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About Coast 2 Coast Recruitment

Coast 2 Coast is a Boutique Recruitment Agency specialising in being unique. We treat each vacancy as a partnership and guarantee finding the right fit for you!

About Me

I was recently asked by a client how I ended up in recruiting? I had worked with so many recruiters over the years, the good ones will stand out. It’s a bit like your favourite teacher at school, the one that to this day you still remember. The one that made the subject come alive! It made me want to help businesses. Having been on the other side of the table, recruiting 100s per year and running assessment centres etc in the UK. I had to work with many recruiters, I got to see what worked well and also what didn’t. I genuinely care about getting the best match for my clients. I want to understand my client’s businesses so I can see what the best fit will be. How the candidate will interact and compliment the existing team. When I came to Australia, I was suddenly the candidate. This gave me a great perspective from the other side of the table. Here I wasn’t the employer or the recruiter. I guess I have been lucky enough to use my experience to give a specialised service where I am a lucky enough to work for myself and not have targets on my back. A 3 month guarantee, with a transparent cost also helps the employers get a guarantee that can give them peace of mind! I genuinely want to help people. If you need any help I would love to speak with you to see if we are a good fit.

Testimonial - Pavithra

First of all I must say I am very lucky to have you as my recruiter. I was tired of looking for a job for months and today I got a job at a very reputed company because of you. I have been very pleased with the way you motivate, talk and work with people and I feel that I benefited greatly from being able to discuss work and career-related things with someone like you. Your motivation greatly inspired me. Together we could pinpoint some areas to work on that would be of direct value to me in my short, medium, and long term career. Finally, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time, effort and everything you put in for me. Thank you so much Michele. I wish all the success and best for your career and life. Because you deserve it.😊 Thanks & best regards, Pavithra

Testimonial - Désirée

Michele was very professional and fast in linking me with a unique audit company which we both thought would be hard to find! She understood my circumstances, asked the right questions, and did effort to find the company which would be a good cultural fit for me and for my future employer. The advice that Michele gave me was value adding and much appreciated! The professional, honest, and friendly approach that Michele followed made the process far more enjoyable than you can imagine.

Testimonial - Tracey

Michele has been of great support in helping me with the challenging task of ‘Marketing’ myself in a highly competitive industry. Her assistance in sorting through the clutter on my resume and cover letter has been invaluable, ensuring that the essential elements have been included and both have been tailored to the roles I am applying for. I highly recommend seeking Michele’s services if you are keen to update your resume or require assistance in drafting a cover letter for a job application. Tracey