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About Avanade

Why Avanade

Avanade is made up of nearly 60,000 individuals. People who share a passion for technology, who who push beyond their comfort zone and always bring an open mind and who really care about making a genuine human impact at work. We invite these people to bring their authentic, whole selves into a place that welcomes curiosity as a spark to innovation. We put them together to solve some complex challenges and bring to life possibilities for our clients around the world—companies, non-profits, and government agencies that know the future is digital and look to us to help them get there with the power of people and Microsoft technology. Together, we go beyond.

Our story

Avanade came to life in 2000 in the middle of the dot.com boom. Many companies started with high hopes and fizzled, but we’re still here. Perhaps it’s the strong support of our parent companies, Accenture and Microsoft, or maybe it’s because we have grown and learned as a team, looking out for each other, celebrating our differences, lifting each other up, challenging each other to see where our passion and skills around digital innovation can take us. Our enthusiasm for each other and our work has taken us pretty far. Avanade has 32,000 Microsoft certifications and we’ve been named Microsoft Alliance SI Partner of the Year 15 times. Even more important than our credentials is our impact. We’re working with an energy company to repopulate coral reefs, and we developed an AI chatbot to provide instant answers to tax questions for a leading engineering company. And, in the early days of COVID, a couple of employees took it upon themselves to create an app that helped track ventilators across stretched healthcare systems. We’re always on the lookout for innovators, dreamers, risk-takers and challengers of the status quo who are ready to jump into a good story and make it better.

Together we grow faster

We care more about who you are and where you’re going than where you’ve been. Technology is changing fast—in part because we like pushing boundaries—so we’re looking for people who can jump in quickly with a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn on the fly. In return, we’ll grow your knowledge and skills and prepare you for what’s next—for you, for Avanade, and for our increasingly digital world.
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Together we believe everyone counts

We know that a chorus of different voices makes for a richer sound. We want you to be comfortable being who you are at work. That means being in an environment where everyone else is free to be who they are, too. We are working hard to make the technology industry more diverse. you can help us change that with your presence and your attitude. Our Inclusion & Diversity program is a driving force in our company culture and helps us live one of our values—We believe everyone counts. Including you.

Together we connect

Yes, we appreciate a variety of perspectives—it adds richness to our work. And yes, we understand that there are huge upsides to connecting with people who know where you’ve been and what it’s like to be you. That is why we have a bunch of employee networks where people can come together through that avenue of shared interests, background, and experiences. Employee groups do great things to create a more diverse, understanding, celebratory workforce.
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Together we become a part of something bigger

Do you want to do good work, but also work that does some good in the world? Us, too. Joining Avanade means sharing our purpose—to make a genuine human impact—and helping us become a more responsible business. With forward-looking leadership and a commitment to sustainability, we can offer you the chance to make a real—and positive—difference for our clients, your Avanade colleagues, and your community.

Life comes first

There’s more to life than work. You’ll get the opportunity not just to make a positive human impact on the world while also experiencing all it has offer. We want you to experience the joy of family dinners, the thrill of outdoor adventures, the connection of volunteering in our communities, and the importance of self-care. You can’t be who you are without a flexible culture that allows you to log on when and where you work best. Because we know your best self does your best work.
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You work hard, so we work hard. We are dedicated to providing you with what you need to do and be your best. Flexible work arrangements are becoming more common so people can do good work while having a good life. We offer competitive salaries and customized benefits to suit you and your stage of life. You’ll get plenty of time to learn and grow, with training to enhance your technology knowledge and certification, as well as skills you need to grow as a professional and leader.

Our locations

Our headquarters are in Seattle, and our reach is worldwide. With nearly 60,000 professionals and over 80 offices in 26 countries, you'll partner every day with colleagues from around the world, leveraging the latest technologies to keep you connected to your team, your client and your work.

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