TL Direct Acquisitions
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About TL Direct Acquisitions

TL Direct Acquisitions is a privately owned consulting firm that specializes in face to face marketing and sales in Atlanta, Georgia. Hired by Fortune 500 telecommunication companies to represent their brand and increase their market share, our services are game-changing here at TL Direct Acquisitions. With a corporate culture aimed at exceeding expectations, – 

Dress for Success!

Here at TL Direct Acquisitions, we emphasize the importance of dressing for the position that you want and not the one that you have! Case in point here; can you even tell which one is our CEO!?

A Career vs. A Job

When we think about having to work for 45 years of our lifetime, our immediate thought is "we better make this good!" When you love what you do and who you do it with, the years tend to go by really fast!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Having a balance between work and play is crucial. Here at TL Direct Acquisitions we have a weekly team night dedicated to help our team relax, bond and be rewarded for their hard work! Whether we're playing kickball, going to karaoke or enjoying happy hour, we always have more fun together.

TL Direct Acquisitions Gives Back

With communication and people skills as impressive as our team's, it's no wonder we make sure to give back to those without a voice. Every summer we host a "Day of Smiles" event, which raises thousands of dollars for Operation Smile and children born with cleft lips or palette. Interested in getting involved? Call Human Resources at (770) 989-0063!

Traveling with TL Direct

Do you love to travel? Better yet, do you like to travel on someone else's dime! Imagine a company that sent you both nationally and internationally for business and pleasure!