Sales Assistant Resume Skills: Plus Duties and Examples

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 May 2022

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Your ability to include relevant skills and experiences on your sales assistant resume can portray you as a valuable asset to a company. It's important to tailor your resume to show your competence as the ideal candidate to captivate the attention of hiring managers. If you're pursuing a career in the retail industry, ensure your resume is competitive by highlighting your unique skills and experience. In this article, we explain what a sales assistant is, list examples of a sales assistant's resume skills, describe the responsibilities and share how to write a resume for the role of a sales assistant.

What are sales assistant resume skills?

Sales assistant resume skills are the abilities described on the resume of a retail sales professional. A sales assistant educates customers on the company's current inventory, helps customers make informed decisions about a product or service and prioritises customer satisfaction by engaging in excellent sales service. They also ensure that the organisation maintains a standard visual that helps build customers' trust in what the company represents.

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Examples of sales assistant resume skills

Here are some skills your sales assistant resume can contain:

Communication skills

Highlighting communication skills on your resume lets your hiring manager know you're an effective communicator; they want to know your approach to handling challenges. Communication as a sales assistant can be verbal or in writing. You're concerned with welcoming customers, engaging them in conversation to understand their needs and listening to their complaints. As an excellent communicator, you can easily handle challenges and offer solutions. You can also show your expertise in communication when relating with colleagues, management and other employees.

Teamwork skills

Highlighting teamwork on your resume can be a defining factor when applying for the role of a sales assistant. Sometimes, as a sales assistant, you may require the collective effort of the team to attain the company's overall success. Therefore, it's important to utilise every human resource as a sales assistant to accomplish goals and reach company targets. Your ability to engage your team to achieve results despite personality differences can be a distinguishing skill on your resume.

Product knowledge

Every company seeks to hire employees that are well acquainted with the company's services or know what they entail. A good way of keeping the hiring manager intrigued is by including your willingness to learn about the products and services rendered by the company. As a sales assistant, your ability to understand what the company represents and the products and services they offer can help you make informed decisions. With this skill you can effectively attend to the needs of customers, give answers to questions and build customers' trust.

Customer service skills

Ideally, your sales assistant resume can contain your customer service skills. Customer service is a vital tool in promoting a healthy relationship between customers and an organisation. A sales assistant is skilful when it pertains to managing customers' challenges. For example, answering questions about a particular product, the location of an item in a store or any other activities that concern the customers. Consider customer service skills as a strategy or key to fostering attainable company growth.

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Attention to detail

Your resume as a sales assistant can reference your keen attention to detail. Paying attention to details is an important skill for the role of a sales assistant because you're entrusted with handling the daily transactions of the company. You work alongside the cashier to ensure that there are no errors in handling the organisation's finances. Being attentive to details also helps you identify when a product or service is thriving or not.

Basic computer skills

A skill you can highlight on your resume as a sales assistant is your basic knowledge of computer operation. While there may be various requirements for the role of a sales assistant, you're also required to have basic knowledge of operating a computer and software. This way, you can be more accurate with data entry or figures. It can also help you work efficiently while keeping tabs on new developments that may occur.

Time management skills

Time management is an essential skill for sales assistants. Your hiring manager wants to know how efficient you are when working under pressure, therefore you can highlight your time management skills on your resume. Being a sales assistant means being able to multitask to meet the several needs of different customers, especially within a time frame. Sometimes there may be an influx of customers needing a product or service and having strong time management skills can help you meet demands while providing efficient services. This can also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with tasks.

Numeracy skills

While having basic computer skills can be a defining factor for the role of a sales assistant, including numeracy skills can give you a greater advantage. This is your ability to understand and work with numbers or figures. Your ability to work with numbers in combination with basic computer skills can facilitate growth, efficiency and speed. Sometimes, there may be a challenge with the computer software and you may be required to calculate prices manually and perform various transactions while keeping up with demands.

Organisation skills

A sales assistant who possesses organisational skills can perform tasks dutifully. This means you have the expertise in maintaining the company's inventory, organising meetings and documenting records accurately. With good organisation, you're able to keep track of customers' preferences, engage team members to work and monitor the company's improvement. Consider adding organisational skills to your resume to let the hiring manager know you can manage tasks, customers and team members effectively.

Problem-solving skills

You can integrate problem-solving skills onto your resume as a sales assistant. Your problem-solving skills help you identify problems and offer practical ways to ease such challenges. For instance, you can help customers understand why there was an increase in prices or other related challenges that may occur. You may also come up with innovative ideas that offer a variety of options to help solve the needs of customers and employees.

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How to write a sales assistant resume

Here are some guidelines to help you write a resume for the role of a sales assistant:

1. Include your contact information

For a start, your introduction can include your personal information, like your full name, email, phone number and address. You can consider tailoring this section to suit you. Likewise, you can decide to increase the font size for your name and keep the remaining information on a single line.

2. Develop an engaging summary

Your summary is a brief paragraph that contains further information about you. In this section, you can describe yourself, your skills and your abilities. You can also highlight your experiences in the field and some of your interests. You can consider including your awards or recognitions if you have any in this section. Remember to mention the specific job title you're interested in.

3. Focus on your experience

This section can be the highlight of your resume, so try to include information an employer may find most interesting. You can list your previous roles, the company's names, dates of employment and the positions held. It's important to give specific dates for each position. If you're unsure of the exact dates of each appointment, try to give at least three from the recent list. Be sure to mention your primary duties and accomplishments.

4. Highlight specific skills

Your skills section is also another section that hiring managers look out for on your resume. These can come before or after the experience section. Skill sets can also refer to your unique strengths. Highlight these skills, such as organisational skills, time management skills, communication skills, basic computer skills, numeracy skills and customer service skills. You can be more practicable and explain how these skills can be beneficial in your work practice.

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5. Quantify your retail accomplishments

Include quantifiable data on your resume by stating transitions specific to, or type of monitoring used in your previous jobs. Consider using industry terminology to show your in-depth knowledge of how to manage money, make sales, invest and make returns. You can even give examples of tactics you employed to make new sales for your previous company.

For instance, you can state how you scaled up your former company's revenue by 30% by assisting at least 20 customers per day. Or you can include your ability to complete stock function by 10% by implementing new sales tactics. Depending on your word count, you can add the awards or recognition you received and what you've learnt.

6. Provide your education qualifications

Also, you can list the degrees and certifications you've earned, beginning with the most recent. You can also include the names of schools and dates of graduation. If you choose, you can list awards and recognition earned during your courses.

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