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What is the interview process like at Coles?


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I recently had a group interview for a team member position for Coles Re-opening. They sent me an email inviting me to the group interview and I was surprised to see at least 60 people on the interview (they held 2 sessions, so I think there's a total of 100+ people attending the interview). We were told to sit on a group of 8 and they started with some introduction from the manager and supervisors. There were 4 activities throughout the interview:

1. Personal Introduction
- Name, work experience, why do you want to work at Coles, fun fact about you and which department do you want to work in and why.
- tips : say hi to everyone in the group, smile, try to be confident (fake it till you make it!), try to speak a little louder (a lot of people were pretty quiet, so try to stand out from the group).

2. Good Customer Service Discussion
- discuss in your group, what is a good customer service to you, and give some type of story or experience that relates to your understanding.
- tips : try to initiate the conversation (they are looking for a leader-type person), give some personal experience and try to relate your story to how you would give a good customer service as a Coles team member, LISTEN to the other team member and do NOT cut them off.

3. Sales Pitch
- you are given a picture of a product (milk, flowers, orange, avocado, etc) and you have to try to increase the sales of your product to customers and you're given around 1 minute to prepare for it. Then you have to give your sales pitch to your group and when everyone is finished, the manager will ask the whole room if anyone wants to volunteer to give their sales pitch in front of the whole room.
- tips : do your sales pitch first among your group mates (a lot of people were a little bit shy and hesitant to start, so be the "leader" and pitch your sales first! the most important thing here is to VOLUNTEER FIRST to give your sales pitch in front of the room and be excited about it. Here's your chance to give a good impression and be a memorable face.

4. Zombie Scenario
- there's a zombie apocalypse and you are trapped in Coles with all the customers and you have to figure out among your group, how to survive!
- you're given a list of products and you have to choose which one is the most important for your survival. You have to discuss this in your group and come up with a list of products that everyone in your group agree with.
- tips : initiate and drive the conversation (once again, be the "leader"), LISTEN to your group members' opinion and if you have a different opinion than them, try to make your case respectfully and explain why you think your product is better for your survival. The supervisors don't really care about which product that you choose, they just want to see how you work as a team and they way you communicate with them.

After the activities, we filled out some form with basic information (department preferences and availability), and that's it!

Some general tips :
- come early and make some friends before the interview starts, so you can be more comfortable during the group activities since you already know the people in your group.
- dress nicely! everyone in there wore nice pants and a button up shirt, some of them even wore suits (I don't think its necessary to wear suits). be presentable and it will make you more confident as well.
- always smile!! and listen to your team member.
- do NOT space out, pay attention to everything that they're (team member and supervisors) saying,
- always VOLUNTEER if they give you the chance to. Its the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and show that you really want to be there.
- say thanks to the supervisors and the manager before you go home.
- exchange contacts with some of the people in your group to do some follow up.

They told me to wait up to 2 weeks to hear from them. They will give you a call if you are successful, and if you are not, they'll give you an email. I waited for 11 days and I got the call this morning from the manager that I got the job as a service team member (which was my first department preference).

Overall, it was a fun experience for me, it felt like a group camp lol. I did not have ANY work experience and I'm currently a uni student, but somehow it worked out for me and I think its because I tried to be the "leader" and I stood out from the crowd. Give it your best shot and good luck!!


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I had a group interview for cashier/store assistant with one of the store managers, and it was overall incredibly casual and laidback. We each introduced ourself, and the SM asked us further questions, mostly trying to get a feel for who we are and what our personalities are like. Other than that it seemed the other criteria was if we had any holidays coming up, what our extracurriculars were, and which hours we could work. It was very stress-free and definitely mostly a personality/people skills assessment more than what was on our résumés.


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Comfortable, relaxed and positive

Answered - Baker (Current Employee) - Taree NSW

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I went to see the Night Fill manager yesterday to summit my resume with my reference number on it.She told me"No point i handle my resume to her because they dont do the selected process"but the HQ from Melbourne will choose the best candidates and send the application to them.From there,their job is to ring and call the candidates for the interviews. But..i still doubt about it.


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I also gave interview on probably same day . I haven't received any mail or call, so do you guys think that it's a gone case.


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Nice boss and very understanding.also good to have teams chat up and work in a team and knows how we need to get things done.

Answered - Baker (Current Employee) - Barinsdale Vic 3909

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I recently had a group interview, I heard that group interviews were tough because of all the competition and I had no prior work experience and I'm extremely shy. On top of all that I was extremely underdressed compared to everyone else. I thought I had no chance, that is until the manger spoke and delivered a short speech that went along the lines of "we're not looking for how great your resume might be, we're looking for
r character! Personality!"

And that gave me a confidence boost.
I still was abit timid though.

We did three activities;

-introduce ourselves
-make a sales pitch (I did horrible btw)
-the zombie scenario, where you had to work as a team and figure out what essentials are most needed..?

At the end we signed forms and we left.

Overall for anyone who has the same personality traits as me... you can do it! It's scary but rewarding sometimes. I thought I had no chance of getting a job but guess what!? I got a call saying I got the job :) so keep believing! So far the staff are extremely nice too I can see them becoming my second family.


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It depends on the store, as I was fortunate enough to get an interview straight away when I handed in my CV to the store manager.

Answered - Night Grocery-Filler (Former Employee) - Bathurst NSW

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Online then go in for interview

Answered - Dairy manager, Grocery manager (Former Employee) - moe

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Thorough and makes you feel like you have a future career at Coles, many don't.

Answered - Customer Service Checkout and Supervisor (Former Employee) - brighton notth

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