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What's McDonald's policy on piercings, tattoos and nail polish?

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    You are only allowed to wear two earrings (one pair) at a time. They have to be smallish studs sometimes I wear little fries. You can get away with sleepers, at one point I was wearing 15mm sleepers but it depends on your ear lobe size...


    You can't have any offensive tattoos showing. Wether you put makeup on it or wear a long sleeves to cover it up.


    You can not wear any nail polish as it can be unhygienic especially if it flakes. It also looks scrappy and unprofessional. (there was a girl that got her nails done for deb so we all helped her and she just did the easy stuff that had no risk of recking her nails, that is the only time anyone has had nail polish).

  • In mine, no jewelry of any kind unless it is religious or a wedding band. No watches or accessories. No piercings at all. Minimal make up, I have also been told no nail polish/acrylics either. You can have tattoos providing they are not offencive and hair colour is fine.

  • The proper procedure is: no acrylic nails, natural, nude coloured or French tips permitted. Ear piercings are permitted but must be studs or rings less than 5mm, lip and eyebrow piercings not accepted. Tattoos are allowed unless offensive.

  • Why are yall maccas so strict? i had two nose piercings (hoop n stud) and no one said anything

  • I’m a crew trainer and we’re allowed to wear nail polish, acrylic nails, earrings (including hoops), tattoos, and any other jewelry (including rings.) You’re also allowed to have a your nose pierced, however, if it’s your septum you must flip the hoop inside out so it’s tucked into your nose. Some wear eyebrow piercing and get away with it but most have to take them out.

  • I've been working at McDonald's and I'm up for crew trainer. I have multiple facial piercings. I only wear my nose studs and I recently got a complaint saying "the jewelry was so repulsive that they couldn't eat" so I have to cover them up before I get promoted. It really depends on which mcdonalds you work for.

  • Mcdonalds is super lenient with nail polish or even acrylic nails, earrings they are fine with as long as they are not big hoops/dangly/etc, any facial piercings should be hidden or a stud must be worn(for nose) and they don't care about your tattoos.

  • I have worked at McDonald's for 1.5 years now. You can not wear nail polish unless you are a gel ( guest experience leader). Earnings are not the most offensive but preferred one in each ear. If you have a nose ring or cartilage pierced they will make u put tape over it as it is "unprofessional". You can have a tattoo as long as it is not visible.

  • Piercings need to be covered, or clear, tattoos need to be covered and nail polish must be of natural colour

  • No offensive tattoos, no nail polish (unless clear), and one set of small earrings.

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