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About NTT

NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For us, intelligent means data-driven, connected, digital and secure. As a global ICT provider, we employ more than 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans – 
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Together we do great things.

About Us

We’re a leading global technology services company, employing more than 50,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries and regions.  We see the world not as it could be – but as it can and should be. Our dynamic way of working fosters an inclusive culture, where we ensure our people feel valued and respected, with the confidence to contribute and the opportunity to thrive. We work as part of a globally connected workforce who collaborate, share ideas, and strive to make a meaningful impact on our clients, our communities and society. With USD 3.6 billion investments in R&D each year, we are constantly learning and challenging the limits of what’s possible with technology. We’ve created a culture where learning isn’t an aside to your job; it’s the next step in your career.  


We believe a connected future is a sustainable future. By bringing ideas, people and technology together, we make the world a better place. We need brave solutions for our growing challenges: from the climate crisis to maintaining the well-being of all life on earth. Technology holds the key to solving some of the world’s biggest problems. That’s why sustainable development is central to our purpose of enabling the connected future. Through the meaningful work we do with our people, clients and communities, and the way we operate our business, we’re committed to achieving goals that are greater than our individual ambitions. Our people are the heart and soul of our company and make everything happen. With us, every day is a chance to make a meaningful impact, pursue excellence and have fun. Through dynamic workspaces and our culture of working together, we enable you to connect with a global team and take bold steps into the future, together. Collaboration is key to how we expect you to work with and through others, because innovation can only come from ideas and input from everyone. We encourage you to be curious, as your ongoing learning helps you stay fast, flexible and relevant.  Be creative, contribute to our global capabilities and help us transform our clients’ businesses to create a better world for all. The world needs fresh ideas, which is why you’re empowered to unleash your creativity and make a real impact today. Everything is iNTTerconnected. 

Early Careers

What are your ambitions? At NTT Ltd., we never stop looking for more innovative and relevant ways of creating value. That’s why graduates are so important to us, providing fresh thinking, ambition and drive. We are excited to invite you to be part of making a difference and delivering real business value. Recruitment is a two-way process where we discover more about you and you learn more about us, our vision, the passion of our people and the role you can play.


NTT Ltd. provides you the opportunity to grow and transform yourself as a cybersecurity professional across consulting, architecture and engineering. Alternatively, if you’re looking to work across different areas of expertise to achieve your career ambitions, we have a variety of clients and projects to challenge you.