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Office administrator salary in Australia

How much does an Office Administrator make in Australia?

Average base salary


The average salary for a office administrator is $60,955 per year in Australia. 1.3k salaries reported, updated at 27 November 2023

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Top companies for Office Administrators in Australia

  1. Department of Justice and Community Safety
    62 reviews9 salaries reported
    $86,258per year
  2. $53,488per year
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Highest paying cities near Australia for Office Administrators

  1. Melbourne City Centre VIC
    $71,616 per year
    14 salaries reported
  2. Canberra ACT
    $70,714 per year
    20 salaries reported
  3. Sydney NSW
    $66,650 per year
    162 salaries reported
  1. Melbourne VIC
    $62,735 per year
    111 salaries reported
  2. Perth WA
    $61,419 per year
    36 salaries reported
  3. Brisbane QLD
    $59,420 per year
    78 salaries reported
  1. Smithfield NSW
    $59,225 per year
    11 salaries reported
  2. Dandenong VIC
    $55,536 per year
    23 salaries reported
  3. Parramatta NSW
    $54,891 per year
    8 salaries reported
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Where can an Office Administrator earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Australia?

Administrative Assistant

Job openings

Average $63,598 per year

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Job openings

Average $58,144 per year

Medical Office Assistant

Job openings

Average $62,595 per year

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