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Success Story: 'Absolutely brilliant from the first encounter to the last...'

"My experience with Raven's Recruitment was absolutely brilliant from the first encounter to the last. From the initial phone consultations where I gave a run-down of myself and my aspirations, to the quick follow-up with relevant positions (alongside some very pertinent information about the areas) I felt at every step of my journey the team at Raven's were passionate about their work. They really listened, cared and actively sought out opportunities which suited me and my circumstances.

Being in the position where I required sponsorship to work in Australia (having migrated from the UK) I was hopeful of a position but knew it would be a hard sell yet Debbie and the team at Raven's were completely positive, unwavering and dedicated to helping my find the right opportunity. It is because of Debbie and the team that I am now happily living and working in a slice of paradise and have permanent residency in Australia.

I cannot recommend Debbie and the team highly enough."

- Jamie Dalton

Success Story: 'Very trustworthy, this was my first impression...'

"Very trustworthy, this was my first impression on David, as a professional David has deep understanding of the Australian pharmacy industry both hospital and community, very aware of the changes the industry currently going through and has great experience in the needs of different workplaces.

His experience in recruitment together with his honest personality, highly professional work ethics, manners and dedication are the qualities that made me very comfortable during taking the huge decision of career change. His insight and advice were very valuable.

With his help I was able to get my dream job and his guidance along the process was something I greatly appreciated.

My first impression on David as a very trustworthy recruitment consultant is now stronger. I have no hesitation recommending him for both job seekers and employers."

- Yehia "John" Ali via LinkedIn

About Raven's Recruitment

We are a premium Healthcare Recruitment Agency that specialises in the Pharmacy Industry. In fact, we are Australia's largest and longest running specialist pharmacy employment agency. With over 23 years of knowledge and experience we can confidently and proudly say Raven's has the capacity to service your needs better than any other agency.

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  • Starring: The Pharmacist

As health professionals, there are many steps we can take to be more patient-centered, which to me means putting the patient’s safety first. At the end of the day, if the patient is not taking their medicines correctly or safely, they are not going to get the optimum therapeutic outcome. Therefore, it is important that health professionals work collaboratively within a dynamic healthcare system.

Pharmacists are often the forgotten member of the healthcare team. Yet no one knows more about medicines than Pharmacists. For most patients, medicines pose a problem for them. Whether it’s polypharmacy, lack of education around possible side effects, or patient confusion around the role and purpose of each of their medicines. In addition, medication non-adherence is the biggest fixable problem in healthcare today. It poses a massive financial burden on various stakeholders such as insurers, employers and the tax-paying public.  Pharmacists have the knowledge, experience and expertise that can complement that of a Doctors’ to help address some of these inefficiencies.

Pharmacists should be integrated into multidisciplinary teams as a General Practice Pharmacist or in hospital teams for example. A 2014 systematic review of 38 RCTs demonstrated that pharmacist interventions in general practice have been associated with improvements in patient asthma symptom scores and asthma related hospitalisations; and reductions in BP, HbA1C% and cholesterol levels. What’s more, a 2012 RCT of partnered pharmacist charting at The Alfred Hospital showcased significant reduction in both inpatient medication errors and length of stay.

Pharmacists can support general practitioners and liaise with services post discharge to help meet the increasingly complex health needs of older people and people living with chronic conditions. By providing the right mix of qualified health professionals in the right place at the right time, we can optimise delivery of high quality health care that all Australians are entitled to.
  • Practical tips to secure the best people for your business

Finding a new team member for your business is challenging and time consuming, so you definitely want to be sure you are approaching it in the right way from the outset to get the best outcome.

It’s important to intentionally provide an ACE - Awesome Candidate Experience from the beginning of the process if you want to secure the Best. 
How an applicant feels after they experience your recruitment process will definitely influence them in their decision to firstly apply for your role and then whether to accept the job offer should it get to that.

If it’s a good experience, they will feel positive about their application.  If you step it up and make it even better than good, you can be sure they will talk about it with others, which in turn will help your employer profile out there in the market.

However, if it’s a bad candidate experience you can be sure they won’t want to align their career with your business, and worst still, they will let others know of their experience which in turn will damage your employer brand. 
I would like to give some tips in this article about how to provide that ACE so that your new potential employee starts their journey with your business in the most positive, stand-out way possible.

It could be just a simple matter of tweaking a few things that you do, or your whole recruitment process may need a total overhaul.

Respecting the candidate throughout the process is key.

My top 5 practical tips to secure the best people for your business: * Write a job advertisement that tells them what their day to day will look like in the role. * Provide a timely update after application as to the next step - don’t leave them hanging. * Give clear information prior to the face to face interview - particularly who will be interviewing them and that person/s role within the company. * Be sure the person doing the interview is able to provide a positive interview experience that will draw out a candidate’s compatibility. * Avoid a protracted hiring processes - get back to your candidate asap after the interview.

By Debbie Capuano, Recruitment Consultant at Raven’s Recruitment.
  • Pharmacy Intern focus - How Raven's can help you get that job

Applying for pharmacy jobs can be daunting, and as an intern myself the thought of the next job is always lurking in the back of my mind.

My advice to pharmacy students would be to work in a pharmacy whilst studying because one thing - among many - that it teaches you is the value of enhancing your personal brand.

Writing the near-perfect cover letter and making your resume sizzle can help you stand out in a competitive market. Below are some tips and tricks from the Raven’s team:

Cover letter
* Make sure you outline the position you are applying for and when and where the job was advertised.
* Outline your credentials, work experience and any other relevant skills and capabilities.
* State why you are applying for the job and what you can bring to the job.
* Use words that create a positive impression such as ‘capable’, ‘responsible’ and ‘committed’.
* Check for correct grammar and spelling.

Resume / CV
* Remember this is a marketing document, not an autobiography.
* Think about the target audience.
* Volunteer work and projects showcase transferable skills.

The key to finding a job that is the best fit for you is to be proactive in your search and get advice on the employment market using a professional agency such as Raven’s Recruitment as they are uniquely positioned with in-de knowledge and experience.

Being in the digital age, technology - in particular social media - can attract new job opportunities. Create a LinkedIn profile to introduce a bit of your personality. Remember to be active with it by updating frequently and engaging with others. I joined the Twitter world in 2016 and to this day it remains the most efficient way for me to stay up-to-date with the latest pharmacy and healthcare news.

Raven’s Recruitment is a 100% FREE service offering career advice and support throughout your entire pharmacy career.

Raven’s has a dedicated Career Zone on their website with information specifically tailored to pharmacy students on career options, creating a resume, writing cover letters, interview tips and more.

By Shefali Parekh, Intern Pharmacist at the Royal Hobart Hospital.
  • 4 personal actions that instantly boost your employer appeal

Do you know what one thing really boggles me?

Everyone wants their perfect role, their next exciting career move, but many Pharmacists never achieve what they desire because they don’t invest the “time” to understand their unique attributes, and if they do, when the opportunity arises are incapable of articulating these.

So why do they fail, when success is within reach?

I know what you are thinking… it takes time, and time is expensive and requires a lot of work.

That’s not the case though. Here are 4 actions that will instantly boost your appeal to any employer.

1.  Know yourself and be prepared to own it

Do you find that you’re not yourself in a work environment? It’s not uncommon, but it’s a waste of your talent and career aspirations if you hold back your true personality and skills. Dynamic leaders in business know that they need a diverse group of individuals where no two employees are the same.

2.  Develop your personal brand and be prepared to never stop marketing yourself

Whenever you read a marketing blog, particularly in anything to do with sales, it’s all about your personal brand. It’s easy for a Pharmacist to think that “their” brand is that of their Pharmacy Banner, or of the owner of an independent pharmacy, but that’s far from the truth.

3.  Attitude always beats experience

This may be contentious, but it’s a no brainer and over and over, a positive “can do” attitude will prevail over experience. Being an employer, it’s always tempting in the short-term to find a candidate with experience, it seems on face value that it is just easier. When you are thinking about applying for a role, or better yet about to prepare for an interview, put yourself in the shoes of the employer.

4.  Have a preparedness for change, be adaptable 
Never in the history of work has the need for an individual to be able to embrace change in the workplace been greater than it is now. Put another way, joining any business or organisation and not being prepared to adapt as changes occur, is a good way to become irrelevant very quickly.

By Alan Sutton, Director at Raven’s Recruitment.
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