Writing a New Employee Introduction Email (With Examples)

Updated 26 May 2023

Employee introduction emails can be a great way to welcome new employees into your team. Introducing the new team member can provide information to your current team which can help them relate to the new employee and create a positive work environment. If you're a manager or team leader, learning how to write employee introduction emails can help you ensure a smooth transition for new employees that join your team. In this article, we provide some examples of a new employee introduction email and provide tips for writing one.

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The importance of a new employee introduction email

The purpose of a new employee introduction email is to inform your current team members about a new team member's starting date, their achievements, qualifications and hobbies. By sending this email, you can allow your team to create an environment that helps the new employee transition effectively into their new role. Informing your team about their new colleague's interests can be a great way of providing them with topics of conversation that may help the new employee feel comfortable.

If you're hiring a new employee to fill a managerial role, it's often important to inform your team about the change in leadership. Sending a formal introduction email to the team can ensure they're aware of the new manager's responsibilities. Notifying your employees of a change in leadership can also help ensure a smooth change of management.

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4 tips for writing an introduction email for a new employee

Below you can find some helpful tips for writing an employee introduction email:

1. Consult the new employee before writing

Before you write an introduction email for a new employee, you may consider asking them if there is any information that they wish to inform the team of. For example, an employee who has a medical condition may wish to express this knowledge, so the team is aware. It's important to only include personal details that the new employee has shared with you or the recruitment team.

2. Keep it short and clear

An employee introduction email doesn't require pages of information. One page is usually enough to inform your current employees about their newest team members. To ensure the purpose of the email is clear to your employees, you may include a short and informative subject line. An example of a subject line could be Please welcome our newest marketing manager.

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3. Include recent achievements

If a new employee has extensive qualifications and work experience, you may include the most recent or most relevant examples in the email. This can help keep it short but also provide valuable information to your employees. If you're employing a new electrician for your trade service company, for example, you may focus the email on their electrician certificates and qualifications.

4. Encourage a positive welcome

One of the main purposes of introducing a new employee via email is to help your current employees make the new team member feel comfortable in their new work environment. You can consider including a sentence in your introduction email, usually at the beginning or end, that asks your employees to offer their support. If the new employee has minimal experience in their position, it can often help them feel more confident if their colleagues can openly show them support and provide mentorship.

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Employee introduction email template

Below you can find a template you may use to guide you when writing an employee introduction email:

[Greet the recipients of this email]

I am pleased to introduce [employee's full name], who is joining us at [company's name] as a [job title of the new employee]. [Employee's first name] has a [list qualifications] with [list years of experience in the industry]. I believe [employee's first name] will be a valuable asset to our team.

[Employee's first name] enjoys [list employee's hobbies and passions]. Their first day at [company's name] is [list the date of their first day]. Please feel free to introduce yourself to [employee's first name] and make them feel welcome in our team.

[employee's picture, if applicable]

Kind regards,
[Your full name]
[Your department]

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Employee introduction email examples

The content of an employee introduction email can often vary depending on the new employee. For example, if you're hiring a new employee with no qualifications or work experience, you might focus your introduction email on their interests and skills. Below you can find examples of employee introduction emails for different professionals with varying levels of qualification and experience:

New construction supervisor

Here is an example of an introduction email for a construction supervisor with extensive work experience and qualifications:

Greetings everyone,

I am writing to welcome Allan Greg, who will be joining our team at West Construction as our new site supervisor. Allan has been working in the construction industry for over 20 years, and I believe he can provide invaluable knowledge to our team. Allan has a Bachelor's Degree in Project Management, along with a Builders Registration and Diploma in Construction and Building.

Allan enjoys holidays with his family and is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast. His start date is Monday, February 12th. We are having a site induction in the morning where we will introduce Allan to the team. Please feel free to say hello and give Allan a warm welcome.

Kind regards,
Geneva Riley
Human Resources

New office administrator

Here is an example of an introduction email for an office administrator in an entry-level position:

Hello team,

I am pleased to announce the arrival of our newest administrator, Evelyn Nunez. Evelyn has a Certificate in Business Administration, and I believe she will make an excellent addition to our team here at Eastman Co. This is Evelyn's first time in an administrative position. Please feel free to offer support and make Evelyn feel comfortable in her new role.

Evelyn loves the ocean and is passionate about surfing. She is joining our administration team on January 17th. Everyone is welcome to stop by the office in the morning and say hello.

Kind regards,
Archer Tenz
Human Resources

New apprentice carpenter

Here you can find an example introduction email for an apprentice carpenter:

Hello everyone,

I am happy to inform you all that Karina Huynh is joining our carpentry team here at Homes Building Group. Karina has just finished a traineeship in carpentry and is joining our team as an apprentice. Karina has a great work ethic, and I believe they will be an excellent addition to our team.

Karina is a passionate mountain biker and enjoys long road trips. Their start date is March 20th. If you're on-site, please feel free to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.

Kind regards,
Meghan Serrano
Human Resources

New graphic designer

The following example email is an introduction for a graphic designer with a qualification and work experience:

Greetings everyone,

I am excited to inform you that we have a new graphic designer, Waylon Singh, joining our team here at Exo Design. Waylon has a Bachelor in Graphic Design and has been working on his own projects for several years as a freelancer. Waylon is eager to join Exo Design and start working together as part of a team. From examples of his work, I believe Waylon has incredible talent, and we can definitely benefit from his input.

Waylon's first day in the office is February 15th. Please feel free to introduce yourself. Let's make sure we give him a great welcome to our small team.

Kind regards,
Rhonda Henry
Project Manager

New financial analyst

Below is an example introduction email for a financial analyst joining a large financial corporation:

To all team members at Gen Finance,

I am happy to announce the arrival of our new accounts manager, Irwin Richards. Irwin has extensive knowledge of the financial industry through years of experience at previous financial groups. Irwin has also completed a Master's Degree in Strategic Financial Analysis. With his skills and experience, I believe he is the perfect addition to our team of analysts.

Irwin is passionate about kite-surfing, and you can find him at the beach on most weekends. His first day in the office is January 20th. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to Irwin.

Kind regards
Otha Nolan
Human resources

New retail employee

Here is an example introduction email for a retail employee who has just finished high school and has no work experience:

Greetings everyone at Hill Retail,

I am pleased to share with you all that Tonie Woods is joining our store in Southfield Centre as a retail assistant. Tonie just finished year 12 at Hedmond High School and is eager to gain experience in the retail industry. This is Tonie's first time in the workforce, so let's make sure she feels comfortable and welcome as part of our team.

Tonie is a passionate horse rider and has won several state tournaments in recent years. Tonie is starting on January 10th at our Southfield branch. Please feel free to say hello and introduce yourselves.

Victoria Wong
Human Resources

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