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Why do/did you like working at Bupa?

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  • To maintain quality of life and empathise with people around me..

  • If you want to loose your care factor for our elderly then this is the right company to work for , I worked for Bupa for over 2 years , I left as being constantly short staffed and no care from management caused me anxiety. I’ve worked in aged care for 29 years on and off and Bupa managed to make me loose my love of working in aged care. I resigned from my position as I was taken of the call list for not completing my elearning as you don’t get paid for doing it at home . Residents suffer in every aspect of care and quality of life . I would never work for them again even if it was the last job on earth!!!

  • Love my job and my residents, not so BUPA. Ask for an extra slice of meat or mini tub of ice cream and you will get questioned as to why you want it and who it is for. One day they told me if they gave it to me everyone would want one. Ratios up to 1 to 27 residents over breaks (generally between 1:7 or 1:14). They are so short staffed only basic care is provided, no provision for helping residents with issues that don’t directly relate to wash, toileting, eating, ei laundry is left in rooms and you only have time to chuck it in the cupboard in a pile, tv not turning on we just leave it off, after a year of being here I still have no idea how to work tv in public area, it has very basic Foxtel , we just turn it on and take pot luck, they could be watching whatever, can’t spare time to look for something interesting to watch. They do not pay their AINs to do their compulsory training at home and say it must be done at work. They allow 15mins each shift to do but it takes 7minutes to log in and out. They only have one computer, so anyone can come along and ask you to hop off in middle of your 15minutes (they have two but of course one is broken). Toast is perpetually burnt and after a year have made no effort to rectify the situation. They put there raisin toast through the normal toaster and can’t adjust it so they just serve it burnt. When someone needs to go to toilet during breakfast or lunch hour they are told they have to wait til after lunch as they can’t spare a staff member to leave dining room to take them. A couple of times I was the only only person serving 28 residents, other staff went off to do feeds for bed bound residents. I’ve had residents crying and begging staff to cut corners to mobilise them to toilet when two staff have not been available to operate lifting equipment. You are worked like a dog with about as much consideration, they stick AIN’s wherever they like with little regard as to whether the ain knows the residents, this has caused staff morale to plummet as AIN’s are working out of there depth as they have no background and no time is allocated to read Care plans etc before starting in new or unfamiliar area. it’s just arrive a 7am quick glance at handover sheet and expected to get them out to breakfast, no formal handover. There is one guy who boasts that he can do five before breakfast plus his medication administration, sad to see fragile aged churned through like that. Staff have disiplined by management for respectfully requesting to not work with specific co-workers (I was ordered to work with a specific coworker who treated me like his personal servant, he has been known to walk out of building mid shift, once refused to help me a resident, saying I should work it out myself). Still manage to smile most days but not sure for how long.

  • If you want to be worked into the ground for next to no money, then Bupa is the company for you! This companies priorities are definitely not about resident/patient care.

  • I do not recommend Bupa to anybody! Culture is shocking. Management are fake and only care about reaching their overrated KPIs and dont care about the employees, only of course if you're in their "crew".

  • Perfect balance and the hours suited me and I just really loved the job.

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