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Occupational therapist salary in Campbellfield VIC

How much does an Occupational Therapist make in Campbellfield VIC?

Average base salary

as national average

The average salary for a occupational therapist is $86,990 per year in Campbellfield VIC. 2 salaries reported, updated at 15 June 2023

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Top companies for Occupational Therapists in Campbellfield VIC

  1. Australian Health Professionals
    8 reviews40 salaries reported
    $114,430per year
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Highest paying cities near Campbellfield VIC for Occupational Therapists

  1. Melbourne VIC
    $94,406 per year
    862 salaries reported
  2. Mildura VIC
    $88,948 per year
    7 salaries reported
  3. Bendigo VIC
    $88,637 per year
    44 salaries reported
  1. Mornington VIC
    $87,946 per year
    19 salaries reported
  2. Ballarat VIC
    $87,438 per year
    47 salaries reported
  3. Werribee VIC
    $85,975 per year
    25 salaries reported
  1. Frankston VIC
    $85,922 per year
    33 salaries reported
  2. Shepparton VIC
    $84,134 per year
    27 salaries reported
  3. Geelong VIC
    $83,699 per year
    121 salaries reported
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Where can an Occupational Therapist earn more?

Compare salaries for Occupational Therapists in different locations
Explore Occupational Therapist openings
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How much do similar professions get paid in Campbellfield VIC?

Physical Occupational Therapist

Job openings

Average $107,241 per year

Occupational Therapy Aide

Job openings

Average $81,922 per year

Director of Rehabilitation

Job openings

Average $138,152 per year

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Job openings

Average $29.54 per hour

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