the Dewey Decimal System and possess excellent organisation skills.

Health care assistant

This example is for a student health care assistant:

A nursing student currently seeking work in a healthcare setting. Extensively trained in CPR with excellent communication skills. Looking for professional development in a respected and hard-working team.

Social media marketing assistant

This example resume object is for a social media marketing assistant role:

Marketing student and social media enthusiast seeking a social media marketing assistant role. Experienced in various media platforms and knowledgeable of social media marketing strategies. Excited to work hard and develop my professional skill set.


Here's an example objective for student tutors:

A high-achieving university student currently working towards a bachelor's degree in science, with the availability to tutor high school pupils. I have extensive knowledge of the chemistry, physics and biology curricula. I enjoy helping others to unlock their full learning potential using fun and encouraging methods.

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How to write an effective student resume objective

A resume objective is particularly beneficial for students as it emphasises skills over work experience. While employers understand that students do not have professional experience, they would still like to know how you can contribute to the job. The following steps can help you learn how to write an effective student resume objective:

1. Read the job posting carefully

Personalising your resume objective to the job position you're applying for may be a great way to highlight the ways that you're suitable for the role of the hiring manager. Looking closely at the job description can also ensure that you include the necessary skill set and meet the position's requirements. You can then use this information to identify the most desirable attributes and mention how you have developed or used these skills.

2. Connect your qualifications to skills

Connect these identified skills to any required qualifications necessary for the job. This can help to produce a more concise statement when it comes to writing your resume objective. Additionally, this immediately shows hiring managers how you're qualified for the role.

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3. Use action verbs

Action verbs are essential for writing persuasive statements that demonstrate your talent, skill set or professional experience. They enhance the text to show how you directly contributed to a successful situation, highlighting the importance of your input. Some effective action verbs to include that you may consider including in your resume objective statement are:

  • encouraged

  • led

  • built

  • contributed

  • managed

  • organised

  • planned

  • produced

  • formed

  • designed

  • developed

4. Write the first sentence

Generally, the first sentence in your resume objective focuses on your education and the job role that you're applying for. University students can mention the degree that they are currently working towards. If you're a high school student, use this section to state that you're still in school. It's beneficial to highlight any experience relevant to the position within this sentence.

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5. Draft the second sentence

The second sentence usually outlines how you qualify for the job role. Revisit the skills and qualifications that you have identified and write about these here. You can use a few action verbs to draft the sentence, but try not to use too many. You want the statements to flow naturally.

6. Consider whether you need the third sentence

While resume objectives are two to three sentences in length, the third sentence often becomes repetitive. If you feel as though your objective lacks depth, include the third sentence to promote your work ethic or any additional skills. If your objective is already informative and detailed, it may be best to keep this information for your resume summary instead.

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7. Read it out loud to a friend

Reading anything aloud may make it easier to find grammatical or spelling mistakes. A friend or family member may also be able to offer constructive feedback on your resume objective. You can then revise your resume objective based on their thoughts.

Tips for writing high school student objectives

Listed below are a few resume objective tips for those in high school:

  • Highlight your transferrable skills. If you don't have much professional experience, list any transferable skills you have gained from school clubs or sports teams.

  • Always mention relevant experience. Experience sets you apart from other applicants, so always include this in your resume objective.

  • Consider keeping it generic. If you're unsure what job you want, express that you're seeking a 'customer-facing role' and list your top skills.

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Tips for writing university student objectives

Listed below are some resume objective tips for those at university:

  • Mention your degree. Working towards a degree demonstrates discipline and commitment, regardless of whether the degree is relevant to the job.

  • Mention participation in societies. Include any relevant extracurricular activities that develop your skill set or highlight your passion for the industry.

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