Department of Justice and Community Safety
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About Department of Justice and Community Safety

The Department of Justice and Community Safety (the department) delivers high-quality services to Victorians and supports a safe, just, innovative and thriving Victoria. Ministerial portfolios within the department include the Attorney-General, Police, Corrections, Emergency Services, Workplace Safety, Crime Prevention, Youth Justice, Victim Support, – 
The department is committed to increasing our workforce participation of people with disabilityThe department has head offices based in the Melbourne CBDYouth justice workersThe department recruits clinicians for its Forensic Intervention Services branch
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“If you want a job where you can work with people and really look at helping them unpack those underlying issues that are resulting in them coming into custody, this is the job for you.” – Emma Cassar, Commissioner, Corrections Victoria You will get a real sense of purpose out of being a prison officer. You’re doing two important things for the community – you’re keeping potentially dangerous people safe in a secure facility, and you’re helping many offenders take the first steps to becoming more positive contributors to our shared lives.

Forensic Intervention Services

Forensic Intervention Services is a new specialist program area of Corrections Victoria dedicated to making our community safer by reducing re-offending. If you're a clinician and you want to work in forensics, this is where you need to be. Our clinicians work closely with offenders across Victoria to help influence positive behavioural changes by managing interventions through one-on-one appointments and group work. *RELOCATION ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE* The department is offering financial assistance for successful candidates who need to move home to take up a role as a clinician. Up to AUD$10,000 is available to help with costs like travel, freight, temporary housing and storage. To learn more, please sign up for a Forensic Intervention Services information session on our careers website.

The qualities we look for at Forensic Intervention

Youth Justice

The department’s youth justice service provides programs and resources to assist young people who have offended to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to thrive in life without resorting to crime. Through supervision, offending-related programs and access to appropriate support services, the service promotes opportunities for rehabilitation and contributes to the reduction of crime in the community. There are many career pathways available for those seeking work in youth justice. All of these require people who possess both maturity and a belief in the potential of young people to improve the direction of their lives.

Community Correctional Services

Community Correctional Services (CCS) manages offenders on court orders, complex offenders on post-sentence supervision and prisoners on parole. We regularly recruit new case managers to our CCS locations throughout Victoria. Case managers ensure that their caseload of offenders are connected to the programs and services that will motivate them to break the cycle of offending, as well as meeting their court and parole conditions.

Professional Services

Our staff working directly with the community are supported by many professional services employees as well. Every office and facility throughout the state, as well as our head offices in the city, has a team of people ensuring the department does its crucial work for Victorians efficiently and effectively. These roles cross many disciplines, including human resources, information technology, finance, administration, policy and more. We also take graduates through the Victorian Public Service and run our own legal intern program. No matter your professional background, we're always looking for bright ideas and we would love for you to consider joining the department.