How to Write a Senior Accountant Resume in 8 Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 June 2022

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Senior accountants maintain financial records and prepare financial reports for an organisation. Those seeking a role in this field can develop a strong resume that reflects their financial and organisational abilities. If you're looking for a job like this, consider reviewing a resume sample to guide you. In this article, we discuss key elements to include on a senior accountant resume, offer steps for how to write one and provide a template and example to aid you in the process.

What to include on a senior accountant resume

Here are some key elements to include on a senior accountant resume:

  • name and contact information

  • professional summary

  • work experience

  • relevant skills

  • educational background

  • certifications, licenses and awards

How to write a senior accountant resume

Here are eight steps for developing your resume:

1. Study the job description

Read the job description carefully to learn the exact qualities the employer is seeking in a candidate. Note keywords the employer uses to describe the ideal candidate. After finding keywords and specifications, integrate these into your resume. This way, you can show that you're a perfect match for the position. You can also prove you meet basic requirements for consideration.

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2. Create a header

Create a header that includes your full name. Consider using a bold font to distinguish your name from the rest of your resume content. This ensures the employer can identify and track your application documents easily. Under your header, include your professional email and phone number. This allows the recipient to contact you if they want to set up an interview or ask questions about your application.

3. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is an introduction at the top of your resume. These two or three sentences communicate your most relevant professional qualifications. You may also discuss your years of experience and professional goals here. Use this brief summary to highlight your most compelling accomplishments in the accounting field. As senior accountants are often responsible for leading junior professionals and coordinating teams or departments, you can also emphasise your leadership skills.

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4. Describe your work experience

Possessing work experience conveys your ability to work effectively with others, follow directions from a supervisor and use your skills to contribute value to an organisation. List your experiences in reverse-chronological order, with the current or most recent occupation at the top. Add the job title, organisation name, dates and location for each entry. Then, list your duties and professional accomplishments. Try to describe how you used your skills to achieve lasting, positive results. If you can, use measurements, percentages, statistics or other numbers to quantify your achievements.

5. List your most relevant skills

Skills are one of the most important parts of your resume, as they demonstrate your professional talents and knowledge. While you can mention your skills throughout your resume, having a skills section is a good way to be clear about which specific technical and interpersonal abilities you have. For example, if the employer is seeking candidates with proficiency in particular accounting software and you have this proficiency, mention that in your skills section. Here are some examples of abilities you might feature on your resume:

  • Computer skills: Senior accountants use computers to gather, analyse and store data and communicate with colleagues and clients. It's essential to navigate various computer platforms efficiently.

  • Communication: Those in this role are responsible for providing information and recommendations to business executives in a clear way. They also communicate with clients to gauge accounting needs and establish goals.

  • Leadership: Senior accountants are often in charge of guiding and training junior finance professionals. It's beneficial when they know how to inspire and lead others.

  • Business acumen: Senior accountants review business finances and find ways to reduce costs. They may also make suggestions on ways to invest and generate revenue.

  • Financial reporting: These professionals track, analyse and report business income, expenditure and other data to comply with regulations. They also use it to assess the fiscal conditions of a business.

6. Reference your education

Employers hiring for senior accountants are typically looking for candidates with at least a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business or a related field. Mention your educational background to prove you fit what the employer requires. Outline the type and name of your degree, the educational institution and the year you graduated if it was fewer than five years ago. Even if you didn't study a field related to accounting, a formal education still shows your ability to learn and develop skills in a classroom environment. In these circumstances, you can emphasise your practical or transferable skills and work experience.

7. Highlight any certifications you have

Many accountants seek to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Earning a credential like this can prove your expertise in the field and increase your earning potential. By earning this and other certifications, you may also get the chance to meet others in the field and build your professional network. Make sure to add any certifications you possess to your resume. Outline the name of the qualification and the year you earned or renewed it. These attributes show you've participated in industry training or passed a certain exam.

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8. Proofread your resume thoroughly

Proofread your resume carefully to catch and eliminate any errors in spelling, grammar or syntax. Ensure your language is professional and consistent. It's also a good idea to confirm that your resume has a clear, logical flow of ideas. For example, the first bullet point for each job in your work experience section could be the most relevant and important aspect of that job, as this might be the first one a reader sees. You can also give your resume to a mentor, trusted colleague, friend or family member to read over. They can provide feedback on its quality.

Resume template for senior accountants

Here's a template that may aid you in determining the structure of your own resume:

[Full Name]
[Phone number] | [Professional email address] | [City, State] | [Professional website]

Professional Summary

[Brief summary that mentions your core competencies, work experience and career achievements.]

Work Experience

[Job title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Job title], [Start date–End date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

  • [Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]


[Degree earned]
[Institution name], [Graduation year]


  • [Certification Name], [Host organisation], [Year completed or expiration date]

  • [Certification Name], [Host organisation], [Year completed or expiration date]

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Resume example for senior accountants

Explore this example of a resume for a senior accountant:

Hanif Abadi 0132-987-650 | | Sydney, NSW |

Professional Summary

Dedicated accountant with over 12 years of experience in financial record-keeping, reporting and consultation. Seeking to contribute my expertise in risk management and problem solving to reduce costs and protect business interests as a Senior Accountant at Fringle and Halt.

Work Experience
Accountant, Jan. 2019–Current Amelia-Brown, Sydney, NSW

  • prepare journal entries, monthly, quarterly and yearly statements, general ledger reconciliation and various internal reporting processes

  • developed and implemented 15 new accounting policies to ensure compliance across the organisation

  • review schedules for reporting and engaged with external auditors to assist with regular reviews and audits

  • trained three junior accountants in company processes and policies

  • gather, organise and analyse large amounts of financial data to draw actionable conclusions and make recommendations to business executives

Payroll accountant, February 2013–December 2018
Frog Staffing, Sydney, NSW

  • calculated earnings, withholdings, deductions and other payroll information to provide accurate compensation for services rendered

  • checked the accuracy of completed forms to ensure deductions were transferred to the right agencies and companies

  • reconciled expenditures for payroll and benefits and conducted financial reporting

Bookkeeper, January 2010–January 2013
Lorna and Associates, Sydney, NSW

  • assisted with the financial needs of the firm in areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and maintenance of the general ledger

  • managed corporate transactions, maintained facilities and completed other administrative tasks to keep the office operational

  • assisted in generating reports and financial statements to comply with national, local and international financial guidelines


Payroll | Assurance | Attention to detail | Xero accounting software


Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Sword University, 2009


  • Certified Public Accountant, CPA Australia, 2022

  • Certificate in Payroll Administration, Australian Investment and Finance Institute, 2022

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