"Having a relationship with a global provider like Indeed was key for us."

Penny Burnett, Global Talent Acquisition Leader Equifax
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This leader in information solutions leverages their relationship with Indeed to drive brand awareness and source candidates in the US and globally.


Equifax is a global leader in information solutions and one of the largest providers of consumer and business credit intelligence, fraud detection services, and decisioning technology. The organization also empowers individual consumers to manage their personal credit information and maximize their financial well-being.

Employees at Equifax are deeply tied to these analytical foundations, and come equipped with skills that enhance their customers understanding of a complex financial world. The company employs approximately 7,000 people in 18 countries across North America, Latin America and Europe.

"The cost to source using Indeed was significantly lower than job boards. When we did our sourcing analysis at the end of the year, we had a 938% increase in click-through rate from our Sponsored Jobs than we did from the organic jobs."

Penny Burnett, Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Focusing on employer branding

While Equifax is well known in Atlanta where they are headquartered, they’ve had challenges with brand recognition in other locations. Penny Burnett, Talent Acquisition Leader at Equifax, understands the importance of employer branding to scale hiring for today and the future. Being able to attract the right talent around the world required leveraging the relationship they built with Indeed in the US to source candidates for their advanced technology positions. “Having a relationship with a global provider like Indeed was key for us,” said Burnett.

Equifax sponsors jobs on Indeed for highly technical jobs for IT Consultants and other Analyst positions, making these jobs more prominent and visible to the right candidates in any location. “Most of our positions have unique skill sets that we’re looking for. So if it’s an IT Developer in St. Louis, it’s going to look like a very different IT Developer than in Texas or Atlanta. Those skill sets are hard to find. Using Indeed has helped us because we’re able to find those candidates more easily than we have with job boards,” Burnett explained.

Driving global growth

In a year-end sourcing analysis, Equifax found that sponsoring jobs resulted in a 938% increase in the click-through rates to their jobs. “Sponsoring jobs does make a difference, and candidates are going and looking at those jobs a lot more than the organic jobs. It was a big eye-opener for me,” she added.

As they look to the future and enhancing their employer brand, Equifax will also rely on other Indeed products. As a Featured Employer on Indeed, their logo and other company information will appear in relevant searches, ensuring that their brand experience reaches the candidates they’re looking for. “Featured Employer will really help us be a lot more prominent on the page as a company where you can have a great career in IT. That type of product and service will really help drive candidates to our business so we can hire the right talent,” said Burnett.