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About Nextt Group Pty Ltd

Nextt is a leading Australian provider of services that empower people with disability to get more out of life. With over 1800 staff and services across NSW, QLD, SA and VIC, we provide quality support to more than 1500 clients each year. Over the last 20 years we have built a strong service that specialises in supporting people with a broad range – 

Your Nextt Career Move

Justin explains some of the great reasons you should join the team at Nextt. Nextt provides individualised person centred supports that help people with disability and/or mental health to meet their goals and become more independent. A career at Nextt offers variety, opportunities to work with our diverse range of clients and a professional, friendly and challenging work environment.

Mark's story

Mark was involved in a serious car accident which left him in critical condition. His ribs were fractured and broken. He had to have plates inserted in his hips and his foot was crushed. The accident left him clinically dead for 6 minutes. The accident left Mark with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) which resulted in a number of cognitive and physical challenges, including memory loss. Today, Mark is a registered golden retriever breeder and also trains service dogs for people in need. He is supported on his journey to recovery through attendant care services provided by Nextt including personal care and community access, which is funded by the Lifetime Support Authority.

Mac's journey to independence

Macauley, known as Mac, is a 21 year old Nextt client from Victoria. Mac has grown so much since he moved into his Supported Independent Living home some 5 to 6 months ago. Mac has made this space his own, with a Hot Wheel's race track wall, as well as a vegetable garden where he grows his own fruit and veggies. We have succeeded in providing Mac a comfortable and safe space, where he is stretching his own boundaries each day. With the help of his support team and House Leader, Marino, Mac has been able to confidently identify personal goals, and his plans to work within the IT industry. With the support of Nextt, and his support team, Mac has recently joined a group called 'The Lab' where he works on video game coding, and game development. He attributes the encouragement he receives from Nextt for getting the most out of life.

Darrel's Story

Darrel has lived life and had experiences that many could only dream of. He’s worked as a commercial pilot, as an advanced maths teacher. He’s acquired a degree in music education, which has allowed him to perform with artists all over the world, including as a band member with the Miami Sound Machine, supporting Gloria Estefan. He’s worked as the entertainment director on cruise ships and directed theatre. As the result of a rare medical condition, Darrel lost the ability to walk. He lost up to 85% of his hearing. He lost everything he had, including his wife, all of his belongings and his family home. Today, Darrel lives in his new SDA home provided by Enliven Housing. He receives 24/7 onsite support that allows him to maintain his independence. Despite everything he has experienced, it is Darrel's positivity, resilience and zest for life that is an inspiration to everyone he meets.

Jen's story

Since moving into her new home, Jen has a lot more independence to do the things she loves to do. She is a strong member within the Ballarat community. Jen has a lovely team of support workers who are an extended family to her and are there during the good and bad days.

Ken's story

After experiencing both a stroke and heart attack, Nextt supported Ken to regain his independence and live his best possible life.