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About Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane is the leading premium Australian-influenced Coffee & Hospitality brand operating in NY, MA, PA, NJ, DC, VA, TX, and CA. At Bluestone Lane, it’s more than coffee, it’s connection. Now more than ever, people come to Bluestone Lane for their daily escape & to feel connected to their communities. New locations in Houston and San Clemente – 

Bluestone Lane’s Vision is simple and we’d love to have you help us to achieve it:

Our Vision is to share the Australian experience of premium coffee, healthy food, and mateship around the world. You see, we are People Focused at Bluestone. We don’t have Employees, we have Teammates. And we don’t have customers, we have locals. We are all about our teammates and our teammates connecting with each other & our locals making them feel great!

Bluestone Lane Benefit Offerings


PURPOSE: It's not just coffee it's connection. Yes, we serve amazing coffee & healthy delicious food but it's HOW we do it that brings us purpose. If making people feel great by providing genuine connection, putting a smile on their face and having them feel like they belong, and providing a premium experience is important to you (and brings you joy) then we have a place for you at Bluestone. MASTERY: Interested in learning new skills? How about how to make beautiful latte art or an avocado rose? Want to learn how to bring out the best in your team and become a great people leader? Bluestone Lane provides education, experience & exposure to great leaders, stretch assignments & development plans to help you achieve what matters to you. We want to see you succeed and grow! AUTONOMY: Our Values Provide us the Framework for how we work, love & live at Bluestone Lane. Once you’ve mastered your role, you then are provided the autonomy to perform within this framework. The sky's truly the limit with Bluestone Lane.
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