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Why Choose Us?

It’s the million dollar question; why choose Home Caring? We’re confident that you won’t find another home care service provider that can match our quality. By using innovative solutions and listening to our clients, it allows us to develop care plans that actually work. If you still aren’t sure whether or not we’re the right choice, then here are a few more things to convince you:

Our Services

We specialise in home help for seniors. The majority of elderly individuals don’t want to leave their homes to head to a care home. This is completely understandable. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is and your loved one will have spent their whole lives working towards creating this comfortable space where they feel safe. They probably have a host of memories attached to their current home and they may feel comfortable there. Of course, there are situations where certain seniors might need to be in the constant presence of a healthcare professional and this care might not be able to be provided at home. Alternatively, they might desire the social aspect of care homes. But generally speaking, many want to stay. We ensure that those who can are able to!

Elderly Care

As we grow up, we often have several relatives and friends who take care of us, guiding us on the right track and aiming to make our quality of life as good as possible. They’ll dedicate their time and finances to us, ensuring that we never go without and that we are always experiencing as much positivity and happiness as possible. They care for us and they shape us.

About HomeCaring

Our Background
As a company, Home Caring was launched in 2015 by Jon Kontopos. He’s the founder of the company, bringing over 7 years of experience in working with seniors in the care industry. He spent a lot of time providing aged care throughout Australia, and his previous work has influenced the company vision a lot.

Alongside Jon, we have Michaela
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