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Data analyst salary in West Perth WA

How much does a Data Analyst make in West Perth WA?

Estimated salaries

as national average

The estimated salary for a data analyst is $91,994 per year in West Perth WA. -1 salaries reported

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Top companies for Data Analysts in West Perth WA

  1. The Network
    17 reviews8 salaries reported
    $126,671per year
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Highest paying cities near West Perth WA for Data Analysts

  1. St Leonards NSW
    $108,455 per year
    17 salaries reported
  2. Sydney NSW
    $103,590 per year
    135 salaries reported
  3. Brisbane QLD
    $99,047 per year
    16 salaries reported
  1. Melbourne VIC
    $97,091 per year
    57 salaries reported
  2. Joondalup WA
    $95,501 per year
    42 salaries reported
  3. Melbourne City Centre VIC
    $94,879 per year
    18 salaries reported
  1. Sydney Central Business District NSW
    $91,389 per year
    6 salaries reported
  2. Adelaide SA
    $90,272 per year
    8 salaries reported
  3. Jandakot WA
    $88,844 per year
    5 salaries reported
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Where can a Data Analyst earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in West Perth WA?


210 job openings

Average $65,565 per year

Business Intelligence Analyst

17 job openings

Average $102,737 per year

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