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Courier in Newcastle NSW
on 18 October 2020
Literal scam
DO NOT WORK FOR MENULOGReasons why:1. YOU WORK FOR A ROBOT Your boss is literally an AI chat function that offers little to no assistance for any issues you come across, this includes PAY. If you are under/unpaid do not expect it to be rectified any time soon, so you better have another job to cover your expenses in the event this happens (which is a lot). Menulog doesn't even have a person-to-person call line for their couriers - only for their customers; and even then its still outsourced to a Filipino call centre for maximum wage reductions.2. WAGE THEFTMenulog will often "forget" to pay you, usually because of some error they will most likely blame you for, such as incorrect bank details or ABN; then when you go to chase this up, it can take an extra week for them to even reply to you, then another week to actually get you paid, and even then its almost always missing earned bonuses you worked for. Menulog AI seems to be conveniently prompt at replying to your messages about purchasing delivery bags and background checks, but is definitely the opposite when it comes to pay. 3. SCAM PROMOSBy far the most predatory form of scummery this company subjects its drivers to; Menulog will offer promos to their couriers, for example - "deliver 5 deliveries between 4-10pm and receive $20 bonus". In their T&C's for these promos, Menulog outlines they do not have to pay this bonus to you in the same payweek, and also reserves the right to withdraw the promo at any time, even after you've followed through with the deliveries, which they almost always do. More often than not, these promos are on weekends that would be better spent with friends and family. 4. NO REIMBURSEMENTS You are expected to pay for police checks, delivery bags, etc before you start and these expenses aren't reimbursed even after weeks of delivering; considering how minimal the pay is as a courier versus how much the people at the top are making, and the deplorable great myriad of frustrating inconveniences you lose sleep over, this is the very least they could do if they are forcing their drivers to answer to an uncompassionate AI. SUMMARY:This job would suit someone who has hit rock bottom but still doesn't care for the little money they have left. In my opinion, this company needs to be spammed to the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman like pop-up ads for erectile dysfunction pills on your tech-illiterate grandparents computer. I would imagine if an economist looked into this company, they would find that if it were not for the endemic wage theft and deplorable conditions they subject their couriers to, Menulog would be running at a loss. The only reason they currently are not, is because their employees (or contractors rather) often are. It is simply unacceptable that a company owned by a publicly listed conglomerate worth billions of dollars can treat their workers like this, workers that are often already marginalised and in poverty just trying to get ahead in life. Avoid this excuse of a company like the plague.
Driver in Newcastle NSW
on 18 September 2020
do not go to work with meulog
at the weekend, they will offer you $30 extra after you finish 5 trips between 4-10pm, when you finish 4 trips, you will never get the last trips even though the fourth trips done at 8:30pm, I wait 1and half hours, their system would not send you the last order in case pay you extra bouns. They just play the game. Unreliable company. Do not work with them. untrustable company.
Courier Driver in Newcastle NSW
on 26 June 2020
Worst Customer Service and lack of jobs
Menulog has the worst customer/courier service. Never replies to emails or phone calls regarding the application of courier driver jobs. I had applied to them more than 2 months ago, still no replies, and doesn’t respond to emails and calls regarding application are simply disconnected by a pre-recorded message. I paid 80 dollars for the applications, 40 for background check and 40 for thermal bag. There is no refund, no delivery of thermal bag or even a job offer. I do not know how much money they earn by all the rejected job applications. Terrible service and work ethics. Would not recommend anyone to pay for the bag early on application because you may not get it.
Delivery Driver in Newcastle NSW
on 15 June 2020
Avoid unless stuck between a rock & hard place!
Do not be a contractor driver for Menulog! You will be fleeced for your time. They're doing the same thing Uber did when they started out, 'Penny pinching' Their system doesn't cater for professionals and you get the dregs of couriers. Some drivers are good but inexperienced, most don't use insulated equipment &/or eat your food. Menulog pays the worst rates, Deliveroo is the best although Uber is finally changing rates (July 13th) and hopefully raising standards.

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