How to Write a Resume Using a University Student Resume Template

Updated 27 April 2023

University resumes are unlike many professional resumes because recruiters are less interested in the length of your work history but rather in how you're investing in your personal growth. It's essential to structure your university resume to highlight your time and effort preparing for your career. If you're applying for university, either at the undergraduate or graduate levels, the admissions officer may ask you to submit a professional resume as part of your application. In this article, we discuss the definition of a university resume, provide a guide on how to write one and include a template and example.

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What's a university student resume template?

A university student resume template helps you write a professional document that structures your academic qualifications, formal work experience and skills. It's an important formality in the hiring process that shows your respect for professional conventions.

While you may not have much work experience to share, you can still use a university resume to communicate your career aspirations. Mentioning minor roles, such as summer jobs or part-time positions, reveals a lot about your work ethic. At this stage in your career, recruiters don't expect to see a lengthy employment history. Instead, they want to learn about your character. This tells them whether they can invest in your growth as a professional.

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University student resume template

A template is a useful tool to help structure your university resume. It acts as a checklist to ensure you include all the important details. Here's a university student resume template:

[Full Name]
[Phone number] | [Professional email address] | [City, State] | [Professional website]

Professional Summary

[Brief summary that mentions your core competencies, work experience and career achievements]


[Degree earned]
[Institution name], [Expected year of graduation]


  • [Certification Name], [Host organisation], [Year completed or expiration date]

  • [Certification Name], [Host organisation], [Year completed or expiration date]


[Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill] | [Relevant skill]

Work Experience

[Job Title], [start date-end date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

[Job Title], [start date-end date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

[Job Title], [start date-end date]
[Company Name], [Location]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

  • [Strong verb] [job duty] [impact]

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How to write a university resume

The structure of a university resume differs from most professional resumes, as your purpose is to impress recruiters with your skills and potential. Here are the key sections to consider when writing your university resume:

1. Write your contact information

The header of your resume contains your full name, followed by your contact details. Include your residential address, personal phone number and email address so that a recruiter can easily get in touch with you with their questions. If you have any relevant coursework examples, share a link to your online portfolio to illustrate the skills you could bring to the role.

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2. Create a personal summary

A personal summary comprises one to two sentences to describe your most valuable qualities. As a student with a limited amount of experience, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your passion for your chosen career path. Share your career aspirations to highlight your commitment to your future career. Since this is the first section most recruiters may look at, make sure your content is concise and thought-provoking. Compose your personal statement to compel the recruiter to read your resume from start to finish.

3. Detail your educational background

As a university student, recruiters may look at your educational background to assess how you might perform in a dynamic environment. That's why it's important to list your academic achievements, scholarships and any interesting research projects you're working towards. Try to quantify your accomplishments using your grades or other accolades to position yourself as a capable professional. If you're a high-achieving candidate, you may even benefit from stating your ATAR score.

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4. Include any relevant certifications

Certifications are always useful to include on a resume, as they show a level of expertise in a particular subject. For university resumes, any certifications related to the field you wish to study may help qualify you for the program. For example, if you're interested in attending a trade school for construction, listing a forklift certification is helpful to show your experience in the industry.

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5. Describe your work experience

In your work history, list your previous roles, with the most recent at the top. Include details about the company name, length of employment and your key responsibilities. Most professionals tailor their work experience to the job they're applying for. As a student, it's best to include your entire work history, regardless of its relevance to the role. Remember, your goal is to illustrate your work ethic to recruiters.

Apart from work experience, there are several other kinds of experience you can list in this section, including:

  • internships

  • summer jobs

  • part-time jobs

  • volunteer work

  • freelance work

  • exchange programs.

6. List your key skills

In this section, list any technical skills and soft skills relevant to your prospective employer or institution. Technical skills include any computer software you're competent in using and the languages you can speak. Soft skills describe your strengths, such as communication, time management and problem solving. Provide some context to your skills to help recruiters understand your level of proficiency.

University resume example

The following is an example resume for a university student applying to graduate school. You can use this to help you create your own resume:

Tom Wickens 0455-666-777 | | Sydney|

Professional Summary

Current undergraduate student studying psychology with several years of professional experience in first-aid, customer service and food service. EMT and CPR certified.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Western Heartstrings University, expected May 2023.


  • CPR Certification, 2020

  • EMT Certification, 2021.

Work Experience

Lifeguard, March 2021-December 2021
Western Heartstrings Community Pool, Sydney, Australia

  • Monitored the safety of the pool from the lifeguard stand

  • Wrote first-aid handouts for patrons

  • Managed the swim class schedule

  • Handled emergency situations using CPR and EMT training

  • Deferred to emergency medical services when needed.

Customer Service Representative, December 2020-March 2021
Western Heartstrings Bookstore, Sydney, Australia

  • Used computer software to find books for customers and order them from vendors

  • Provided customer service to assist in locating and purchasing requested materials

  • Advised patrons on selection of titles and genres.

Seasonal Restaurant Waiter, November 2018-March 2019
Western Heartstrings Restaurant, Sydney, Australia

  • Served food and drinks to patrons, including noting special instructions during peak times during the seasonal period

  • Orchestrated a smooth operation between the kitchen and servers

  • Greeted customers to seat them, answer questions and obtain orders.

Waste Management Recycling Intern, March 2017-June 2018
Western Heartstrings Construction, Sydney, Australia

  • Partnered with multiple other companies to ensure that all construction sites were in compliance with waste management's waste disposal policy

  • Compiled reports for daily and scheduled visits

  • Attended meetings on recycling policies, procedures and costing strategies.

Sales Representative, unpaid work experience, May 2015-March 2017
Western Heartstrings Insurance Company, Sydney, Australia

  • Observed qualified insurance salespeople conduct calls with existing and new leads to discuss insurance plans

  • Helped scheduled meetings with the sales manager to close sales and complete contracts

  • Completed administrative duties like organising invoices.


First-aid medical care, verbal communication, customer service, problem-solving, writing, advanced mathematics.

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