"Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply is a good differentiator for G4S. It has increased our applicant volume and provides an additional level of branding and marketing."

Carlos Vega, Director of Recruitment Technology G4S
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G4S utilized Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to increase its applicant flow without sacrificing candidate quality.



G4S is a leading global integrated security company specializing in the delivery of security and related services to customers across six continents. Offering a unique combination of personnel, project management, risk management, and technology solutions, they focus on advancing the safety and security of businesses and governments, ensuring the security of key assets—people, property, products and reputation.

One of G4S’s key challenges is hiring enough employees to meet its contractual obligations, particularly in remote and competitive locations throughout the United States. To achieve this, the recruiting team’s goals are to increase both the quality and volume of applicants to these key positions, such as Security Officer and Multi-site Security Officer. However, the team’s lean nature means that they must spend their job advertising dollars effectively and leverage the most up-to-date recruiting technology available. Analysis of their current advertising showed the positive benefits they were receiving from Indeed.

"We carefully review reporting to understand our sources of traffic. Indeed has consistently proven to be one of our most effective sources."

Carlos Vega, Director of Recruitment Technology

In addition to advertising on Indeed with Sponsored Jobs campaigns, G4S has recently used Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to drive additional applicant volume for its Multi-site Security Officer role.

Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply lets companies target job seekers based on location, experience and Indeed search activity. They also gain increased exposure with visually appealing ad units on both desktop and mobile. Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply features a cost per apply (CPA) payment model, so companies only pay Indeed once they receive a completed application.


G4S has run its Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply campaign for 6 months in over 80 locations. So far they have received nearly 7,000 applications and made 131 hires from these candidates.

Most importantly, they have increased their Apply Rate from 20% with Indeed Sponsored Jobs to 37% with Indeed Targeted Ads. This has increased their applicant flow without sacrificing candidate quality. Going forward, G4S looks to continue its use of Indeed Targeted Ads | Apply to supplement other recruiting efforts and drive additional candidate volume.