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When Molly says she's going to beat Ciaran at Friday arvo games... Whoever loses has to shout the team drinks! Who is your money on?!
Thoughts on office dogs, yay or nay? Bailey, the adorable pup of @mollymoonboot, is making it very hard for us to say no...
We wish everyone a wonderful Easter long weekend!
THE GREAT EGG DEBATE: Are Creme Eggs disgusting or delicious?
It's Easter time, and already a few JDP members have started tucking away chocolate eggs for afternoon tea. White chocolate, dark chocolate, we're fans of pretty much anything! Except... Cadbury Creme eggs. Some can't get enough, and others can't bare to stomach the chocolate egg with its mystery filling. So, we're putting it to you: are Creme Eggs disgusting or delicious?

Please comment your preference below (and be civil - we know some passionate fans out there...)
Day 1 done and dusted! JDP has officially settled into our snazzy new London office, and we couldn't be more thrilled. If you like coffee and want to have a chat about what Just Digital People are doing over this side of the world, feel free to hit us up over LinkedIn or call 07494755898. 
Or even better, visit us at We Work 138 Holborn building 3, EC1N 2SW
TONIGHT. 5:30pm-8:00pm. JDP Office. Free food and drink. Supporting a great cause. BE THERE.  RSVP via the link in the bio!
The tea has been spilt... JDP is chuffed to announce the launch of our new London office! Our very own Melbourne man Robbie Chandler is moving back home to London, but just couldn't leave JDP behind! So, JDP London it is. Stay tuned for more info on what's cracking.
Our founder Ciaran O'Donnell wants to see YOU in our office on Thursday the 11th of April at 5:30 pm! Why? Because JDP is hosting an event for Beddown, an incredible organisation helping the homeless. Watch this video to find out more! 
Or even better, RSVP via the link in the bio!
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