How to Write a Salon Assistant Resume (With Example)

Updated 30 March 2023

Writing an effective resume can be your first step to securing a job in the cosmetology field as a salon assistant. In this role, you'd help hairstylists, colourists and cosmetologists with tasks such as maintaining the salon and taking care of clients. Knowing what it takes to write an effective resume can increase your chances of becoming a salon assistant. In this article, we discuss what a salon assistant is, show you how to write a salon assistant resume and offer a template you can fill in and provide an example that you can use as inspiration.

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What is a salon assistant?

A salon assistant helps hairstylists take care of their clients and the salon. On a daily basis, they may give clients head massages, wash their hair or mix hair dye. It's also common for assistants to greet clients and handle product orders for the salon. Depending on the specific role, some assistants are only responsible for working with clients, others may also perform some clerical duties, such as handling appointment booking. Working as a salon assistant typically leads to advancing to a stylist or salon manager position.

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How to write a salon assistant resume

It's important that you write a detailed salon assistant resume that describes your experience and professional skills if you're interested in working in this field. Here are some key steps to take to demonstrate your knowledge of the beauty and hair industry on a resume:

1. Review the job posting

Before writing your resume, spend some time analysing the job posting. It's important that you review the role's responsibilities and make sure you have the qualities for which the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Duties in this role may vary depending on the workplace. Determining if there are some additional skills you can develop may help you increase your chances of getting a job offer.

When analysing the job description, pay attention to any unique keywords or industry phrases that the employer used to describe the role's requirements. For example, many employers mention specific hair cutting techniques that their ideal candidate would be familiar with. Using the same keywords on your resume increases your chances of advancing to the next stage in recruitment, as it makes it easier for applicant tracking systems (ATS) to notice your application. An ATS condenses the number of applications an employer receives by scanning for certain words that imply a candidate fits with the role's requirements.

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2. Consider using a resume template

When you already know which industry keywords and skills you want to mention on your resume, it's time to start creating the document. Using a resume template is a time-efficient way to make sure you include all important information on the page. A template also helps you make your resume look organised and attractive. A good template typically features just the right amount of white space and uses highly readable fonts.

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3. Include your contact details

After choosing a nice-looking template, start inputting information. The first thing you'd include at the top of the page are your contact details. This includes your first and last name, phone number, email address and location. Most commonly, employers only expect that you provide your city and area. Listing your detailed home address with street address and apartment number is rarely necessary. Before moving to the next section, double-check your contact information to make sure a hiring manager can contact you if they find your resume impressive.

4. Write a professional summary

Using at least a few keywords you found in the job description, write your professional summary. A summary is a brief description of your career and goals, which serves to get the hiring manager's attention and show them why you're the right candidate for the job. A strong professional summary usually consists of up to three sentences that focus on your soft skills, experience and any certifications or qualifications that you have. Here's an example professional summary that can inspire you to create your own:

Example: Detail-oriented, licensed hair stylist seeking salon assistant position where I can provide top-notch customer service to salon clients.

5. Provide your work experience

One of the most important sections on your resume is your professional experience. To provide the hiring manager with valuable information about your work history, list any previous jobs you had. Start with listing your job title, the company's name and the dates of employment. Then, use bullet points to list some of the most important responsibilities you had. If possible, make sure to mention duties that directly relate to the job you want to apply to. You can also use action verbs to illustrate what you've accomplished at work.


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6. List your key skills

Next, concentrate on the section that lists your key skills as a professional. Because as a salon assistant you'd work with clients, hair stylists and other salon employees, it's necessary to show the hiring manager that you have the soft skills that can help you work well with others. If you have any notable hard skills, such as knowledge of specific hairstyling techniques or client management software, list them in a separate line.

7. Mention your education

If you have cosmetology or beauty school experience, listing it on your resume increases your chances of getting the job. It also shows the hiring manager you're passionate about the industry and have spent a significant amount of time learning about it. If you're wondering what educational requirements employers have for salon assistants, they typically expect you to have at least a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE).

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8. Describe your licences, awards and certifications

Lastly, dedicate the last section of your resume to mention any licences, awards and additional professional certifications that you have. As an aspiring salon assistant or stylist, it's important that you invest in educating yourself and improving your credentials. For example, you can regularly attend specialised courses that teach you about new styling and colouring techniques. Completing a customer service course can also be an advantage.

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Salon assistant resume template

When selecting a template that you want to use to create your resume, it's important to choose one that has the right formatting and helps you present your experience in an easy-to-understand and organised way. Here's a simple template that you can use to make sure you include all relevant information on your resume:

[First name] [Last name]
[Phone number] | [Email address] | [Location]

Professional Summary

[A brief description of your career, goals and accomplishments in the field.]

Work Experience

[Job title]
[Company], [Location]
[Start and end of employment]
[Bullet points that describe your key responsibilities in the role]


Hard skills: [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]
Soft skills: [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]
Languages: [Skill] | [Skill] | [Skill]


[Name of institution], [Location]
[Graduation year]

Certifications and awards

  • [Certification or award name], [Year]

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Example salon assistant resume

Reviewing examples of good resumes helps you develop an effective professional document that gets the hiring manager's attention. Here's an example resume to which you can refer when applying for salon assistant positions:

James Smith +61 0455 987 789 | | Sydney

Professional Summary

Certified hair stylist with over two years of professional experience in styling and colouring. Seeking a salon assistant position with Sylvie Salon to use my organisation, customer service skills and knowledge of freehand hair cutting techniques.

Work Experience

Receptionist and colouring associate
Care for Hair, Sydney
August 2020–Current

  • Answering phone calls and booking client appointments

  • Advising clients on the best care products for their hair type

  • Supporting hair colourists by preparing their workstations

  • Handling deliveries and order from suppliers

  • Selling hair products to clients.


Hard skills: Freehand hair cutting | Knowledge of client management software | Working knowledge of sales techniques.
Soft skills: Creativity | Time management | Collaboration
Languages: Spanish | Italian.


Professional Certificate, Hair Styling and Colouring
Butterfly Beauty School, Sydney
July 2020

Certifications and awards

  • Best Freehand Cutting Award, 2022

  • Licensed Colourist Certification, 2020.

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