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About Allianz

Whether you’re an insurance professional or just starting out, Allianz have a wide range of opportunities to help you take the next step. Join a global leader, work with a diverse group of people and see how far you can go in a positive, rewarding environment. The Allianz Australia Group operates across Australia and New Zealand. It delivers a wide – 

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Let’s care for tomorrow. Your ambitions. Your dreams. Your challenges.

Let’s care for all the things that make you, you. For bringing your whole, amazing self to work and feeling like you belong. For a place where learning never stops. To grow new skills and open up exciting possibilities. And where your curiosity can help transform an industry. We’re here for what matters. When life twists and turns, there’s flex for balance, so you can thrive. Share your ideas, inspire, give back and feel proud to be doing work that can have an impact across climate change, mental health and safety. Let’s care for everyone’s tomorrow so we can confidently create a better future together. Care to join us? Allianz.

A world of opportunity

For taking control of your career development

I love chasing down a problem and solving it. It’s that healthy competitive spirit I have; a desire to uncover the truth and win. Most days I’m a detective; putting together the puzzle pieces from the scene of an accident so I can see the real picture and make a case to understand who was at fault. For me that’s really exciting!

For skills to future-proof your career

I enjoy being a mentor as I feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction in being able to support individuals develop, and being able to provide some guidance on how to reach their goals. Beyond mentorship, at Allianz I see so many opportunities to broaden one’s skillset. For example, there’s the opportunity to work on different projects, to be seconded into other divisions, or even to move overseas. We regularly rotate people across projects so they’re able to develop new skills and work with different groups. This helps to provide valuable exposure across a variety of areas within the division.

For creating a sense of belonging for all

I think it’s critical that we do whatever we can to strive towards gender and sexual equality, especially for young LGBTI women who are less comfortable coming out than their more senior colleagues. If I can stand up, share my story and show other LGBTI women that if I can be accepted, so can they. To give them a level of confidence that they can speak up in that meeting, go for that different role and be accepted for their whole-selves, not judged on just a small part of who they are. If I can do this small thing, then I feel like I’m making a huge difference.

For leading your best life

Working virtually is tough going, for everyone, for different reasons and especially when you have new people coming into the team. We knew that many people loved to walk on the weekends, so to help us to connect and get to know each other, we put it out there for the team to come along on a bush walk one weekend. It was a great way to spend time together in a really relaxing way.