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Interviewing at PROBE CX

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Interview process at PROBE CX

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What candidates say about the interview process at PROBE CX

  • The interview process is very easy. The interviewer is most encouraging and supportive
    Shared on 8 October 2022 - Customer Solutions Specialist - Gold Coast QLD
  • Nothing, they called me for five minutes and asked if I had a working laptop and internet connection.
    Shared on 8 February 2022 - Team Leader - Melbourne VIC
  • Phone, and webcam recording
    Shared on 14 August 2021 - Customer Service - WFH
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Interview questions at PROBE CX

Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates

  • - Introduce about yourself- What is the quality of a good customer service staff?- if the customer calls to complaint about a delayed order, what are three questions you will ask customer?
    Shared on 12 May 2023 - Debt Collection Agent - Melbourne VIC
  • Nothing important just if you have the equipment for the role
    Shared on 28 April 2022 - Customer Service Representative - Melbourne VIC
  • General information about you.What experience do you have?How would you handle a difficult call?Have you experience in customer service.Can you show empathy towards callers?What hours are you ava…
    Shared on 23 December 2021 - Call Centre Agent - Remote

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