How to Write a Sonographer Resume (Including Template)

Updated 26 June 2023

A sonographer, also known as an ultrasound technician, creates visual images of tissues, organs and blood flow inside the human body with the use of specialised equipment. When applying for a role as a sonographer, it's a great idea to submit your application with a strong resume to show what skills and experience you can bring to the role. Knowing how to write a persuasive resume and what to include can be helpful when applying for jobs. In this article, we discuss how to write a sonographer resume, list some relevant skills to include, show you a few tips to consider and provide a template and example to help you.

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Steps to writing a successful sonographer resume

Below, you can find the general steps to creating a successful sonographer resume:

1. Include your education

To become a sonographer, you usually require an undergraduate degree in medical sonography or a similar field, such as medical imaging. Including your qualifications on your resume can be useful to show the hiring manager you possess the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the role. The education section of your resume usually includes information that details your qualification and where and when you obtained it.

2. Share your ASAR member details

To apply for a job as an ultrasound technician, there's usually a requirement for you to register with the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR). Doing this shows that you hold the relevant qualifications and you have a commitment to continuing your professional development as a sonographer. You can include your member number on your resume as a reference for the recruiter to check your registration via the ASAR website.

3. Add any relevant work experience

If you have previous work experience as a sonographer, it can be essential to include a section about this in your resume. Doing this can highlight to the recruiter how much experience you have and the type of responsibilities you can undertake confidently. This section of your resume usually includes the names of the hiring companies, the positions you held, the duration of your employment and your typical responsibilities within each role.


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4. Include two referees

Your resume is an opportunity for you to sell yourself to the reader and highlight the experience and skills that you can bring to the role. Providing the recruiter with referees to contact is a great way for them to have a third party to validate your experience and skills, offering them confidence in their hiring decision. It's a good idea to provide two referees. It can be best if these referees are current or recent employers so they can vouch for your recent achievements.


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Skills to include in a sonographer's resume

There are many skills that sonographers may possess that allow them to undertake their roles successfully. The skills below are examples ‌you can consider including on your resume for a sonography position:

Interpersonal skills

Sonographers may deal with patients who are in distress or suffering from pain. Having strong interpersonal skills can help them deal with these patients effectively, helping them stay calm and showing an understanding of their situation. It's important for sonographers to build trust with their patients to make them feel safe and comfortable.

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Communication skills

Working with patients and other medical departments means sonographers are likely to spend a lot of time talking to people during their working day. Strong communication skills can help those in this role answer patient questions and can also allow for open communication with other medical departments. Communication skills can help with explaining technical medical imaging procedures to patients so they can understand easily.

Physical ability

While conducting medical imaging, sonographers often assist patients and manoeuvre them into positions to get quality images. Sonographers also spend a lot of their time on their feet. Because of this, maintaining health, physical strength, endurance and general well-being can be important to ensure they can cope with this type of work.

Attention to detail

Sonographers capture images of tissues and other internal organs. Having great attention to detail is beneficial to ensure they capture the images accurately and can assess them precisely. This skill also helps ensure that the imaging they send to the physicians is easily interpretable.

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Tips for writing a great sonography resume

You can consider the tips below when writing your resume:

Use a resume template

It may be helpful to use an online template to help you organise your resume. Resume templates can assist you with formatting and knowing what to include where. They generally offer plenty of examples of other sonographer resumes that may inspire you. It's a good idea to search online to find the most suitable resume template for your use. You may even find new ideas of things to include on your resume by referencing multiple template options.

Proofread your document

Once you complete writing your resume, it's beneficial to proofread it before you send it to the recruiter. Proofreading can be an effective way to identify spelling or grammatical errors in your document. You can ask a trusted family member or friend to proofread your resume for you. They may look at the document with fresh eyes and identify errors or potential improvements more easily. Be sure to allocate enough time for proofreading before the job application closes.

List your experience in reverse chronological order

There are many ways you can arrange the information in your work experience section. One of the best ways is to list your positions, starting with the most recent one first. Doing this can give the recruiter an insight into your current work experience without having to read your entire resume. It also provides the recruiter with a quick reference to see who your current employer is.

Include keywords

Some recruiters use software to scan documents for keywords when looking through job applications. This usually helps them choose the resumes worth reading when they receive a high volume of applications. Using keywords throughout your resume, including sonographer terminology, can be a great way for your resume to stand out, ensuring the hiring manager notices it and reads it. You can usually list keywords skills in your relevant skills section.

Resume template for a sonographer

The following sonographer's resume example comprising formatting and heading suggestions can help you write your own:

[Your full name]
[Home address]
[Email address]
[Contact number]

ASAR member details
[Member number]

Summary Statement
[This paragraph usually briefly explains your career history, your qualifications and any achievements throughout your career. It's a good idea to keep this section limited to two or three sentences to keep the reader engaged.]

Work experience
[Position title]
[Date of employment]

  • [responsibilities]

  • [responsibilities]

[Position title]
[Dates of employment]

  • [responsibilities]

  • [responsibilities]

[Qualification name]
[Name of the educational institution], [date]


  • [skill]

  • [skill]

  • [skill]

Example of a sonographer's resume

Below is a detailed example of a sonographer's resume. This can show you the type of information recruiters may look for when hiring a new employee:

James Hunt
23 Cook Close
Sorrento, SA, 3589
+61 3 9888 8888

Registration details
ASAR Member number: 29484

Summary statement I'm a highly skilled ultrasound technician, with experience in cardiovascular and obstetric imaging. My work experience dates back to 2015 when I secured my first ultrasound technician role with DRA Medical Imaging. Since then I have moved into a more senior position, completing medical imaging for The King Charles Hospital for Women. I pride myself on my broad range of ultrasound skills and my strong attention to detail.

Relevant work experience The King Charles Hospital for Women
Senior Ultrasound Technician
October 2021-present

  • Conducting medical imaging for obstetric patients

  • Mentoring and teaching medical trainees to operate ultrasound equipment

  • Reporting abnormal sonographic anatomy to physicians

  • Meeting with senior physicians to discuss ultrasound results

  • Conducting gynaecological ultrasound exams

Fields Aged Care Home
Physical Therapist
January 2021-September 2015

  • Assisting radiologist with preparation for X-rays

  • Adhering to patient confidentiality policies

  • Performed ultrasound exams

  • Monitoring patients to ensure their safety and comfort during medical imaging process


Bachelor of Medical Sonography
South Coast University, 2014

Master of Physical Therapy
York University, 2016


  • Written and verbal communication

  • Interpersonal

  • Critical thinking

  • Attention to detail

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