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What would you suggest Salmat management do to prevent employees from leaving?

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  • 2/. The pay needs to be revised and working conditions come into line with at the very least the minimum National Employment Standards and industry award. Salmat contractors can actually do all the folding of a job, (which can take 4-6 or more hours) and deliver more than 3/4 of the catalogues (which can take 2-3 hours or more) and still not get paid if they fail to finish the job. This is also a common documented issue relayed by past and present catalogue delivery contractors employed by Salmat.

    The reason they failed to complete could be any number of reasons, sickness, weather, family emergency, the app not working etc, ect. It is s fact that they will not be paid because they did not complete it. Especially if they are under supervision by area reps as described above. However they indeed did still do all of the folding hours and 75% of the deliveries, a lot of hours work for no money at all. They can validate and show the work they did complete but still not get paid anything at all. How is this fair. It is not. Under no other award would this be acceptable. Most awards If you called in on casual employment to do a shift then your paid a minimum of 2 hours even if you only work 1 hour due to it not being busy. All other awards will pay you for the work that you have completed. If you go to work, sign in and then start to undertake tasks required to do your job then you are paid for the hours you worked - regardless of whether you completed the required load for the day. You might have had to go home sick pick up a sick child from school or the work environment on the day might not have been suitable for continuing the work, but still you are paid for the work hours you undertook. So many of your catalogue delivery contractors do not get paid even though they did indeed complete many hours of work for your company. This really needs to be addressed.

    May be a solution to this would be to divide the two parts of the delivery process. One being the folding of the catalogues, which could be paid separately on completion of the process. The other being the delivery of those catalogues. The app could be programmed to calculate the percentage of the walked territory and pay accordingly, for example 25%, 50%, 80% ect. At least then the contractors would be paid for what they work. Sometimes even Mother Nature could be the reason for not completing. If you go out one day to deliver and it pours down when your halfway through your deliveries, you have to finishe because you can’t continue but then you don’t get another window to be able to finish the contract - why should you not be paid for the work that you completed.

    salmat is there is plenty of fair work issues that need to be addressed in regards to providing a fair work environment and experience for your catalogue delivery contractors that you employee. I believe that you acknowledge these issues and hide behind the ‘contractor’ term of employement so as not to address these very real issues. Please step up and look after your workers because without them you can’t deliver s positive and completed result to the companies that enlist your services. Be fair, be caring, be kind, be professional, be ethical.

  • 1/. Do a thorough investigation on your area reps by employing mystery contractors or going undercover as a worker yourself. If this is not done soon you may find yourselves being investigated as a company by Fair Work Australia or taken to court as a company in a civil lawsuit .

    Salmat you really need to properly put in place a system that ensures your contractors are treated fairly and respected by the area managers you employ. I have worked for three different area reps due to moving. I could not speak highly enough for two of them, during the time I was with them working for Salmat was a positive experience. Even though the pay was very low for the hours that you give to the position. One of the three area supervisors was not nice to work for at all. She governed her position by exploiting, abusing and bullying her the employees she supervises. I had a number of negative experiences with her and so did another lady I know that did a area for her. This is unacceptable.

    This area rep on the Sunshine Coast is exploiting her workers. She boast she has 130 areas to manage. She clearly demands she is not to be contacted by contractors via phone or through the Salmat app (Thus not letting the contractors be able to contact her easily or use the supplied company tools which Salmat provides its Contractors) and she dictates that workers can only email her through her private email address and only during ‘her’ office hours which are limited. She does not pay all validated contracts so workers do all the work for nothing. She utilises bullying and abusive tactics on the contractors which she supervisors.

    Area reps/ supervisors like her are continually being highlighted in in web post threads as being abusive and exploiting workers. Salmat they need to be investigated.

    The majority of contractors employed for catalogue deliveries are in a lower socio economic position and can be easily and unfairly exploited due to this. This exploitation needs to stop and workers treated humanely, fairly and respectfully. The fair work Australia commission would do well to look into how workers are treated. This exploitive abuse from your area supervisors would not be tolerated under any other industry. Again it is continually highlighted and brought up by your delivery contractors.

    Salmat I implore you to invest in ways in conjunction with your human resource personal to stop this unfair treatment and abuse directed to your catalogue delivery contractors. Your area supervisors need training on the correct and lawful way to treat employees. A set of fair work policies and company procedures need to be set in place. Continual and measurable investigations need to be held to uphold these policies and procedures.

  • More pay per hour... It takes 4-6 hrs to fold one area, so when you have three its alot of time. Then 2-3 hrs to walk you area. So simple ut the wage up.... Pay ployees more.

  • Increase their pay

  • I think Salmat should increase their pay to $10 to $15 an hour!

  • Better pay and more support. Employ better area reps or better still cut them out altogether!

  • Raise the pay and let us choose if we want to do the midweek deliveries or the weekend deliveries.

  • Pay needs to be raised, it's a 3 day process for someone without a car not only that but it takes 3 people 5 hours for the combining of the catalogues.

  • Lower the standard in KPI

  • Look at ways to keep walkers

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