Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our commitment to an equitable, psychologically safe environment where everyone belongs.

Advancing, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging makes us a stronger, more successful company, and directly aligns with our mission to help all people get jobs.

DI&B Strategic Priorities

We believe these focus areas will drive sustainable change and have a lasting impact on our clients and jobseekers.

  1. Operationalize DI&B

    Operationalize DI&B into the business through team-level data, insights, trends, action planning & scorecards for leadership accountability.

  2. Remove bias & barriers

    We will continuously evaluate and redesign processes with a lens of inclusion. We remain committed to equal pay and pay transparency, and fair and equitable processes that impact the full employee lifecycle.

  3. Build inclusive teams & products

    We design campaigns, products and features that will resonate and be accessible by all jobseekers. We recognize that collective differences in perspective, backgrounds, and ideas are what drive innovation and continue to create respectful, collaborative, and psychologically safe environments.

  4. Cultivate a sense of belonging

    The commitment to our mission is what brings us together. In addition, Indeedians connect based on shared interests, shared backgrounds, communities we are a part of, our immediate teams, office locations, and through our global Inclusion Resource Groups (IRGs). Our goal is to increase awareness of backgrounds so everyone can thrive.

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Indeed's Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging report

We have a dedicated, mission driven team of 10,000 employees in 16+ countries who are passionate and committed to bringing our Inclusion and Belonging values to life in their day to day work.

View the full DI&B report

We’re taking action to embed diversity, inclusion and belonging throughout the business as integral to our mission to help all people get jobs. Our global DI&B team works to inspire, influence and inform our approach; unlocking the power of our collective differences to drive innovation across teams and products.”

Misty Gaither, Director and Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Indeed

We believe the world and our workplaces are a better place when we celebrate and support each other's unique differences. There is greatness within us all and within the powerful combination of our skill, passion, and experience that lies in each and every individual.”

Paul Wolfe, SVP Human Resources Indeed

As we strive to create a sense of belonging and an environment where everyone can thrive, I have one thing I want all Indeedians to focus on and know: This work is vast. Every single employee has the power to impact the company and impact the world.”

LaFawn Davis, GVP Environmental, Social & Governance Indeed
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Creating purpose and advocating broader action

Our employee-led Inclusion Resource Groups are comprised of thoughtful advocates and genuine connectors who are valuable business resources for their areas of focus. Together, Indeed’s spirited and open culture permeates across all offices and departments globally, lending a voice and support to broader discussions on challenges and solutions.


Indeed partners with a variety of organizations globally that support business needs through access to resources, connection with communities, product advisory, and diverse candidate recruitment. Some noteworthy programs include:

Driving success through disability inclusion

DisabilityIN next

Women transform technology. Technology transforms the world.

Anita B. ORG next

Workplace advocates for LGBT workplace equality

Our Equal next

Accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion

Catalyst next

Bringing leaders and business together to build a strong black tech community

Afro Tech next

A Community of Queer Women in or around tech

Lesbians Who Tech next

Breaking down barriers for the sustainable employment of people with disabilities

Unternehmens Forum next

Empowering people to choose how they live as they age

AARP next

We’re grateful to be recognized

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