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If you were to leave Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd, what would be the reason?

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  • Ive been working in dominos for almost 5 yrs. i always have 3 to 4 days shifts. I always showed up when they needed help. Just recently they cut my shifts into 0 to 1 day shift which is 3 hrs a shiift...with just like that. Is that how they treated their staffs by not giving them fair hours. Why they keep on hiring drivers ..why dont they just give the hours to the drivers that were already there that need hours . They cut my hours bcos im if u r already 30 ...u dont deserve to have hours 😔

  • Being lied to and not being paid what I'm entitled to was told I would be earning 26hr and find out im getting 20.40hr being asked to work 20 minutes longer each shift and not being paid which equals up to about an hour each week roughly and than there's the fact that I'm being signed out as on the road way before the pizza is even ready only to be greeted by angry customers who have been waiting over allocated time do their pizzas even having a customer tell me the instore staff had put in on me having a manager basically telling me to speed to get pizzas to customers fast not risking my licence or mine or anyone else's life for a pizza.

  • Haven’t got paid in 2 weeks , manager ignores me when l ask what my hourly rate is and when will I get paid . All this and l have to use my own car so out of pocket

  • I will leave if I am in dangerous

  • Toxic workplace
    Management was untrustworthy. Would throw you under the bus when push comes to shove.

    Pay is not worth the trouble that you go through.

    The work vechiles are a danger to the drivers and the public. They are constantly defective and dangerous.

    Asking questions gets your shifts cut.

    Bringing up safety concerns get your shift cuts.

    Asking about pay and the award you work under gets your shift cuts.

    You want to take annual leave, it either doesn't get approved or it's denied last minute.

    Rosters are late. Good chance you don't know if you're working tonight because you haven't got a roster.

    The only way to contact corporate is to ask management or the franchisee for contact information, but that raises question about your "loyalty to the store".

    PPE, wtf is PPE. As a driver you'll have your hands in the boiling water full of chemicals which have warning labels in chinese. After a few weeks you skin will begin crack aged 10 years.

    DO NOT WORK for Dominos!!!.

  • Safety- Bikes were never maintained properly which was dangerous in the wet weather.
    Pay- it's slacking to say the least.

    Mangement- Always changing and never steady for long.

  • - Pay: Didn't get paid until the fifth week
    - Manger: Rude doesn't care about the in-store works

    - Pay: Pay wasn't that bad since it's been add up to the fifth week but l work an extra hour and earn $2 from that hour

  • Terrible pay, short shifts terrible management and organisation

  • Not getting payed a decent wage ($16/hour at 19 years old) which is impossible to live off of. No work/life balance, and get treated like lower class citizens.

  • Bad management


    randomly cut shifts with no explanation

    forced to go to unpaid meetings

    uncomfortable work environment

    extremely bad management

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  1. If you were to leave Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd, what would be the reason?