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About i9 Education

i9 Education is a wholly Australian-owned family business; its origins can be traced back to Melbourne in 2005 when founders Ahsan and Ayesha noticed a gap in the market for wholesome and responsive education solution for Children and Adults alike. i9 Education is a physical embodiment of a dream, a vision of providing a childcare facility where – 

Community Kids Haven Early Learning Centres

Community Kids Haven provides outstanding care and early years learning for your child
Community Kids Haven is a brand which is synonymous to quality early childhood care. CKH enjoys its well-deserved reputation as a market leader in the childcare industry owing to its decade long presence in Australia providing exceptional services to the children and peace of mind to parents in areas of personal development and mental and physical nourishment for their young ones. About All the children attending care at the Community Kids Haven are central to our philosophy, and every child that walks through our doors is important to us.At Community Kids Haven, our philosophy is built around the concept that all the children under our care receive the best level of care and learning possible and which is provided in a warm, loving, nurturing and safe environment. We recognise that the number one need of all parents leaving their child in daycare is to find the highest quality care, where their child is given similar care, much like the care that they would receive at home. Our goal at Community Kids Haven is to focus on each individual child and their needs. We believe in building a sense of home and a sense of community where our children will be encouraged to be brave, creative, resilient and kind. We strongly believe that these elements will help our children grow and easily transition into primary school years. Our philosophy and our curriculum have been heavily influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach of early learning. This approach is a very ‘child friendly’ way of educating children, allowing them to just ‘be’ children and to enjoy their world surrounding them while also providing age appropriate educational programs that assist in learning and the development of the whole child. Our focus remains on positive physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and moral growth. Learning through play is an integral part of our educational and learning approach.

Community Kids Haven Early Learning Centres - What is like to work here?

Growth, develop and study with so many opportunities to build your career with us

The Hive Early Learning Centres

The Hive Early Learning Centres have disrupted the old norms of the early childhood centres by revolutionising the industry with its new concepts on providing an unrivalled experience for the children attending our centres. It has redefined what it means to have a child nurtured and educated through an ELC. Our state-of-the-art centres have established The Hive ELC brand name around Melbourne as a paragon. The educators caring for the young minds are vital to our success in ensuring the children experience the same safe and nurturing environment as their homes while also absorbing essential life skills at their tender age. About The Hive We are a family owned and operated business with young children of our own, and understand what a difficult decision it is to leave your child in someone else’s care. We want each and every child at our centre to feel a sense of belonging and to feel comfortable in a safe space where they can learn, explore, create and grow to their full potential. Our centres are run by highly trained and passionate team members who are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and fun learning environment for your child. Our Goal at The Hive Our goal is to focus on each individual child and their needs. We believe in building a sense of home and a sense of community where our children will be encouraged to be brave, creative, resilient and kind. We strongly believe that these elements will help our children grow and easily transition into primary school years.

The Hive Early Learning Centres

EduNex Training

EduNex is an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Caroline Springs, where we are Serious About Your Dreams and provide an unmatched learning experience with our highly trained staff that are not only industry qualified, but industry tested as well; with decades of experience under their belt. EduNex Training (RTO:45283) specialises in accredited training, education and professional development in the First Aid and early childhood education and care sector. We deliver our courses using a blended mode of delivery comprising of trainer led face-to-face teaching in a classroom setting, combined with hands-on skills training, self-paced study and workplace visits. Each student will have access to individual mentoring and coaching. EduNex also delivers Professional Development training via online training modules, webinars and workshops. Our world class student Learning and Management System (LMS) Canvas ensures all students receive a uniform level of training with individual support for those requiring an extra level attention from our trainers. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer (CT) is also available to all students with existing qualifications and/or extensive experience in the Industry. Our strong connections in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry means we always have positive alumni suggestions and support at hand. We conduct regular industry consultation feedbacks to ensure we stay up to date with the latest changes.

The Fern Early Learning Centres

One of our upcoming brands in Early Learning Centres is The Fern. It is destined to exceed expectations from our customers based on our existing state of the art Early Learning Centres in every sphere of care. The concept of The Fern came about by the idea of the children being a representation of the plant itself which is one of the most adaptable trees on the planet, adjusting and excelling in whatever environment it is subjected to. Similarly, the young minds that enter our protective, adaptable, and nurturing environment. Once they graduate our centre, our children are equipped with the pertinent life skills to face the challenges of the world no matter how harsh and unprecedented they may seem

Community Kids Haven Early Learning & Kinder

Community Kids Haven Early Learning & Kinder are dedicated in providing the highest quality of childcare for all children. We believe every child is unique and has distinctive aptitude, ability and talent. Early years learning and positive experiences lay a solid foundation for the rest of their life. Our child care centres are committed to provide your children a creative, stimulating, safe and intrinsically motivating environment to unleash their unique potentials and raise them as a valuable contribution to the future society.

Community Kids Haven Heathy Foods

Community Kids Haven are child care centres located around Melbourne. This is a quick outline of what we do and what we focus on when we cook food for the children in our care and their everyday care and needs.