A Guide to Using Retail Assistant Cover Letter Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 16 May 2022

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A retail assistant cover letter is an important part of the application process for jobs in this sector. It introduces the resume and conveys the qualities that can inspire confidence in a hiring manager of your suitability for the role. Reading examples of cover letters can help you write one that reflects your personality and attitude and shows your suitability as a candidate for the position. In this article, we discuss what a cover letter for a retail assistant position is, explain how examples can help you write your own, provide components and tips and share some example cover letters.

Why is it important to review retail assistant cover letter examples?

Reading retail assistant cover letter examples can give you an advantage when composing your own. A cover letter for a retail assistant position is the introduction to your resume. It has a more personal tone and provides employers insight into who you are and whether you may be suitable for the job and work well with the current team. A cover letter offers you an opportunity to include information that may not fit into the usual sections of a resume. For example, you may include a brief insight into why you're passionate about working with people in a retail position or a short example from your work history that shows your suitability for the role.

Reviewing examples may help you:

  • Learn formatting tips: A well-formatted cover letter helps the hiring manager focus on the content.

  • Match the tone of the job listing: By matching the tone of the job listing, you align with the company culture. For example, the language that retailers of high-end jewellery use would differ from that of a teen clothing brand.

  • Gain understanding: Reading examples helps you identify how to convey your skills and experiences in a way that may give you an advantage with an employer.

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Essential components of a cover letter

Cover letters follow a basic business letter format, which includes five essential components:

  • Header: Include basic contact information that makes it easier for a recruiter to follow up with you regarding the position you're applying for. It includes your full name, email address, contact number and the city or state you're currently living in.

  • Greeting: Address your cover letter to the name of the recruiter who is managing the application process. If the job listing doesn't show who the contact is, you can search the organisation's website or social media.

  • Opening paragraph: Use the opening paragraph to introduce yourself and note which position you are applying for. Briefly explain the main reasons why you're a good candidate for the position.

  • Body: Insert examples of your skills and expertise drawn from your working experiences. Aim for examples that highlight the requirements in the job listing.

  • Conclusion: Thank the recruiter for their consideration.

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Tips for writing a cover letter

Consider these tips when writing a cover letter for a retail assistant position:

Customise each letter to the job you're applying for

To customise your cover letter, address it to the person managing the application and interview process if possible. Adapting your cover letter to the individual positions you apply for can demonstrate the fine attention to detail that is important when working in retail. It shows the employer your interest in the organisation and what they offer their customers. Consider browsing their website to familiarise yourself with products and identify any unique selling points, such as free delivery or a customer loyalty program.

Proofread and make sure your letter is free from errors

An error-free cover letter can show a recruiter that you are meticulous in your work and you pay attention to details. Consider letting others check your letter, as they may pick up on errors you missed. Using online grammar checkers can help pick up on any spelling or grammar mistakes to ensure your letter is free from errors.

Maintain consistent design between cover letter and resume

A cover letter that maintains the same look as your resume can help establish a good first impression with a hiring manager. It creates a clean, easy-to-read document that allows the recruiter to focus on the content without distraction. Consistent design includes using the same font type and sizing throughout. Maintaining similar paragraph spacing in your cover letter and your resume adds to a cohesive look.

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Example cover letters for a retail assistant position

Here are two examples of cover letters for different industry sectors based on the job descriptions:

Example 1

Here is an example for a jewellery retail assistant role along with the corresponding job description so you can see how the cover letter is customised for the role:

Job description

Here's the job posting for the position:

An opportunity has opened for a well-presented and charismatic retail assistant to join our team based in San City. We are looking for a retail assistant with exceptional integrity and a passion for people. Our ideal candidate has a background in sales and a natural flair for style to guide customers' purchases. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

As a retail assistant your primary responsibilities may include:

  • serving customers as a top priority

  • cultivate customer relationships to meet personal sales and KPI targets

  • maintain visual presentation and cleanliness of the store

  • offer appropriate and accurate advice to ensure that customers purchase products relevant to their needs

To apply for this role, it is essential you have

  • more than two years of experience in a luxury retail position

  • high school diploma, a sales qualification or equivalent experience

Cover letter

Here's the example that includes relevant details from the initial posting:

Suzy Salesfundi
+61 3 9999 8888

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am writing to express my interest in the opening for a jewellery retail assistant at Jewels by Jewel. I am passionate about helping people to find their style and feel good about themselves.

I am drawn to this position for several reasons. With a proven track record of success in sales, I have had opportunities to work as an estate agent, selling upmarket housing for three years during which I won top agent in our district for two years running. Desiring to establish a more regular client base, I transitioned to the position of retail assistant at the Burgundy Seagull Boutique, where I am currently employed selling luxury woman's clothing.

I have been a loyal fan of your brand since my husband bought my engagement ring from your store four years ago. Your unique approach to jewellery design, offering old-world charm with a modern edge, is utterly exquisite. I would love the opportunity to introduce customers to your range.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to meeting with you.


Suzy Salesfundi

Example 2

Here is an example of a hardware retail assistant role with the corresponding job description:

Job description

Here's the initial job posting:

Busy hardware store looking for a knowledgeable hardware retail assistant to join our team based in Bay City. Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to build rapport with customers are essential. Our ideal candidate has a background in sales and is hard-working and target-driven.

As a retail assistant your primary responsibilities may include:

  • assisting customers as needed

  • maintaining stock levels on the shelves in your section

  • researching and recommending new hardware products to management

  • ensuring an up-to-date working knowledge of all power tools to assist customers

To apply for this role, it is essential you have

  • more than two years of experience in a hardware or construction environment

  • knowledge of building products, paint and tools is an advantage

  • high school diploma, a sales qualification or equivalent experience

Cover letter

Here's a cover letter customised for the initial job posting:

Hugh Handyman
+61 3 9123 4567

Dear Mr. Builder,

I am pleased to be applying for the position of hardware retail assistant at Esquires Hardware Store. Coming from a family of builders, I worked in construction during school holidays throughout my five years of high school. Esquires was the go-to hardware store for all our building requirements, including plumbing, joinery, paint and power tools. In many ways, Esquires feels like a second home.

I continued in construction for a further three years after school. I have received training in tools and building processes first-hand from some of the top builders in our city. During that time, I was responsible for ordering and taking stock of all supplies on-site. Due to a back injury, I could not pursue construction as a career, and it led me to hardware retail at Plumbago Plumbing supplies, where I am currently employed. The transition to retail was easy, and my natural friendliness and vast knowledge of building methods and supplies soon had customers asking for me by name.

While I enjoy my current job, the possibility of working for Esquires is an opportunity too great to pass up. I am confident that my knowledge and experience may benefit the Esquires customers. I look forward to meeting you to discuss my background and the store's requirements in greater detail.


Hugh Handyman

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