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*GIVEAWAY* We want to know how closely you’ve been watching our heart-warming series, Giving Life! In fact, you may have seen a familiar face in Episode 4 when actress Chloe Bayliss of Doctor Doctor kindly shared her inspiring true story of survival with us.

Chloe has generously provided 3 copies of her book, En Pointe, for us to giveaway to fans of our show. You can find exclusive extras and catch up episodes by tapping the link in our bio.

Entry details are below - best of luck!

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• Watch Episode 4 of Giving Life on @9Now catch up • ANSWER this question: How many people in 1 million does Chloe say will be diagnosed with the rare blood disease TTPHUS?
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We’ve got snacks, air con and comfy couches. It’s the best spot for your Australia Day gathering. Give life. Give blood.
Make a time to relax with us, it’s a lifesaving habit you can start today.
This week on Giving Life: A road trip ends in lifesaving transfusions, plasma donations help a young woman beat the odds, and a small town sets a big target to save lives.
Repost from @oliviamollyrogers - This afternoon I donated plasma for the first time. I never realised that it was as easy as donating whole blood, it just takes a little bit longer. I sat there reading my book while the wonderful nurses & the machine did all the work. 
I was reminded recently by the bushfires just how essential our blood donations are & if you are eligible it’s really such an easy (and free) thing to do to. According to the Red Cross we need a new donor every 5 minutes to keep up with the demand.. So please, jump online or on the @lifebloodau app & check your eligibility (there’s a questionnaire, it’s super easy!). Then if you are eligible, you can book in an appointment today ♥️ #donateblood #lifeblood #donatelife @redcrossau
We are incredibly grateful that so many generous Aussies have stepped forward and donated with us recently. 
If you’ve noticed a fully booked calendar at your local centre please don’t get discouraged. Australia needs a new blood donor every five minutes, and we’re asking that you make an appointment for February and beyond. 
Make a time to visit our centre now. Tap the link in our bio to donate.
Thank you so much to those that pledged their support and donated to @redcrossau, and to our generous donors who have helped to fill donor chairs in our centres Australia wide. 
Last year our incredible donors helped to save countless lives when they made a total of 1,493,675 donations!

You can help us make a new record in 2020 by booking in your next donation. Give Life. Give Blood.
Like so many of you, our thoughts are with the people affected by the bushfires around Australia. 
Our colleagues at @redcrossau are working tirelessly to provide disaster relief and recovery funds to people affected by the bushfires. Just like Lifeblood, @redcrossau is powered by you, the generous donors who continue to provide the much-needed funds, time, and donations that will make a difference to our fellow Australians affected by the fires. 
Head over to @redcrossau for more detail on the vital work they are doing to help people in the bushfire affected areas. 
As we continue to do what we can to support the nation, we are thankful at this stage for the minimal impact on our blood donor centres. All donor centres remain operating to their normal hours, and we'll keep you updated if this changes. We continue to need 29,000 blood donations each week. If you can, book an appointment via the link in our bio