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Training coordinator salary in Mulgrave VIC

How much does a Training Coordinator make in Mulgrave VIC?

Average base salary

below national average

The average salary for a training coordinator is $59,588 per year in Mulgrave VIC. 2 salaries reported, updated at 14 September 2022

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Top companies for Training Coordinators in Mulgrave VIC

  1. Exact Contracting
    27 reviews5 salaries reported
    $134,834per year
  2. $119,065per year
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Highest paying cities near Mulgrave VIC for Training Coordinators

  1. Alice Springs NT
    $101,579 per year
    9 salaries reported
  2. Sydney NSW
    $95,603 per year
    15 salaries reported
  3. Perth WA
    $92,674 per year
    12 salaries reported
  1. Forrestfield WA
    $90,662 per year
    6 salaries reported
  2. Darwin NT
    $88,638 per year
    10 salaries reported
  3. Geelong VIC
    $82,582 per year
    7 salaries reported
  1. Melbourne VIC
    $82,344 per year
    20 salaries reported
  2. Canberra ACT
    $80,396 per year
    6 salaries reported
  3. Melbourne City Centre VIC
    $78,723 per year
    6 salaries reported
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Where can a Training Coordinator earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Mulgrave VIC?

Learning and Development Coordinator

501 job openings

Average $83,085 per year

Learning and Development Analyst

359 job openings

Average $93,565 per year

Learning and Development Manager

2,894 job openings

Average $114,983 per year

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