"Indeed will be our main resource moving forward."

Christopher Lewendon, Recruitment Manager, UK & Ireland LivingSocial
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LivingSocial is a deal-of-the-day website featuring discounted gift certificates that can be used at local or national companies. In the UK, the team works to provide local deals to users in the region and hires for sales positions as well as for operational and executive roles.

LivingSocial is a fast-growing business with hiring needs that vary month to month. They had been using traditional job boards and advertising, but found that these sources didn’t provide the hires they were looking for.

Building a fast-growing team

For the flexibility to reach a high quality target audience, LivingSocial began sponsoring jobs on Indeed. The pay for performance model enabled them to adjust their budget when necessary and provided an optimal flow of the right candidates.

“Job boards hadn’t been successful for us, and using Indeed let us focus on certain positions at the right time. One month we might have 10 sales jobs open, the next might be 12 openings for customer service. Other job boards are less equipped to handle that, but with Indeed we can change things up as we need to hire for all types of positions,” says Christopher Lewendon, Recruitment Manager for UK and Ireland. “We’re growing at a rate that means every 6 months, we have new departments, new platforms and new teams. For us, flexibility is paramount.”

"The quality candidates we’ve seen from Indeed are at a higher level than other job boards we’ve used."

Christopher Lewendon, Recruitment Manager, UK & Ireland

Reaching high level, high quality candidates

“The quality of candidates we’ve seen from Indeed are at a higher level than other job boards we’ve used,” says Lewendon. “We’re looking for sales people with a broad range of experience, not just people who have daily deals sales experience. It’s a unique combination of skills that can be hard to find.”

In sourcing these select candidates, Lewendon and his team had an aggressive time-to-hire goal of 4 weeks. Indeed helped them meet that goal, averaging between 3 and 5 weeks.

“We wanted to streamline our advertising, spending on key sources instead of spreading it across every job board. It’s a balancing act so we only want to spend on our best performing sources,” he explains. “Because of the success we’ve had, Indeed will be our main resource moving forward.”

Lewendon himself found his job with LivingSocial on Indeed, and now uses it to source a range of candidates. “We’ve found fresh graduates all the way to director level roles. The applications are of very high quality, and that makes sense — candidates are able to search for what’s relevant to them and easily apply.”

  • Flexibility to meet the hiring needs of a fast-growing company
  • 3-5 weeks average time to hire with Indeed
  • Sponsored jobs to reach both entry level and executive candidates