Retail Merchandiser Resume (With Example and Template)

Updated 26 November 2022

Companies and businesses operating in the retail market can typically employ professionals to create a comprehensive shopping experience for their customers. Retail merchandisers ensure products are available in the right store or website, in the right quantities and at the right price. Learning how to construct an excellent retail merchandiser resume can help you create an effective document and advance your career in the retail industry. In this article, we outline the tasks these professionals perform, explain how to construct an effective resume and provide a template and example.

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What is a retail merchandiser?

To understand how to construct a retail merchandiser resume, it can benefit you to understand what these professionals do. A merchandiser takes care of the inventory in a physical retail shop and website, ensuring all products are available, well-packaged and in their optimum condition for customer purchase. They often handle the store's display, online and offline, to visually promote products. These retail professionals also help monitor, predict and help restock inventory levels, making sure items are sufficiently prepared and ready for purchase.

Some responsibilities of a retail merchandiser include:

  • Working with vendors, suppliers and distributors to negotiate prices and plan delivery schedules

  • Analysing sales, market trends and consumer behaviour to determine product needs

  • Communicating with customers to understand their buying habits and sales drivers

  • Reviewing consumer feedback to predict sales and seasonal stock demand

  • Briefing retail staff on store display and rotation

  • Assessing the effectiveness of various product displays and store layouts regarding sales

  • Reviewing market pricing to set price margins to determine the best profit margins

  • Informing store employees on product details and promotions

  • Managing store budgets

  • Acting as a liaison between the consumer and the company

  • Defining and implementing product promotions, price changes and clear outs

  • Handling supply and production issues as they arise

  • Making store financial presentations to management

  • Supervising and training junior staff

  • Providing and informing on store growth, expansion and store closures

  • Maintaining and enforcing store standards on maintaining product demand

  • Answering questions and special requests on product features

  • Monitoring point-of-purchase and shelf management services

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How to write a retail merchandiser resume

Here are six steps you can take to create your retail merchandiser resume:

1. Choose the right format

Before starting your resume, choose a format to suit your experience level. There are three resume structures to select from, which are chronological, functional or combination. Chronological resumes are suitable for candidates experienced in the retail industry who want to showcase work experience over professional skills. Functional resumes may suit candidates with entry-level expertise, as they portray skills over experience.

If you're a new graduate or new to the role, a functional resume allows you to maximise your hard and soft skills to demonstrate that you're the right candidate for the position despite lacking experience. Candidates with both experience and skills in merchandising may prefer a combination resume, which showcases a balance of knowledge and skills to the reader.

2. Input a header

Resume headers contain your name, phone number, email address and any other contacts you have. Input this section at the top of your resume so the interviewer can find it easily. You can also include a URL in this section if you have a portfolio or website.

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3. Write a professional summary

Under the header, you can add a professional summary statement. This summary showcases any top qualifications as a retail merchandiser, like skills and certifications you've attained. You can highlight any other experience relevant to the position that you think can make you a strong candidate for the job. You can also express how you plan to achieve any specific goals related to your career while helping the business achieve its targets.

In the professional summary, your credentials may vary depending on experience in the retail industry, but an interviewer typically favours candidates with considerable work experience or qualifications. If you're relatively new to the industry, a professional summary can still provide an introduction and explain why you're interested in the position. Focusing on retail experiences attained at school or extracurricular activities emphasises the value you can bring to the business. Try matching key skills to the job. For example, if the job is for a junior-level retail merchandiser, share experience designing store layouts or negotiating with vendors at university.

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4. Add your qualifications

Special qualifications can demonstrate your expertise to an interviewer and show you have extensive knowledge of communicating with teammates and customers and an ability to manage store product inventory. You rarely need formal qualifications to work as a retail merchandiser, but candidates may complete certificates in customer service, inventory management or retail merchandising to gain practical knowledge. To include this information, you can choose to provide the title of your qualification, the date and the host organisation where you studied.

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5. Outline your skills

Inputting a skills section demonstrates you can fulfil merchandising duties. Here, you can combine a mixture of soft and hard skills. Hard skills are specific retail merchandising abilities such as knowledge of inventory tracking, understanding sales drivers or preparing budgets or supply and demand forecasts. Soft skills aren't specific to being a retail merchandiser and can be transferable across different industries. Here are some examples of retail merchandiser skills you can add to your resume:

  • Inventory management

  • Creation of effective floor displays

  • Address customer issues

  • Monitor warehouse inventory

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Management skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

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6. Highlight any education

In this section, you can highlight educational information reverse-chronologically and include the name, location, date and degree you've attained at the institution. You can also highlight any merchandising certificates gained at post-secondary institutions. Constantly updating your knowledge shows a hiring manager you're passionate about retail, which can highlight your commitment and dedication to the industry. If you're currently in education, consider listing the degree you're pursuing and the expected graduation date.

Resume template for retail merchandisers

Here's a template for you can use as a reference when applying for a role in retail merchandising:

[First Name] [Last Name], [Degree or certification if applicable]
[Phone number] | [Email address] | [City], [State]

Professional Summary

[Two to three sentences that highlight years of experience, relevant skills, education or certifications and achievements as a professional].


[Job Title] | [Employment dates]
[Company Name] | [City], [State]

  • (Strong verb) + what you did (more detail) + reason, outcome or quantified results.

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]

[Job Title] | [Employment dates]
[Company Name] | [City], [State]

  • (Strong verb) + what you did (more detail) + reason, outcome or quantified results.

  • [Job duty]

  • [Job duty]


[Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]


[Qualification], [Name of institution]


[Certification name], [Host organisation], [Year completed or expiration date]

Example resume for a retail merchandiser

Here's an example resume you can use as a reference:

Ethan Smith, Bachelor of Marketing
(07) 4232 5543 | | Townsville, QLD

Professional Summary

I'm an experienced and determined professional seeking the role of Retail Merchandiser at Holly Foods Co. I have four years of experience working as a merchandiser and am proficient in using visual aesthetics and design to arrange promotional set-ups across various establishments. Excited to begin a new career at Holli Foods Co. and contribute my creativity and passion for retail merchandising.


Retail Merchandiser | January 2020–Current
New Foods Group | Sydney, NSW

  • Update displays for product promotion and marketing objectives to ensure they appeal to customers

  • Manage functional floor layout to create equal spacing well optimised for customer foot traffic patterns

  • Rotate products from backroom stock and inventory supply onto shelves

  • Manage price mark-ups and mark-downs according to business costs and market demand

  • Closely coordinate labelling efforts to ensure price and product signage are clear for customers

Junior Merchandiser | January 2019–January 2020
Vegan Foods Inc | Sydney, NSW

  • Managed food category assortment plans and product lines

  • Coordinated new product launches, the opening of new stores and seasonal promotions

  • Managed execution of shelf display and floor exhibitions during seasonal changes, promotions and according to market trends


Team management | Inventory supply management | Problem-solving | Communication


Bachelor of Marketing, Yellow Cove University


Graduate Certificate in Visual Merchandising, Marketing Institute of Perth, 2020

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